Advance Accounts (from the KSG RAO FAQ)

An Advance Account allows the Office of Sponsored Programs to establish an account string before an official award has been made or before OSP completes its negotiations on an award.

An Advance Account is requested with the understanding that the award is very likely and/or the negotiations will eventually be successful. The Advance Account helps the accounting situation by eliminating the need for journals as the account string remains the same when the award is finalized.

The Advance Account Request Form can only be completed if a Dean's Approval form and proposal have been processed. The Advance Account form can be included with the Dean's Approval at the time of the proposal or submitted later to the Research Administration Office.

The Center/Program/individual PI requesting the Advance Account assumes responsibility for expenses that have been incurred in the event that an award is not made or accepted, or if certain expenditures are unallowable under the terms of an award.

To download the Advance Account form, please click on the following link.


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