Computers, Printers, Scanners, & Chargers

Library Computer Lab

The library has twenty-two computers for the use of HKS students with their HKS credentials. These computers have a variety of software and connect to two black and white printers which bill to students’ PaperCut accounts. See our Printing Fast Answers or KNet for troubleshooting tips.

Library Commons Guest Computers

Visitors, including alumni, cross-registered students, and HKS students may use the three computers in the Library Commons for access to library resources. Printing for these computers costs $.08/per page and requires payment through Crimson Cash either on a Crimson Cash Card or on a Harvard University ID. Crimson Cash Cards may be purchased and value added to them at the Crimson Cash Value Transfer Station available right outside the HKS Library between the vending machines. Money can be added to the cards or IDs online at

Library Commons Copier/Scanner

We have two scanners, both located in the Library Commons. The one next to the Guest Computers is specially designed for books. Scans can be saved to a usb or emailed. We also have a copier/scanner located in G-18B. Scanning is free and can be saved to a usb or sent to an email account. Copying costs $.10 per page and can be charged to a Crimson Cash card or paid for with cash.

Laptop Power Adapters

Select power adapters are available to borrow for three hours at a time from the Circulation Desk. These adapters currently include two 60W and two 85W MagSafe power adapters and two MagSafe 2 converters for Macs and one power cord and adapter for Lenovo.

Cell Phone Chargers

Chargers for iPhones 4, 5 & 6 are available to borrow for three hours at a time from the Circulation Desk. The Library also has a cell phone charging station located in the Library Commons area. This station charges a variety of devices.