Richard Rosecrance's "Power and Restraint: A Shared Vision for the U.S.-China Relationship"

Power and Restraint: A Shared Vision for the U.S.-China Relationship

Richard Rosecrance, Adjunct Professor in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

Gu Guoliang


In an unprecedented collaboration, influential Chinese and American scholars address the issues affecting both nations in an attempt to stave off future confrontation. Over several years, some of the most distinguished Chinese and American experts have engaged in a major research project, sponsored by the China-U.S. Exchange Foundation (USEF), to address the huge bilateral and global issues the two countries face. Historically, the rise of a Great Power has resulted in armed conflict. This group of scholars—experts in politics, economics, statecraft, international security, and environmental studies—set out to establish consensus on potentially contentious issues and find areas where the two nations can work together to achieve common goals. Featuring essays on hegemonic transition, trade and economic relations, Taiwan, democratization, the spread of weapons of mass destruction, global warming, and humanitarian intervention, Power and Restraint concludes that the United States and China can exist side by side and establish mutual understanding to cope with the common challenges they face.

On Tuesday, April 28, several of the book's distinguished Chinese and American scholars will discuss opportunities for these two nations to coexist peacefully by broadening their scope of cooperation. Included in the event’s two panel discussions will be focus on the global financial crisis and historical and military challenges. Speakers include Graham Allison, Harvard Kennedy School; Gu Guoliang; Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Ezra Vogel, Harvard University; and CH Tung, former Chief Executive of Hong Kong. Watch the event live.

Notable Quotes

"…similarities of interest are not enough to unite two otherwise disparate societies. One has to stretch beyond routine interactions to deepen and intensify the range of common ideas and practices. We hope that the meetings, observations, and suggestions of the authors of the chapters in this volume can make some contribution to this cause."

-- Graham Allison, “Keeping China and the United States Together,” Foreword to Power and Restraint

"The more opportunities we have in holding such dialogues, and the more widely the strategic visions reflected in this volume are shared, the higher hopes we can hold for a healthier China-United States relationship in the future."

-- C. H. Tung, "A U.S.-Chinese Perspective," Introduction to Power and Restraint

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