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One year on from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Harvard Kennedy School faculty members reflect on how the conflict has changed the way we think about vital global issues and what lessons it has taught us.

HKS Professor Stephen Walt on the crisis and the role the international community played leading up to it.
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O’Sullivan and Frankel: How the sanctions on Putin’s Russia are reshaping the world economic order
Meghan O'Sullivan & Jeffrey Frankel

Spotlight on Ukraine
Harvard Kennedy School faculty

“I heard hope”: Harvard reacts to Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s HKS Forum address
Harvard Kennedy School students

Better coordination and more granular design can make sanctions on Russia much more effective, research finds
Harvard Kennedy School’s Growth Lab

Reform, refugees, and the war next door: President Maia Sandu of Moldova
Maia Sandu MC/MPA 2010

Earnest defenders in the darkest hour
Harvard Kennedy School students

Russia is using rape as a weapon of war against Ukraine
Dara Kay Cohen

These Russia sanctions are different
Jeffrey Frankel

Helping Ukraine Win Against Russia Is a Vital NATO Interest
Paula Dobriansky

What would be signs protests in Russia are making a difference?
Erica Chenoweth

Why China Won’t Mediate an End to the Ukraine War
Joseph Nye

What to know about the threat of nuclear war
Matthew Bunn

It’s going to get worse before it gets better in Ukraine
Ash Carter

How Russians see Russia
Natasha Yefimova-Trilling

Ukraine war prompts surprising unity in Europe on need for bolstered defense
Stephen Walt

Tony Saich on Sino-Russian relations and how Beijing views the invasion of Ukraine
Anthony Saich

Impacts of Russia’s war in Ukraine
Belfer Center experts

The case for a punitive tax on Russian oil
Ricardo Hausmann

How democracy drives the resistance in Ukraine
Pippa Norris

Harvard professor warns of misinformation in Russia-Ukraine conflict
Joan Donovan

Cyberattacks against Ukraine have intensified in recent days
Lauren Zabierek

‘A lot at stake’ with oil markets for Russia and the West
Meghan O'Sullivan

Why peace in Ukraine isn’t likely soon
Graham Allison

Autocracy and patriarchy are surging worldwide—but women are pushing back
Erica Chenoweth & Zoe Marks

Ukraine crisis: Will China have Putin’s back?
Graham Allison

Russian invasion of Ukraine would have global impact, specialists say
Paul Kolbe & Paula Dobriansky

The West is sleepwalking into war in Ukraine
Stephen Walt

What happens next in Ukraine?
Kevin Ryan

Watch carefully how China responds to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, says national security analyst
Juliette Kayyem

Wide range of possible targets for Russian cyber strikes, from infrastructure to smartphones
Lauren Zabierek

The economic consequences of the Ukraine war
Jason Furman

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine unfolds, many analysts question what happens next
Mariana Budjeryn

Why Ukraine gave up its nukes
Mariana Budjeryn

Ukraine attack: Putin target may be democracy, near and far
Pippa Norris

How to think about the risk of nuclear war, according to 3 experts
Matthew Bunn

Summers says ‘more dangerous world’ requires an FDR-like pivot
Lawrence Summers

Can intelligence tell how far Putin will go? 
Calder Walton

Russia’s attack is illegal and a wake-up call to the West
Paula Dobriansky

Russian disinformation, propaganda ramp up as conflict in Ukraine grows
Jane Lytvynenko

A hurting stalemate? The risks of nuclear weapon use in the Ukraine crisis
Francesca Giovannini

Why peace in Ukraine isn’t likely soon
Graham Allison

Ukraine stands up to Russian cyberattacks; Putin could launch revenge attacks against US, expert warns
Paul Kolbe

It gets worse before it gets better in Ukraine
Ash Carter, Paul Kolbe, Kevin Ryan

Former Defense Secretary Ash Carter discusses Russia's invasion of Ukraine at IOP Forum
Ash Carter, Eric Rosenbach

What mobilises the Ukrainian resistance?
Pippa Norris

Sanctions will devastate the Russian economy—will they destabilise the west’s?
Megan Greene

Will China's support for Russia hold as condemnation over Ukraine grows?
Tony Saich

Ukraine war drives Europe toward unity on bolstering defense
Steve Walt


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