Gifts Policy Committee (from the KSG RAO FAQ)

Potential gifts to the Kennedy School are reviewed by the Gifts Policy Committee (GPC). Comprised of senior representatives of the KSG Financial Services, External Affairs, and Research Administration Offices, the GPC is well positioned to advise the Dean, Academic Dean, and Executive Dean on financial and administrative matters related to selected gift opportunities.

Proposals for GPC review may be submitted to any Committee member by faculty or a senior staff member at any time (via email with relevant attachments). A GPC member will acknowledge receipt of a proposal for review, and will circulate the material to the other Committee members. If no issues are identified, expedited approval notification will be given quickly. Otherwise, the proposal will be discussed at the next GPC meeting. Follow up questions, comments and next steps will be returned as quickly as possible following committee discussion. At the conclusion of the discussion and follow-up process, the Committee will make a recommendation to the Dean that: a) the gift opportunity be pursued (or accepted) as proposed, b) the gift be accepted but only with specific modifications, or c) the gift be declined and solicitation discussions discontinued. A final decision will then be relayed to the Center/Program/faculty member requesting the initial review.

To download a copy of the GPC's "Scope, Standards, and Procedures" document, please click on the following link.

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