Malcom Sparrow's "Character of Harms"

Malcolm Sparrow's "Character of Harms: The Operational Challenges in Control"

The Character of Harms:

Operational Challenges in Control

Malcolm Sparrow
Professor of the Practice of Public Management

Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management,Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

Notable Quotes

“I was amazed, reading Malcolm Sparrow’s book, at how powerfully a careful, focused definition of a problem can open the way to novel solutions. Often, Sparrow makes clear, what is needed is to reverse direction, from the general good to the specific harm. He shows how to do that, and how to proceed from there. It is a joy to read someone who, from experience, knows what he is talking about.”

Thomas C. Schelling, Distinguished University Professor, University of Maryland, Nobel-Laureate in Economics

"Sparrow uses his skill in blending the academic and practical to help us decode the complexity and multi-dimensional character of risk and harm reduction. This inquiry is both broad and deep, and yet meticulous, full of great advice and replete with relevant examples. The analysis of organizational culture, structure, functions and processes hits the reader between the eyes. An indispensible read for practitioners, public administrators, CEO's, political advisors, and anyone else with a serious interest in the art and science of harm reduction."

Tony Dean, Cabinet Secretary, Ontario, Canada

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