Jeffrey Seglin's "Simple Art of Business Etiquette"

“There seems to be a need for civility both in business and public life, yet people seem a little bit lost about how to get to that point of civility.”

About Author:

Jeffrey Seglin, Lecturer in Public Policy
Director, Communications Program
Harvard Kennedy School

Book Description:

Rules of Thumb for Minding Your Manners in the Workplace

From ethics columnist and Harvard lecturer Jeffrey L. Seglin, discover practical tips for succeeding professionally by succeeding socially.

Practicing business etiquette doesn’t mean pretending to be someone you’re not. Brimming with practical, up-to-date tips on minding your business manners, The Simple Art of Business Etiquette guides you through the tricky territory of office etiquette with real-life stories and workplace scenarios.

  • Become attuned to body language (Don’t gawk at others during meetings or at any other time. It’s creepy.)
  • Engage in thoughtful introductions (Don’t guess at someone’s name if you don’t remember it.)
  • Practice proper e-mail etiquette (Do you really want to be the jerk who sends annoying e-mails around the office?)
  • Curtail office conflicts (Never punch anyone in the workplace. Never.)
  • Exhibit workplace sensitivity (Listen to your coworkers without cutting them off).
  • Plus, decode the 15 most commonly-used phrases in business.

The Simple Art of Business Etiquette proves that minding your manners goes a long way toward successfully advancing your career.

What Others Are Saying:

“With a great sense of humor, sage advice and practical tips, Jeffrey Seglin reminds us to overcome the complexities of the modern workplace and get back to the basics. This helpful roadmap for succeeding in today’s world is a must read for new and seasoned professionals alike.” – Melodie Jackson, Associate Dean for Communications and Public Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

With gentle humor, keen insight, and plain common sense, Jeffrey L. Seglin offers compelling advice for acting effectively and ethically at the same time. Don’t be fooled by the focus on business etiquette. This is really a book on how to be a decent human being in every aspect of daily life. ―Kenneth Winston, Harvard University, Author of Ethics in Public Life: Good Practitioners in a Rising Asia

The Simple Art of Business Etiquette is a fun and fast guide on how to engage productively in today’s rapidly evolving workplace. This book has helpful tips for first time hires and career veterans alike. It’s an entertaining read. I highly recommend it!―Gus Tai, Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist

Seglin has written a fantastic guide for anyone facing an unreasonable boss, a tipsy holiday party crush, an intimidating salary negotiation, or just another bleary Monday―in other words, anyone navigating the contemporary workplace.―Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich, Adjunct Lecturer at Harvard University, Author of Any One of Us

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The Simple Art of Business Etiquette: How to Rise to the Top by Playing Nice

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