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Robert Terry MPA led the first Peace Corps team in mainland Asia. “Classmate Paul Slawson MPA later joined me in then East Pakistan. Worked for Senators Hubert Humphrey and Eugene McCarthy and Representative Henry Reuss. Next 27 years with Arthur D. Little, Inc., and its Management Education Institute, assisting development managers in South Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. In the 1970s, I helped found Oxfam America. Was a trustee of The Experiment in International Living, director of the National Peace Corps Association. Now writing Light Many Peace Corps Candles: How Bold Experiments Spread Civic Service to Transform Lives Worldwide.”

Arnold Zack MPA writes, “Just finished my 32nd year teaching dispute resolution at the Labor and Worklife Program at Harvard Law School, and doing some labor management arbitration after a nine-year term as president of the Asian Development Bank Administrative Tribunal.”



Stephen Sloane MPA, after 30 years as a naval officer, retired as a captain, earned a PhD at UC Berkeley, joined the faculty at Saint Mary’s College, and is now a professor emeritus. He also ran a nonprofit: therapeutic horseback riding for people with disabilities.



Richard Nuttall MPA writes, “Still not quite retired. Engaged part-time in several initiatives with our local health authority to improve the care of the elderly, which I have become one of!”



Stephen Trachtenberg MPA, after 19 years as president of George Washington University, took a Professor of Public Service Chair. “Now teaching. Writing. New book coming from Johns Hopkins University Press. Consulting at Korn Ferry International and Rimon Law.”



Joe Walka MPA writes, “Those of us in the first JFK class came from many directions; mine was the executive office of the president. It was a great group to be part of. I still remember Neustadt’s seminar on the presidency held at the Faculty Club. We exhausted the budget for the seminar about two-thirds of the way through the semester. I went on for the PhD in political economy and government with friends from those days. I’m now professor of economics and dean emeritus of the Franke College of Business at Northern Arizona University. It is an honor to have been one of the first from the JFK School, and I wish old friends well.”


1967 / 50th Reunion



James Bullington MPA has published his third book, Global Adventures on Less-Traveled Roads: A Foreign Service Memoir. It traces his journey from hillbilly roots through three decades of service as a diplomat and ambassador in Asia and Africa.

Jack Underhill MC/MPA presented a paper at the conference of the American Society for Public Administration in Atlanta in March, “The Continued Struggle for Social Justice in the U.S. and How We Compare with Other Advanced Nations.”


1972 / 45th Reunion

Paul Heise MC/MPA writes, “In 1974, the Labor Department lent me to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative to be part of the multilateral trade negotiation team in Geneva. When President Carter was elected, I was recalled to perform liaison between USTR and the labor movement.”



Michael Eliastam MC/MPA writes, “On August 4, 2016, I received an email from the South African War Graves Commission asking if I was ‘next of kin’ to Simon Eliastam, who had disappeared on July 23, 1942. He was my mother’s brother, never heard of again, but always remembered as a ‘perfect young man.’ After that my life was consumed by preparing for the memorial service, held March 23, 2017. In October 2016, my younger daughter, Monet, accompanied a British expedition up Mount Kenya to 10,000 feet to verify the wreckage, found in 2002. Anyone interested in more detail, read our pages on Facebook or email me. This and subsequent surprises changed my life!”

Chris Palmer MC/MPA is an environmental film producer, professor, speaker, and author. He serves on American University’s full-time faculty as distinguished film producer in residence at the School of Communication. His books include Shooting in the Wild (Sierra Club Books, 2010); Confessions of a Wildlife Filmmaker (Bluefield Publishing, 2015); and Now What, Grad? Your Path to Success after College (Rowman & Littlefield, 2015). His next book, coming out from Rowman & Littlefield this August, is Raise Your Kids to Succeed: What Every Parent Should Know. He is married to Gail Shearer MPA/ID 1974.



Manolo Abella MC/MPA established a research institute for labor, developed a program for returning Muslim rebels, and helped design policy infrastructure to protect workers going to the Middle East. At the International Labour Organization, he worked years advising states on sound policies to protect migrants.

Sharon Weinstein Greene MCRP received the Council of Minority Transportation Officials Women Who Move the Nation award.

John Sargent MC/MPA, an economist, is semi-retired. After Harvard, he worked with the World Bank in Washington, and Australian and state treasury and economic development departments. He consulted to Australia’s aid program, United Nations agencies, the World Bank, and the Asian Development Bank.



Stephen Salyer MC/MPA is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Salzburg Global Seminar, “where I have been president since 2005, including Cutler Fellows Program that includes Harvard Law as a founding partner.”

Xavier Suarez MPP was reelected to the Miami-Dade County Commission by a wide margin and now has four years to serve on a 13-member commission overseeing a $7 billion budget. “Current initiatives include funding tablets and Wi-Fi for all schoolkids. Still practicing law.”

Allan Taylor MPP writes, “I was confirmed by our legislature in February for another four-year term on our State Board of Education, which I have chaired since 2005. I have been appointed to six full terms, and one partial term by four governors from three different political parties. My retirement from paid employment a year ago allows me to devote more time to what Sally calls my peculiar hobby.”

Kathryn Frazer Winsted MPA writes that her latest project as a professor at Pace University, in Westchester County, New York, is a Center for Student Enterprise, where she helps students start and run on-campus businesses. She currently helps students manage a late-night cafe (similar to the one she ran at the Cronkhite Graduate Center while at Harvard), a convenience store/cafe in the library, a research/call center, and a service delivering food from outside restaurants to students and faculty on campus.



Tom Pelham MCRP writes, “Since 1976 my professional energy focused on reforms at the M.B.T.A. and the City of Somerville. I returned to Vermont in 1989 and served as the state’s finance and tax commissioner and deputy secretary of administration as well as an elected legislator.”


1977 / 40th Reunion

Katherine McDonough MCRP writes, “How I spent the past 40 years: Worked for politicians in Boston. Moved to New York. Became a redhead. Joined a global corporation. Learned to speak French. Made partner in a consultancy. Then left to start a company; sold the company. Went to culinary school in my 50s. Published a cookbook. Still a redhead. And best of all, have had a long, happy marriage. Upon the shock of realizing it’s been 40 years, I send a warm hello to my former classmates and best wishes for continued success, a little wisdom, and joy where we can find it.”



Richard Broinowski MC/MPA, following Harvard, was appointed Australian ambassador to Vietnam, then to the Republic of Korea, then to Mexico. “I was also general manager of Radio Australia. On retirement I became an adjunct professor in media studies at Sydney University.”

Frances Cook MC/MPA now heads her international consulting company, The Ballard Group, LLC, in Washington. A longtime U.S. ambassador in four nations and a senior State Department official, Frances has served, since 1999, on the boards of major American and European listed corporations, including as board chairman. She currently serves on the boards of U.S. high-tech companies and five NGOs and is a member of many distinguished policy think tanks in Washington. She divides her time between Washington, Florida, and Provence.

Robert Sabbatini MCRP writes, “97 percent retired. After nearly four decades of work in landscape architecture and planning, I have decided to change the balance of my personal and professional life. During my career, many people became valued colleagues and friends. I am grateful to have learned from them. I am especially indebted to Perry Chapman, who mentored me in campus planning. 3 percent not retired. So, you may ask, ‘What is the 3 percent?’ I am available for short-term consulting work such as advising on master planning, preparing focused studies, and participating on academic and professional juries.”

Adam Thomson MPP, after 38 years in the British Diplomatic Service, writes, “I have retired as UK ambassador to NATO and have taken over as the director of the European Leadership Network, a pan-European, non-partisan NGO working for better security in greater Europe.”



Peter O’Connor MC/MPA, after working for a few years in Boston (Third Harbor Tunnel “Big Dig” Project for Bechtel), spent three-plus years, also for Bechtel, in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. “More recently have moved to beautiful Longboat Key, Florida, where I was an elected official.”

Elizabeth Swope MC/MPA writes, “I lunch regularly with classmates Ben Tyree MC/MPA, Andy Pettis MC/MPA, Tom Fagan MC/MPA, Danielle Beauchamp MC/MPA, Sharon Holroyd Cooper MC/MPA, Gerry Connolly MC/MPA, Steve Allbee MC/MPA, and Anne Reed MC/MPA. Most of us are partly or completely retired. We talk politics and exchange anecdotes.”

Maria Grazia Quieti MC/MPA is director of a master’s program in food studies policies for sustainable production and consumption at The American University of Rome, continuing work on relations between the United States and Italy. “Shall be happy to correspond with interested alumni.”



Joe Aiello MCRP continues in his role as a partner at Meridiam Infrastructure. In July of 2015, Joe was named by Massachusetts Governor Charles Baker as the chairman of the MBTA’s Fiscal and Management Control Board (FMCB). The FMCB was created by the governor and the legislature following an assessment of large-scale challenges facing the authority. He reports that some very good things are happening at the “T” and is hopeful it will return to the ranks of best in class.



Jon Elam MC/MPA is looking forward to being a part of this year’s climate meetings in Morocco. “These are critical times to move the issue from planning to action, and I look forward to being a part of that. Hopefully many HKS folks will also be present.”

William Hamilton HKSEE, a nationally syndicated columnist, is a laureate of the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame, the Nebraska Aviation Hall of Fame, the Colorado Aviation Hall of Fame, and the Oklahoma University Army ROTC Wall of Fame.

Lynn Fields Harris MC/MPA is still inspired to serve and mindful of the HKS experience. Thinking of exiting to a new endeavor. Reading Dr. Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot’s Exit: The Endings That Set Us Free. For the past 15 years working at a nationally accredited senior center, reimagining aging, fighting ageism, promoting wellbeing!”

Joe Leitmann MPP leads programs on resilient recovery and urban resilience at the World Bank’s GFDRR. He prepared the World Reconstruction Conference (in June in Brussels) and a new international initiative: the Global Preparedness Partnership.

Teresa Lubbers MC/MPA, after serving 17 years in the Indiana State Senate and as chair of the education committee, took over the role of commissioner for the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, a role she has held since 2009.

Thomas Momiyama HKSEE writes, “Returning from the Kennedy School’s Senior Executive Fellows program, I was selected to the Senior Executive Service of the United States as director of the Naval Air Systems Command’s Advanced Aircraft Development and Systems Objectives Office. I led the concept formulations of next-generation aircraft now operational, e.g., T-45 carrier-based trainer, original version of Marine’s VSTOL (now F-35B) and V-22 tilt-rotor aircraft, as well as new aircraft carrier operational systems. I retired from the Civil Service in 1995 and have been an independent technology and policy advisor. I participate in think tank sessions and write articles in aerospace and policy journals.”


1982 / 35th Reunion

Hal Abramson MC/MPA writes, “Busy year. Worked on the UN treaty on enforcing mediated settlements and organized mediation program for delegates, an article on Nelson Mandela as negotiator received a best article award, and visiting at Air Force Academy for a year to develop negotiation programs.”

Rob Dewees MC/MPA writes, “After HKS, I joined the law firm Nixon Peabody in its energy practice and have had an interesting career working with electric and gas utility, competitive power supplier, renewable energy, and telecommunications clients. I met my future wife, Cheryl, at the firm, and we have had a wonderful family life with our two sons, Ned and Luke. We recently moved to a dairy farm in Albany, Vermont, with approximately 60 cows and 120 acres in the state’s Northeast Kingdom.”

Eric Elbot MC/MPA writes, “Traveling Pacific Rim advancing Veritas Scientific’s ‘Friend or Foe Neuro-Algorithm,’ with time to savor family, write, practice Tibetan Buddhism, and take long big white dog walks along the Nashua River. Join Reunion: hard to find new ‘old friends’!”

Gathoni Mungai MC/MPA retired from international economic development with USAID contractors in 2014 and is currently working in Africa. She is a partner in Pathway International, a medical logistics company covering East and West African countries that provides global medical choices to clients who cannot get treatment in their home countries. The company partners with U.S., European, Asian, and African hospitals to provide advanced and affordable medical technology to their clients.

David Schumacher MCRP is now a senior planning manager for WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff, working on transit planning projects in southern California. He retired as principal regional planner for the San Diego Association of Governments.



Barry McLoughlin MC/MPA writes, “Life is busy — along with my partner, Laura Peck, doing leadership seminars ( and media training and consulting (McLoughlin Media). Rarely a day when I don’t recall an insight learned at the K-School. Enjoy staying in touch with the Harvard community — interviewing Harvard applicants for 30 years through the Harvard Club of Ottawa and had the honor of being a marshal at the 2015 freshman convocation ceremony. As a fellow and instructor at Carleton University’s master’s of political management, I’m loving the world of public policy, media, and politics. Hope to see my fellow grads at our 35th (yes!) anniversary class weekend in 2018!

Anthony Schembri HKSEE was appointed visiting professor of law and criminology at Sheffield Hallam University, in England, teaching senior police managers.

Muhammad Saleem Siddiqi MC/MPA writes, “I got my little collection of poems printed as Heights of Sublimation. I have been lucky to go around the world on official and personal visits . . . it has broadened my vision and brightened my imagination. My poems are reflecting my feelings, emotions, and experiences from different situations. The world has a charming landscape and a sparkling horizon!”

Frank Tapparo HKSEE writes, “I’ve been fully retired since January 2016. For the past sixteen years Marie and I have been spending about half the year in Italy, although hip replacement surgery for both of us has kept us in the States since mid-2016. We plan to return to Italy in September 2017 for a few months. Best wishes to all.”



Ted Bacino HKSEE informs that his novel, The Shakespeare Conspiracy, has been made into a stage play that’s had successful productions in Columbus, Ohio; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; and Rockford University. The movie version of the book has been optioned twice but never “green-lighted.” But, he says, he’s still hopeful. Information on the novel can be found at

David Bassiouni MC/MPA is a former international diplomat who served at the United Nations. During his time at the UN, David held a number of senior-level positions primarily in UNICEF and the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, and in 1992 went on to become the first and only UN humanitarian coordinator directly appointed by the secretary-general and the UN Security Council. David served as the UNICEF representative in Somalia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Ethiopia, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Egypt, and Bangladesh. He is currently the chairman and CEO of The Bassiouni Group, an international development firm that he cofounded with his son.

Marc Bonazountas HKSEE has not been in the public domain and academia for some years, but rather in the private business sector. The background he obtained from the Kennedy School offered an excellent opportunity to understand people and the public domain worldwide.

Brett Doney MPP celebrated his 11th year leading economic development in Great Falls, Montana, and his 27th anniversary with his amazing wife. “Daughter in grad school in Boston, and son pursuing industrial technology degree. Having fun balancing deals, travel, and enjoying Montana.”

Collins Fitzpatrick HKSEE received the Professionalism Award from the American Inns of Court at the Supreme Court. “Our son Brendan Fitzpatrick MPA/ID 2005 is a graduate of the Kennedy School. Our other son, Michael, is a patent judge.”

William McKenna MC/MPA has been retired for six years from the State of Rhode Island, where he worked as a budget analyst with the State Budget Office and a planner at the Office of Strategic Planning. “Now active with the St. Vincent de Paul Society, which provides financial assistance to people in need. I continue to have an interest in Catholic social teaching and public policy.”

June Sekera MC/MPA writes, “My book, The Public Economy in Crisis: A Call for a New Public Economics, was recently published by Springer. The book proposes a new theory of public economics which deemphasizes reliance on the free market and affirms the importance of public goods.”

Tom Shuster HKSEE retired as director of recreation and parks for the Town of Ocean City, Maryland. Currently enjoying regular day trips to Assateague Island National Seashore.



Richard Averbuch MPA is currently serving as the executive director of the Massachusetts Coalition for Serious Illness Care. “The group’s goal is to ensure all people receive care consistent with their wishes and values. Very inspiring work.”

Jack Gardner MPP writes, “Rick Counihan MPP and I are at it again! This time next year, we hope to share that we have achieved our second of the ‘Seven Summits,’ i.e. the highest points on each of Earth’s continents. After scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2010 (Africa), we plan to climb Mt. Aconcagua in January 2018 (South America). To get ready, we have climbed most of the highest peaks in the Cascades range in the Pacific Northwest, including Mounts Whitney, Shasta, Rainier, Hood, and Baker. I still run a large affordable-housing company in California, and Rick recently joined Nest, part of the Google empire. But that’s not challenging enough for us—so please wish us luck!”

Charles Huettner MC/MPA writes, “I am the executive director of an association of the state lieutenant governors, the Aerospace States Association. I published my third book, Autobiography and Other Funny Stories, where I tell interesting stories of my life and work at DOD, FAA, NASA, and the White House.”

Alison Hughes MC/MPA writes, “Leadership training conference for over 80 high school students who live at the U.S./Mexico border. This is our fourth annual such event. It’s sponsored by the Arizona Rural Health Association, on whose board I have served since its founding, in the 1980s.”

Jim Shultz MC/MPA writes, “In my work as executive director of The Democracy Center, based in Bolivia and working globally, I have been assisting UNICEF and the UN in their advocacy work on the advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals. This included leading a global workshop at the UN in New York City in November, and a two-week workshop in Mozambique in March. On a personal note, my wife, Lynn, and I will become grandparents in August and will be spending the last half of the year in the United States, our first time living there since 1998.”



Casey Corr MC/MPA writes, “After working in journalism in Seattle and working in government and politics, I crossed the Cascades and moved to Yakima, Washington, to run a little magazine that covers the fruit industry. That hope-and-change thing worked out well for me.”

John Gamman MC/MPA is happily retired (gasp) from a career as a mediator of environmental disputes, after helping many communities and governments find solutions to pressing issues of the day. He is living in Santa Cruz, California, with his lovely wife, Yvette. Several classmates attended their incredibly rainy wedding in California last October. “Wishing my Kennedy School friends a happy and productive year in all their endeavors, especially amidst the current uncertainty in the world.”

James Junke MC/MPA retired in October 2013 following a 40-year career in the Canadian foreign service. “Have been active in the Harvard University Club of Ottawa as the HKS rep. Also in a local NGO, the Ottawa River Keeper. Just finished trip to Australia.”

Joaquin Perez-Rodriguez MC/MPA writes, “Last year, as a political consultant, I was in charge of 12 governorship elections for the Partido Accíon National (PAN) in Mexico. We won seven, and the PAN is in a very good position to win the presidential race in 2018.”

Alasdair Roberts MPP writes, “I’m moving to the University of Massachusetts Amherst in September 2017, where I will serve as director of the School of Public Policy.”

Marian McClure Taylor PhD writes, “After writing my dissertation on the Catholic Church during Haiti’s Duvalier years, working for the Ford Foundation in Mexico, going to seminary, directing my denomination’s world mission involvements, and directing my state’s council of churches, I’m about to become the interim pastor for a congregation in Kentucky’s capital, Frankfort.”

Paul Tuccio MC/MPA retired from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 2016 and currently resides in Jackson, Mississippi. “May the Lord’s blessings continue to be poured out upon all of our classmates and our great country.”


1987 / 30th Reunion

Vicki Arroyo MPA writes, “Happy 30th anniversary to my wonderful classmates! I am still at Georgetown Law School and our commencement falls during our reunion, so I’m sorry to miss you this time. I’m executive director of Georgetown Climate Center, professor of practice, and assistant dean of centers and institutes at Georgetown Law. Last June I traveled to China with HKS faculty for a low-carbon summit, and it was wonderful to reconnect with my advisor Henry Lee and others. Hoping that recent changes are not too disruptive to our progress on climate change and that those of you who come to DC will reach out. My son’s finishing up his junior year at Tulane ...time flies! All best.”

Meg Bowman-Hicks MPP writes, “Frank Hicks MPP and I have been happily living in Costa Rica for 18 years. Our girls have now flown the coop: Becca lives and works in New York, and Eliza is finishing up a gap year before moving on to Brown in the fall. I have been working on several boards, and enjoy contributing my experience to some worthy causes. Definitely using that policy training! Frank is still an environmental consultant, but traveling less and planning more vacations. We both look forward to catching up with friends at our first HKS reunion.”

Nadine Hack MC/MPA writes, “I’ve been living with my husband, Jerry Dunfey, in Switzerland for six-plus years since I was asked to be the first woman executive-in-residence at imd Business School, ranked first by the Financial Times in executive education.” Nadine is CEO of beCause Global Consulting,

Cornelis Keur MC/MPA writes, “It’s been a splendid ride. Burma, Yemen, Beijing, Chengdu, Tokyo, Bangkok, National Defense University, Hyderabad, and retirement after 32 years with State. Lecturing on a cruise from Bangkok to Bombay. Six months working on a Chinese gold-prospecting concession in N. Laos. Now Sommay and I divide our time equally between condos in northern Virginia and Bangkok, where we have ringside seats watching the demise of civil society (hopefully temporary) in both.”

Ian McAuley MC/MPA writes, “Herman Dutch Leonard summarized our learning when he said, ‘The hard jobs are left to the public sector.’ Much of my time over the past few years has been spent spreading that message in teaching and writing, including publication of a book in collaboration with a colleague, Miriam Lyons: Governomics: Can We Afford Small Government? (Melbourne University Publishing, 2015). Thank you all for reminding me of the value of the public purpose.”

Richard Opper MC/MPA writes, “Who even knew there were things called ‘brownfields’ in 1987? They became my life. Now it seems I’ve made it to retirement—which means I work just as hard (for nonprofits) for free. Such a deal!”

Jack Werner MC/MPA is executive director of the Institute for Sustainable Power, which administers international training standards. He is the leader of the Standards Working Group, UNF’s Energy Practitioners Network, United Nations’ Sustainable Energy for All. He is a senior fellow of the Climate Institute,, and an assessor for the American National Standards Institute.



Richard Bowers HKSEE writes, “In retirement, as my ancestors fought at Kings Mountain and Cowpens with the militia during the Revolution, I have developed a program and am writing a book on the South in the Revolutionary War. New England friends, sorry, but the war was really won down here.”

Chuck Burkell HKSEE, after a 33-year federal service career in executive education with DHS, FEMA, and the National Fire Academy, continues to consult within a leadership development practice and is a licensed battlefield guide at the Gettysburg National Military Park.

Michael Cassidy MC/MPA retired in 2013 after selling his financial business. “Our passion is golf and traveling to play in Australia and overseas. In 2015, we had a special dinner with our Singaporean classmates. Looking forward to next year’s 30th class reunion in the United States.”

Norman Foster MPP, after seven years as director of finance for the City of New Orleans, writes, “I will be moving even further south to Fort Lauderdale to become the director of the Office of Management and Budget for Broward County. Will be a good spot for Iowa Bowl games.”

Carol Freeman MC/MPA retired from her University of Minnesota job evaluating K–12 education reform initiatives. “Since, I’ve learned an amazing amount traveling to many different countries. While I continue to travel (next, to Morocco on a Peace Corps returned volunteers trip), I am focusing on electoral politics. This work is getting exciting with countless groups forming to make their voices heard and to impact who’s in office. So, I’ve not stopped using all that I learned at the Kennedy School.”

Renato (Jun) Labadan MPP writes, “We are finally back in DC after joining my wife’s foreign service tours in Beijing, Manila, Sofia, Cairo, and Jakarta. I am currently the managing general partner of a tech-centered VC fund in Reston, Virginia, and kids are at Columbia University and Deerfield Academy. I’m in touch with Robert Tomkin MPP, Chandran Gnanakuru MPP, and Baher El-Hefnawi and would love to reconnect. I still travel quite a bit to Asia and Eastern Europe . . . drop me a line. Can’t believe K-School is almost 30 years ago!”

Eric Peterson MC/MPA writes, “I’m retired from the staff of the New York State Legislature and living in a retirement community in southern Saratoga County, New York.”

Stephen Shender MC/MPA writes, “In December, I realized a lifelong ambition, publishing a book, Once There Was Fire: A Novel of Old Hawaii. My novel follows the rise of Kamehameha the Great, founder of the Hawaiian Kingdom. It’s the story of old Hawaii Michener never told.”

Eric Yankah MC/MPA writes, “Been working mainly in Ghana since graduation. Executive director of Yankahlink Advisors, a governance and strategy advisory firm, since 2008. Currently, board chairman of the Ghana Audit Service. Have been involved in public service including the nonprofit space. With a lot of joy and warmth, am the current first national vice chair of Ghana Blind Union. Have been a volunteer for more than 25 years. Anybody passing through Ghana must make it a point to connect. Have kept up with a good number of the 1988 classmates. I had drinks with Marcia Grant recently in Accra. I am looking forward to our 30th Reunion Weekend in April 2018. Love to all.”



Chuck Bean MPP is in his fifth year as the executive director of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, working on regional transportation, environment, public safety, and community planning.

James Brett MC/MPA presented R. Nicholas Burns, Roy and Barbara Goodman Family Professor of the Practice of Diplomacy and International Relations, the New Englander of the Year Award at the recent New England Council Annual Dinner.

Chris Collins MPP writes, “After the Kennedy School, I headed home to San Francisco but continually found myself pulled back to the DC vortex. I also kept a focus on aids advocacy, domestic and global. Now heading up a nonprofit promoting U.S. government investment in the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria.”

Robin Farley MPP was awarded the Navy Superior Civilian Service Medal by the outgoing assistant secretary of the Navy. In February, Robin was appointed to the Senior Executive Service as the director of transformational programs in the office of the assistant secretary.

David Luberoff MC/MPA writes, “A few months before graduation, I was offered a job at HKS’s then-new Taubman Center for State and Local Government. I jumped at the opportunity, figuring I would stay here for a few years. But I never really left. After holding a variety of positions at HKS and Harvard’s Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies, in August I became senior associate director of Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. Ironically, my first office was in the “Little Yellow House,” the Joint Center’s longtime home on Church Street. We’ve long since moved to Bow Street (close to the Hong Kong restaurant). Look me up if you’re back in Cambridge!”

Jerry Regier MC/MPA writes, “In 2016, I moved back to the Washington, DC, area; completed my PhD in public policy and public administration; taught public policy and transformational leadership at the United Nations in Geneva for the seventh summer; twice taught public policy to 72 MPs in Myanmar.”

Janice Saragoni MC/MPA writes, “I’m still running Saragoni & Company, a Boston-based public affairs/media relations practice with a diverse book of business in both the profit and nonprofit sectors. Last year, I moved from Cambridge/Harvard Square just across the river to Allston, where my brand-new apartment building has an up-close view of Harvard Stadium.”



Izzat Dajani MC/MPA is CEO of IMCapital, an investment company with a principal objective of delivering superior returns to its shareholders through a disciplined, value-oriented approach. The modus operandi of IMCapital centers on securing majority or significant minority equity positions in profitable and growing mid-cap companies in the industrial, trading, and service sectors across the MENA and Turkey region. Izzat is a member of the board of directors of Alternatifbank A.S. (ABank) in Turkey, a member of the board executive and remuneration committees, and also chairman of ALease, a fully owned subsidiary of ABank.”

William Decker MC/MPA writes, “At home in Washington, DC; working with DHHS/CMS on Medicare program coordination with ACA (Obamacare) operations. These are interesting times, for both Medicare and the ACA. Married to Laura Diamond, and we are both owned by our giant poodle, Arthur. Grew up in Connecticut; lived in Boston/Cambridge/New England from 1968 until 1991, and return not often enough. Hope to see all my classmates at our 30th reunion.”

Geri Denterlein MC/MPA writes, “When I was at the Harvard Kennedy School, I was a journalist at WBZ-TV. In 2000, I parlayed those skills and what I learned during my MPA program into a public policy-focused communications firm. Since then, I’ve grown and expanded my client mix, now with deep expertise in health care, transportation, and crisis strategy. I also represent and volunteer with numerous nonprofit causes, and was recently appointed by Governor Charlie Baker to the Bridgewater State University Board of Trustees and by Mayor Marty Walsh to the Boston Main Streets Foundation Board.”

Merritt Helfferich MC/MPA writes, “HKS helped me as associate director of a research unit at the University of Alaska. Since retirement in 1997, I’ve been consulting on Alaska Native education. I’m on a land trust board, a library board in New Mexico, and biking in Europe with April Crosby MC/MPA.”

Roy Norton MPA writes, “The HKS experience inspired me to complete a PhD and served me well through four subsequent Canadian diplomatic service assignments in the United States, as it does today in my capacity as chief of protocol of Canada, based in Ottawa.”

Debbie Phillips MC/MPA, as founder of Women on Fire, was invited to interview Gloria Steinem for Planned Parenthood’s 75th anniversary gala audience in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; the interview was published exclusively in The Progressive Magazine.

Scott Stucky HKSEE became chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces in a ceremony in May. He served four years on the board of the Appellate Judges Conference of the ABA and taught at George Washington University Law School last fall.

Virginia Volker MC/MPA writes, “After graduation I retained my university faculty position and served eight years administrating a university community partnership hud-funded program. We initiated a highly acclaimed graduate-level course for teachers on the history of the civil rights movement. We had an opportunity to meet many of the leaders and the foot soldiers in the civil rights movement and traveled to the key historical sites. HKS taught me about politics: I was elected to serve three terms (15 years) on the city school board. Here is where you really learn about the political system.”



Linda Belton HKSEE has written a book, Servant Leadership, A Nobler Side of Leadership: The Art of Humanagement, published by the Greenleaf Center. The text centers on her 30 years of executive experience in state and federal government. An accompanying workbook has also been released.

George Deikun MC/MPA writes, “Greetings! I’ve completed two careers since our time at HKS, retiring from USAID as mission director to India and subsequently from the United Nations as director of UN Habitat’s Liaison and Humanitarian Affairs Office in Geneva. I’m now traveling the world and working when an interesting opportunity arises.”

Noreen Dunne MC/MPA writes, “Retired from teaching English to undergrads and postgrads at the Jesuit St. Joseph’s College in Darjeeling, India, and my directorship of Hayden Hall, an NGO for sustained development of poor mothers and children. Developing a teacher/trainer mentoring program.”

Fabiana Feld MPP, chief investment officer at International Finance Corporation, is designing innovative financing and advisory engagements with large multinationals in the agribusiness and consumer goods space, with the goal of reducing poverty at the bottom of the pyramid in emerging markets and generating environmentally and financially sustainable business models. She also works at Stanford Business School as a coach to top executives with the mandate of leading change and organizational renewal.

Barbara Grob MC/MPA will finish her first nonfiction book, about the tumultuous lives of iconic R&B singer Etta James and longtime manager Lupe DeLeon, this summer. The book will be published by Amazon in fall 2017.

Richard Healing HKSEE writes, “In 2016, Darlene and I took a bucket list four-month cruise around the world, celebrating our 25th anniversary, 70th and 75th birthdays, visiting 39 ports — most of which we would never have seen any other way — traveling over 29,000 miles, taking over 18,000 photos, all in 115 days! After the highs and lows of experiencing wonderful Singapore, exciting Australia, emerging Vietnam, struggling Indonesia, and depressing Cambodia, our conclusion at the end of this odyssey was that we are indeed fortunate to live in the greatest country in the world.”

Clara Lee MPP recently joined the faculty of The Ohio State University. “I’m in the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in the College of Medicine and the Division of Health Services Management and Policy in the College of Public Health. Still trying to fulfill the mission of the Kennedy School!”

Meryl Moss MC/MPA writes, “Health care is my public service. I’ve spent most of my career at a high-performing ACO, Coastal Medical, in Rhode Island, working to support the triple aim; better health, better care, and lower cost. Just awarded a PBN C-Suite Award. Thrilled.”

Chris Wolz MPP reports that the Washington Post recently profiled Forum One, the digital communications agency run by Chris and Jim Cashel MPP, with cofounder Dave Witzel MPP. The article captures Chris’s background and motivation as CEO in growing the business to nearly 100 staffers — and providing digital strategy, design, and technical services to the Gates Foundation, the Peace Corps, the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and others. The company is based in the Washington, dc, area, and has an office in Seattle.


1992 / 25th Reunion

Joseph Buonaiuto MC/MPA says “Ciao” to all MPA/ID classmates. “I am living in southern Italy, ancestral home of all four of my legal-immigrant grandparents. I bought a home here in the serene town of Pietrelcina, birthplace of Padre Pio. La vita e bella. Benvenuti a tutti!”

Dan Rich MPP writes, “Hard to believe it’s been 25 years! I’ve been in local government in the San Francisco Bay Area ever since graduating, serving as city manager of Mountain View, California, for the past six years. Married with two wonderful kids, 19 and 16.”

Neal Schwartz MPP writes, “My San Francisco–based design studio, Schwartz and Architecture, continues to thrive, as does my love of teaching at the California College of the Arts. After years focused on our design portfolio, I am finally smuggling policy back into my career. My teaching and pro bono work focus on the ways in which design can clarify and foster policy, particularly for nonprofit organizations. I recently established and chair the Public Policy and Advocacy Committee of the San Francisco chapter of the AIA. As part of my sabbatical year, this summer you can track me down in Berlin! Visit us at”

Andy Sieg MPP writes, “I became head of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in New York City in January.”

Marti Trudeau MC/MPA retired from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs in Philadelphia and then accepted a position as director for clinical ops for BAYADA Home Health Care. Children, Andy and Rose Donahue, are 26 and 24, completed college (UNLV and Mount Holyoke), and live in Vegas.



Mark Feldman MPA writes, “I am living in Boston and celebrating the 13th year of my firm, Cause Consulting, advising companies on social impact strategy and communications. We recently launched GoDaddy GoCommunities, supporting under-resourced entrepreneurs, and Aramark Feed Your Potential 365, helping Americans connect with healthy foods. I am also thrilled to have published a chapter, ‘Evolution, Innovation, and Best Practices in Corporate Social Impact,’ in Springer’s newest management textbook for MBA students and undergraduates. My HKS training feels more important than ever.”

Larry Kaplan MC/MPA is now in his seventh year of administering a community development organization in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Cite Soleil Opportunity Council is a sustainable, low-cost 401(c)3 involved in job creation, small business loans, environmental cleanup, and art sales.

Peter (Piotr) Dmochowski Lipski MC/MPA was president and CEO of PCG Polska Sp. z o.o. of Warsaw, Poland, a subsidiary of Public Consulting Group headquartered in Boston. But on July 1 he moved to Paris to assume the post of executive secretary of the European Satellite Communications Intergovernmental Organization. He was elected the head of EUTELSAT IGO on March 15, defeating candidates from Portugal and Italy. Piotr is looking forward to meeting HKS graduates based in Paris.

Richard Locke MC/MPA writes, “Professionally, I helped to launch the Governor’s Clean Energy Fund Round No.1, which includes the first Vanadium Flow Battery. Now running DataWeb, Inc., which has applications in health care, law enforcement, and education.”

Gwen Young MPP is the director of the Global Women’s Leadership Initiative and Women in Public Service Project at the Wilson Center. Her aim is to ensure that by 2050 women hold 50 percent of leadership positions in governments across the globe. “Let’s do it.”



Nasim Firdaus MC/MPA retired with the rank of secretary in 2008. “Soon thereafter I established an NGO called BDAWL and the first-of-its-kind leadership academy in Bangladesh to train women for leadership and decision-making positions. Over the years we have trained hundreds of women, including members of parliament, politicians, and other professionals in leadership. Inspiration to help raise women’s status came from my own experience of overcoming obstacles to become the first female career ambassador of Bangladesh. The courses I took at HKS helped shape my vision for this work. In 2012, WDN of the U.S. International Republican Institute recognized me as their Democracy’s Hero.”

Caroline Hunt-Matthes MC/MPA and Claus Matthes MC/MPA — a Class of 1994 romance — have two teenagers and live in Geneva, Switzerland. Claus is looking forward to retiring from the World Intellectual Property Organization and becoming a soccer coach. Caroline holds university faculty positions at Grenoble Business School and Webster, Geneva. She is a trustee and advisor to think tanks on privacy protection, whistle-blower protection, the “rights of nature,” and the newly launched Global Geneva magazine. United Nations staff member for 15 years, including as a civilian UN peacekeeper.

Judy Hylton MC/MPA is senior advisor for the UN Truce Supervision Organization, mandated for the Arab-Israeli conflict, and is based in Jerusalem.

Reinhard Junghanns MC/MPA retired from the European Commission in 2014. As a former international development cooperation professional and political analyst, he is still in demand for his opinions and recommendations. In 2016, he commented on the elections in the Dominican Republic for In 2017, the new digital magazine paid tribute to him as “Un aleman con corazon latinoamericano” on the occasion of interviewing him on populism in Latin America. He is living in and frequently commuting between Bonn, Santo Domingo, and San Salvador.

Michael Putegnat MC/MPA, HKSEE 1989 will publish his second novel, The Settling, this summer. The Settling has been announced as a finalist in the 2017 International Book Awards Competition. His first novel, Laguna, won a Gold Medal for fiction in the Independent Publishers Book Awards competition.



Joseph Cerami HKSEE joined the University of St. Thomas in Houston in 2016 as the Burnett Family Distinguished Chair in Leadership and director of the new University Center for Ethical Leadership. From 2001 to 2015, he was on the faculty at the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University. He taught courses in national security policy and leadership studies in the master’s program in international affairs. He served in the U.S. Army for 30 years, and his last assignment was as chairman of the Department of National Security and Strategy at the Army War College. He holds a PhD from the Penn State School of Public Affairs.

Meredith Edwards HKSEE is emeritus professor at the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis at the University of Canberra, Australia. She was previously deputy vice-chancellor from 1997 and director of its National Institute for Governance until 2004. She was a senior policy advisor in the Australian Public Service, involved in many major social policy reforms (including child support), from 1983 to 1993 and deputy secretary in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet until 1997. She is an economist, a fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, a fellow of the Institute of Public Administration Australia, a fellow of ANZSOG, and a member of the United National Committee of Experts on Public Administration.

Stephanie Fuerstner Gillis MPP writes, “After over 16 years working as a philanthropy advisor and over 20 years in San Francisco, I recently accepted a new position leading the Impact Driven Philanthropy Initiative at the Raikes Foundation in Seattle. My family and I are settling in.”

Kamuron Gurol MC/MPA writes, “In March, I joined Seattle’s regional transit agency as north corridor director. Sound Transit has a significant voter-approved capital program and ambitious timelines, so we’ll be enhancing partnerships to help build this important infrastructure.”

Eduardo Perez MPP “packed the station wagon and moved my wife, Cristina Valadez (EDM 1996), and sons, Toby and Elias, to Miami. Beginning my 15th year at Visa and now leading the LAC Risk team in building trust in digital payments throughout Latin America.”

Andrea Soccorso MPP writes, “Greetings! Living in India is exciting and challenging beyond words! I have the privilege of supporting Kailash Satyarthi, the child-rights advocate and 2014 Nobel Peace laureate, as he builds his new venture—the Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation (KSCF). With more than 86,000 children rescued from slavery and forced labor, KSCF, working with partners, is scaling decades of experience to free every last child from slavery and exploitation and into education—through policies, programs and people. Launching history’s boldest youth for youth campaign—100 million for 100 million—in solidarity with exploited youth. Reach out.”

Jose Solorio MPP, after serving in California’s State Assembly, is back on the Santa Ana City Council. He welcomes any of his Kennedy School classmates to reach out if they are visiting Orange County. You can learn more about his work at

Mike Walker MPA is founder and president of AlterAction, a consulting practice that develops and executes campaigns to change human behavior for the better. His work leverages behavioral science, human-centered design principles, and a wide range of media and technology tools. AlterAction is helping nonprofit and government clients create a healthier, safer, smarter, and more sustainable future.



Andy Huang MPP was recently appointed by San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon to lead the brand-new Independent Investigations Bureau, which is tasked with investigating and prosecuting allegations of law enforcement abuse and conducting conviction reviews. Andy spent 16 of the 21 years since graduation as a federal prosecutor with the U.S. Department of Justice. He is looking forward to finally putting his MPP skills to use and taking on the challenge of building a public sector start-up.

Patrick Mendis HKSEE, after serving as a Rajawali senior fellow at HKS, is now an associate-in-research of the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard University, where he has established the Millennials Award for Outstanding Leadership and Service. Patrick is featured in two exclusive interviews by the Xinhua News Agency and the Beijing Review in China because his book, Peaceful War: How the Chinese Dream and the American Destiny Create a Pacific New World Order, was published in Chinese.

William Leonard Pickard MPP writes, “It was a delight to recall Kennedy School days, faculty, and friends in five chapters of my new work, The Rose Of Paracelsus: On Secrets & Sacraments.

Diego von Vacano MPP writes, “I will be visiting associate professor of political science at Yale University for 2017–2018.”


1997 / 20th Reunion

Birgitte Mossin Broenden MPA/ID writes, “After a three-year break in academia doing research on migration and development at the Danish Institute of International Studies, I am back in diplomacy. Since February 2017, working as a chief advisor in the multilateral department of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where I lead a team that works for human rights and social progress, including a human rights-based approach to sustainable development, gender equality, SRHR, health, and education.”

Amanda Feinstein MPA lives in Oakland, California, with husband Paul Leonard and son Jackson. “My passion is supporting children and families. I run a program of the Oakland Promise that establishes college savings accounts for babies and financial services for lmi parents.”

Yasukazu Fuse MC/MPA writes, “Hi, folks! I published my 16th book last January. The title of the book is Synchronicity: The Power of Meaningful Coincidences. However, I’m sorry to say it is written only in Japanese.”

Jan Carl Park MC/MPA received a Partnership Award from the CAEAR Coalition, a national HIV/AIDS advocacy group, in March in Washington, DC. The award was in recognition of his 25 years of advocacy on behalf of people living with HIV.

Eduardo Pizano MC/MPA has been appointed dean of the Universidad de los Andes Government School in Bogota, Colombia.



Roger Goodman MPA is serving his sixth term in the Washington State Legislature as representative from the 45th District, including the Seattle suburbs of Redmond (home of Microsoft) and Kirkland (home of Costco). As chair of the House Public Safety Committee, he has legislated successfully to reduce drunk driving and domestic violence, and he continues his work on sentencing reform. A devoted dad to two teenagers, Roger also practices law in Seattle, representing businesses in Washington’s burgeoning new legal cannabis market. He fondly remembers his two years on campus in Cambridge.

John Heinen MC/MPA, after recently retiring from serving on the command staff of a state law-enforcement agency in Georgia, now works as vice president of the Georgia Lottery. The lottery is considered one of the most successful education initiatives in Georgia history: It has provided billions of dollars toward scholarships and educational programs for students. John was also recently elected to the board of education in his home county. As he assumes this position to help a struggling school system, he fondly remembers the challenge presented by several JFK faculty, who asked, “Would you ever consider running for office?”

Maria Figueroa Kupcu MPP moved with her family from Brooklyn to Dobbs Ferry, New York, and hopes to see alums in the area. She is a partner at the communications and strategy consultancy Brunswick Group, where she leads the New York office and business and society practice.

Patrick Marx MC/MPA recently retired from the University of Montana, Missoula after four years. He continues to facilitate leadership development workshops, has dived into Missoula-area politics, and is more grateful than ever for HKS as a life-support system!

Jamal Simmons MPP and Jewel James MPP 2007 were married May 14, 2016, at Metropolitan AME Church in Washington, DC.



Herman Bolhaar HKSEE writes, “I have been cooperating very closely with Prof. Jorrit de Jong, of HKS’s Ash Center, on the collaborative approach to wicked problems of organized crime in The Netherlands. In so-called Organised Crime Field Labs, multi-professional teams of prosecutors, police investigators, tax officers, local government executives, and mayors cooperate in a problem-oriented, result-focused approach. Topics are outlaw motorcycle gangs, human trafficking, and money laundering. I am honored to have been invited by the Ash Center to be a senior fellow, which I started June 1. My wife, Nicole, (English teacher) and I are looking forward to our stay in Cambridge!

Vincent Brooks NSF, U.S. Army general, in April took command of UN Command (formed in 1950), Korea–U.S. Combined Forces Command (formed in 1978), and U.S. Forces—Korea (formed in 1954); all military activity in Korea.

Brandy Corcoran Carlson MPP writes, “Paul Carlson MPP 1998 launched Seventy2 Capital, an independent wealth management firm, to help small businesses, individuals, and families achieve their financial goals.”

Brent Durbin MPP lives with his family in Northampton, Massachusetts, where he teaches in the government department at Smith College. His book, The CIA and the Politics of U.S. Intelligence Reform, will be published by Cambridge University Press in summer 2017.

Lenora Peters Gant HKSEE was the keynote speaker for the Women’s History Month Commemorative Program in March. It was the first “joint” program with both the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration. She also spoke at the George Peabody College of Vanderbilt University, as distinguished alumna commencement speaker, in May 2016.

Sergy Kasyanov MC/MPA writes, “Dear friends and colleagues, I am back in Ukraine observing local developments. Country is overcoming the results of Russian invasion. According to the UN report, it took about 10,000 lives and many more wounded. Despite the ongoing war in Donbas, economic growth has started. Single-digit inflation is planned by the end of 2017. Ukrainians have finally received non-visa entry to the European Union after signing a comprehensive free-trade area agreement. Anti-corruption measures have been implemented, but Ukraine is still number one over Europe. Harvard Club of Ukraine has recently changed its leadership. Oleg Ustenko, Bleyzer Foundation CEO, was elected as HCU president.”

Pedro Miguel Lorenti MC/MPA qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales (non-practicing) in 2013. “Still based in Argentina, having recently worked in legal consultancy (Africa, 2012–2015) and international arbitration (oil and gas agreements subject to common law).”

Cynthie Tin Oo MC/MPA writes, “To my dear MC/MPA classmates and Mason Fellows, a quick update about me! I’m splitting my life half-and-half between Yangon, Myanmar and Santa Barbara, California, doing volunteer work in the health sector in Myanmar, focusing on cervical cancer prevention and control for women, since Myanmar has the sixth highest incidence of cervical cancer in the world. Anyway, please contact me ( if you are in southern California or Southeast Asia, and we can meet up! You are most welcome to stay at my home in both places.”



Timothy Anderson MC/MPA writes, “The nonprofit World Computer Exchange that I started while with you at MPA/ID seeks teachers at schools and universities outside Africa interested in being paired with teachers in nine African countries where we now have field associates. These Computers for Girls pairs will co-develop some teacher tools to help inspire girls to pursue careers in technology. Our chapter in Puerto Rico is also undertaking similar work, pairing teachers in Puerto Rico with teachers in Latin America. My younger offspring, Kimball, draws contemplative comics at the nexus of art and poetry and is seeking many small backers at Their  video there makes me proud!”

John Andrews HKSEE writes, “Finally retired! We’ve moved to a new home in Rochester, New Hampshire, and spend our time spoiling the seven ‘grands,’ being snowbirds, and writing my memoirs.”

Daina Dravnieks Apple HKSEE writes, after serving 39 years in the U.S. Forest Service, “I retired from my latest position as director of knowledge management and communications at national headquarters in Washington, DC, returned to my home in the San Francisco Bay Area, and was appointed planning commissioner for the City of Benicia, California.”

Ken Johnson MPP writes, “My wife, Gina Lagomarsino (HBS 2000), and I live in DC with our kids, Liana and Elias. I have been at the sec since 2003, and just started as acting COO. Gina is the CEO of an international development nonprofit called Results for Development.

Karen Kalish MC/MPA, Marilyn Averill MC/MPA, Felipe Calderon MC/MPA HKSEE 2003, Dan Carpenter MC/MPA, Sam Delson MC/MPA, John Haederle MC/MPA, Patricia Hessler MC/MPA, Jeff Katz MC/MPA, Melissa MacDonnell MC/MPA, Dan Schneider MC/MPA, Sandy Schultz MC/MPA, Joel Shulman MC/MPA, and Lisa Vedder MC/MPA had a great time together in Cancun in January.

Rosemary Powers MC/MPA writes, “After a stint in New York Governor Cuomo’s office as deputy director of state operations, I have moved over to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. There I am working as a senior advisor, leading the state’s engagement in the Transportation Climate Initiative, bringing together transportation, energy, and environmental agencies to formulate a strategy to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector while maintaining a vibrant economy. I am also supporting New York State’s efforts in the transformational transportation area, including AVs and EVs. I still head home to Dorchester for the weekends!”

Lisa Screeton MPA is working with the people of the Blackfeet Nation in the area of education policy and enjoying the snow and cold weather. However, she is ready for a new challenge back in the Northeast! All leads appreciated!



Gerard Bautista HKSEE writes, “Hello, Classmates! Here’s an update on my career: principal architect, Bnn Bautista Associates; chairman, University of Baguio Foundation; member, Rennlist Porsche Club.”

Amanda Beatty MPA/ID writes, “I’m a researcher focused on education and community-driven development in developing countries at Mathematica Policy Research, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.”

Joseph Cari HKSEE was selected to be the general partner for an investment fund associated with the MGH Wellman Center, the leading teaching hospital for Harvard Medical School. “Additionally, I was appointed to the HKS Health Care Policy Leadership Council.”

Henry Dorochovich HKSEE spent part of August 2016 with former Vice President Al Gore, training for his Climate Reality Project. As a result, Hank is now a certified member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps (

Malia Du Mont MPP joined the board of directors of the Alliance to Lead Impact in Global Human Trafficking. She is also a member of the Leadership Council of Arts in the Armed Forces.

Phil Noble IOP is co-founder and executive director of World Class Scholars, a project that creates global classrooms with real time, online education and cultural exchanges. There are 100 schools in 26 countries in the program, and at a Washington event in March, the project was launched globally. Among the project’s advisors are Joe McCarthy, former Kennedy School senior associate dean and director of degree programs, and Fernando Reimers, director of the Global Education Innovation Initiative at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


2002 / 15th Reunion

Ernest Goodson MC/MPA writes, “Hope all is going well with the class of 2002. With the leadership skills that I acquired at HKS, I am currently serving on the board of directors for UNC Healthcare, Inc. and as component director to the Southern Association of Orthodontists (a post never before held by a person of color). Both positions have their challenges. The board of the Southern Association of Orthodontists is composed of orthodontists from 13 southern states. Can you image how happy they are to see me!”

Jayne Acquah Kumi MC/MPA writes, “Since leaving HKS (then KSG), I’ve continued to work in various positions in human resources. Last year I was appointed manager in training and succession management for my company. On a personal note, I have two lovely daughters and got married two years ago.”

Naw Helen Pe MC/MPA is currently working as director of administration and human resources at the Thabyay Education Foundation, a national nonprofit organization in Myanmar. “I have been working with this organization for five years,  taking different roles as a leadership team member. Thabyay Education Foundation focuses on building civil society in Myanmar through higher education and professional development. It supports human development with a goal to promote peace and reconciliation in Myanmar.”

Sithamparam Sengamalay MC/MPA writes, “In a May 2007 classnote, I said in my post-HKS life, I was ‘holding three challenging jobs and enjoying every minute.’ It was a little too early then to choose which one gave me the utmost satisfaction. Jill Biden’s words, written in the April 2007 issue of Forbes, helped me: ‘I have been an educator for 28 years, and I have taught in the community college system for more than 16 of them. I don’t have to look any further than my classroom to see the power of community colleges to change lives.’ So, I have been an adjunct at Montgomery College, Maryland since 2007 because Biden rekindled my desire to be in public service.”



James Aguirre MPP writes, “Murabeho from the Land of a Thousand Hills! I have had the pleasure of serving in the U.S. Embassy in Rwanda since August 2015, with my wife and three kids. This is my fifth overseas adventure since joining the Foreign Service in 2003. Come visit!”

Peter Kam Fai Cheung HKSEE writes, “In the fall of 2003, I took home compelling and resonating messages. I applied them vigorously and became Hong Kong’s director of intellectual property in 2011. I championed international trading of intellectual property. When I retired, in 2014, I was awarded a Silver Bauhinia Star. It recognized my taking a leading part in public affairs in Hong Kong. I then focused on creating screenplays, songs, music videos, and websites. In March 2017, I began my own business. l offer intellectual property agency, consultancy, mediation, and arbitration services. Apart from my name brand, I also trade under my e-platform: peterC@solutions!

Hashima Hasan HKSEE writes, “Check out the nasa website to view the shiny 6m folding mirror of the Webb telescope and the new science from our flying observatory, SOFIA—two projects that I provide scientific oversight as deputy program scientist. We now have three grandchildren.”

Michael Passante MPP writes, “Our first child, a girl named Stella Ava Passante, was born March 16. In a sign from God that we had already chosen the right name for her, my wife, Sarak, went into labor the day after Winter Storm Stella gave us the biggest snowfall of the season! Besides my full-time job as a dad, I’m a career attorney for the federal government who is currently acting general counsel to the White House drug policy office. Please get in touch with us, especially if you’re in Virginia/dc area.”

Anthony Plakas HKSEE was one of the first Bohnett Fellowship recipients. This year he celebrates his 20th anniversary with Compass, Palm Beach County’s LGBT center. In May, he received the Harvey Milk Diversity Leadership award. He was a columnist for Florida’s Tribune editorial board for ten years, and the Sun-Sentinel, and is the recipient of Equality Florida’s “Partner of the Year” award for 2017. Since he has been an advocate, more than 110 policies have been set in place protecting Palm Beach County’s LGBT community. He credits the Harvard Kennedy School’s Senior Executives in State and Local Government program for these successes.

Jack Schnirman MPP and his wife, Joan, are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter, Sage. Additionally, Jack recently declared his candidacy for the office of Nassau County comptroller. The election takes place this November.



Ken Biberaj MPP joined Savills Studley, a global commercial real estate firm, in their northern Virginia office as a managing director in May. “It was an amazing 12 years in New York City. It was such a privilege to reopen the iconic Russian Tea Room, run for City Council, and serve as the chairman of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. Val and I are looking forward to this next chapter of our lives and raising our two boys in Virginia.”

Sean Bielat MPP and Hope are living in Carlisle, Massachusetts. Sean is CEO of Endeavor Robotics, the leading provider of ground robots to the Department of Defense. Hope is commuting to, and teaching at, the University of Pennsylvania. They have two children, ages five and six.

Gerald Culliton HKSEE, graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School Leadership Preparedness Institute, received the Integrity Award from the State of Connecticut’s Healthcare Executive Association (CHEA). As a health care system CEO, Gerald was recognized by the organization and his peers for his innovative work in health care locally and nationally while maintaining a posture of high integrity in all he does. This is the highest annual honor bestowed by the CHEA. It was given at their recent annual meeting and gala, presented by the president of CHEA. Gerald is also a fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Stephen Frost MPP is working with organizations worldwide now, “including the British Royal Household, Number 10, banks, pharma companies, and academia, to embed diversity and inclusion in their corporate decision making ( Published my second book, Inclusive Talent Management, on how to implement change.”

Baha Hariri MPP, along with his wife, Sufi, and their two daughters, Leyli, five, and Mila, two, now live in Woodside, California. Baha is still active in San Francisco politics, but after a decade of intense engagement in various capacities locally, is now focused on real estate development and investment—specifically, new construction of multi-family residential buildings and investments in commercial properties throughout the Bay Area. He still consults for a select few clients in the world of San Francisco politics, just to keep things interesting, but not enough to jeopardize his sanity.

Edward Omotoso HKSEE has established a scholarship fund for students in universities and other tertiary educational institutions at his place of birth, Esa-Oke, Nigeria. Eighteen initial recipients are already benefiting from the program.

Yu Tien Su HKSEE writes, “The knowledge and its applicability learnt at HKS has been invaluable to me.”

Gagik Yeghiazarian MC/MPA is on a fascinating mission to bring blockchain technology to the mainstream. “Building global partnerships with Blockchain R&D hub to implement real life solutions and products for convenient, direct, and secure exchange of digital assets with no intermediation.”



Francisco Acuna MPA, in alliance with the Ministry of Energy of Mexico and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, implemented a national sustainable energy program with Mexican rural communities. A documentary of the experience is available at

George Billard MC/MPA recently completed the documentary film They Shall Not Perish: The Story of Near East Relief. The film will be showing on PBS across the United States, and in selected international markets. Information on the film can be found at

Joni Cutler HKSEE is very happy to be serving as a circuit judge in South Dakota. “I have used my leadership program concepts to help achieve my goals. The strategies that my team helped me develop have served me well through the years.”

Jo Guzman MPP, serving as deputy chief of intelligence for Carrier Strike Group 8, recently deployed to the Arabian Gulf and eastern Mediterranean to launch strikes on isis. He and wife, Joanna, just had their first, Guadalupe Joy (Gigi), who gladly keeps them awake.

Ryan Lambert MPP has continued on the entrepreneurial path. Having sold Astanza Laser in June 2015, Ryan and his wife and partner, Holly, traveled extensively and moved to Austin, Texas. They recently set up a new business—Action Behavior Centers, which offers ABA therapy to children on the autism spectrum.

Jim Sideras HKSEE announced that he will be retiring as fire chief of Sioux Falls Fire Rescue. While he was chief, the organization was awarded iso 1 and maintained its accreditation, making it one of only 35 departments having both designations. He accepted the position of executive director of the South Dakota Healthcare Coalition. This position works with the four regional state health care coalitions and governing board to enhance statewide relationships for health care emergency preparedness, response, medical surge, and recovery. It will be a new challenge and offer an opportunity to use the skills learned at HKS in a broader statewide role.

Arvind Singh HKSEE launched a successful social business to provide affordable health care in rural India. Mobital—hospital on wheels—is equipped with ECG, ultrasound, a full lab, and a pharmacy, and is managed by two qualified doctors. Two-thirds of patients are women. “Seeking investors.”

Alexander Wagner PhD asks, “How common are ‘alternative facts’ in the corporate world? What can organizations do to foster integrity?” In his recent TEDx talk, Alexander presents insights on these questions.



Dolores Bernardo MC/MPA has worked with people and organizations for 20 years as a people development leader, diversity advocate, and coach. Most recently, Dolores has held leadership development roles at Airbnb and Google.

Zack Bongiovanni MPP has joined YouTube to lead global partnerships for emerging markets, while Tasce Bongiovanni MPP 2010 will commence a trauma surgery fellowship at USCF in July. They celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary this November!

Nancy Chaires Espinoza MPP was elected to the Elk Grove Unified School Board in November. EGUSD is the fifth-largest school district in California. She and her husband, Pablo Espinoza, welcomed a baby boy to their family in May 2016.

Nishan Degnarain MPA/ID writes, “After working at McKinsey, I returned to my native Mauritius, where I was the senior economic adviser and served on the Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank (together with Professor Jeffrey Frankel). I also helped create a new Ocean Strategy for the large ocean area that Mauritius presides over. This strategy became well known, and I was invited by the World Economic Forum to advise on a new ocean strategy that the world may need. As a result of this work, which was recently highlighted at the UN where we led a major declaration, we have co-written a book on new leadership approaches that are needed for the world’s oceans Soul of the Sea in the Age of the Algorithm.”

Lois Merriweather Moore HKSEE has been selected as finance committee chair for the State of California 4th District Agricultural Association.


2007 / 10th Reunion

Luiz Felipe d’Avila MC/MPA writes, “The Center of Public Leadership (Centro de Liderança Pública — CLP) in Brazil continues to work with politicians and civil servants, helping them with their leadership challenges. I have also launched a new book on Brazil’s politics and its challenges to strengthen institutions.”

Anuradha Desai MC/MPA writes, “A decade of interesting experiences. Left HKS in 2007 hobbling to Indonesia (remember the car accident?), only to return a year later to my community in Boston and to lead the International Center for Conciliation. The past three years I have been ensconced in urban education and the school improvement work right here in Boston. I now serve as senior vice president for external relations at EdVestors. I live happily with my husband, Michael Sheridan, in Boston.”

Sara Ehrhardt MPP has been back in North America since 2015. “I’m now living with my spouse and two-year-old son, working for the Ontario provincial government in Toronto. Still involved in progressive politics. I wish everyone all the best for the reunion—sorry I won’t be there!”

Paz Guzman MPA is working at the European Commission’s Representation in Madrid, following the economic situation in the country, and trying to make the EU understandable to Spaniards. Jean is enjoying the start-up atmosphere in Spain. The kids are growing fast (Victor, eight, Itziar, seven, and Diego, four). They enjoy biking and the swimming pool! After eight years in Brussels, Madrid seems like a vacation!

Tobias Leipprand MPP built an international leadership academy in Berlin with more than 300 participants yearly—very much in the spirit of HKS. “We offer programming around new leadership challenges, such as how do you lead in the digital age? It’s a social business with scholarships for NGOs and fees for others. Check it out:”

Rauf Mammadov MC/MPA writes, “A lot has happened during the past 10 years: my wife and I were blessed with another child, Zakariya, and our elder daughter went to the Yale–NUS College. My professional career took me through three different countries. Currently, I’m based in Doha, where I work as advisor to the CEO of Qatar Development Bank.”

Manjana Milkoreit MPP writes, “After running the Imagination and Climate Futures Initiative at Arizona State University for the past three years, I recently joined Purdue University as assistant professor of public policy. My research focuses on global climate change politics, in particular science-policy interactions. I’d love to connect if you are working on climate-related policy issues.”

Stephen Ozoigbo HKSEE is the CEO of the African Technology Foundation and the managing partner of the Lions@frica initiative of the U.S. State Department.

Eugenio Amador Quijano MPA/ID was appointed CFO of the affiliate company attending to industrial clients of CFE, the national utility electricity company in Mexico. CFE-Calificados is a major result of the recent deregulation reform for power and energy.

Roisin Rooney MC/MPA writes, “Since the last reunion, I moved to Italy and I’m still employed by the European Commission in the field of public health. I was fortunate to be able to do a brief 10-week stint in rural Guinea, West Africa, as part of the who Ebola Emergency Response during the 2014/15 epidemic, and contribute to the “CaMPA/IDgne Zero Ebola en 60 Jours.” It was a unique experience! All the hard work learning French in Luxembourg paid off! Currently, I am working in the field of cancer epidemiology and involved in analyzing data from all over Europe. I am almost fluent in Italian now!”

Timothy Sommella MC/MPA is returning to sea duty and will take command of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Dauntless, based in Galveston, Texas, at the end of May.

Ben Taylor MPP writes, “I mostly wear sweatpants at work, and really dig hiking.”

Joani Walsh MC/MPA worked with the Obama campaign and administration for nine years, most recently serving from 2014 to 2017 as deputy assistant to the president and staff secretary.



Emmanuel Arnaud MPP writes, “Hello, fellow HKS alumni! I am pleased to share with you that the collaborative economy start-up I created in 2011, GuestToGuest, just raised $35 million and acquired Thanks to this acquisition, we are now the leading home exchange community globally, with 400,000 homes in 187 countries available for exchange. As part of this acquisition, I’m moving back to Cambridge this summer, with my wife, Laure, and our three sons. I look forward to reconnecting with those of you who still live in Cambridge...and exchanging homes with those who do not.”

Anthony Box MC/MPA is serving as an advisor and member of the multinational train, advise, and assist mission in Kabul, Afghanistan. “I work with Afghan officials and institutions, specifically as it relates to strengthening ministerial capacity for addressing corruption throughout the country.”

Ben Clark MPP is executive director of Enroot, an immigrant student serving organization about to celebrate its 80th year. After taking over as executive director in 2013, Ben rebuilt the board, spun off unsustainable programming, narrowed the mission to focus on newly arrived immigrants, and began expanding to new cities. Enroot students hail from 25 countries and go on to complete college at twice the rate of their peers. He lives in Cambridge with wife, Clarissa Quintanilla MPP/MBA 2011, and their kids, Sofia and Kai.

Amy Hattan MC/MPA writes, “This is my fifth year as the head of the corporate sustainability department (vice president) at Thornton Tomasetti, an international engineering firm. I work to reduce the firm’s carbon footprint and implement social responsibility programs.”

Doug Levine MPA took the plunge and ran for local office in the town of Wayland, Massachusetts, where he was elected on March 28 to the town’s governing body, the board of selectmen. He is grateful for all the support and encouragement he received from fellow HKS alums near and far!

Ann Manning MC/MPA writes, “I lead the Women’s Congress for Future Generations, a women-led but not women-only organization, protecting the rights of future generations to inherit a livable planet. Join us in Minnesota November 2–5, 2017 ( Contact me if questions.”

Janet Rosenzweig MC/MPA continues to focus her career on child maltreatment and was appointed executive director of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children ( She is being honored by her alma mater, The Pennsylvania State University, invited to present the Vladimir de Lissovoy Distinguished Alumni Lecture on the protection of children.

Julie Wormser MC/MPA is currently vice president for policy and planning for Boston Harbor Now, a civic organization focused on optimizing the relationship between the city and the sea. Julie lives in Cambridge and welcomes visits.



Elena Barmakova MHKSEE is founder of Fontvieille Capital, a U.S.-based financial consulting firm that specializes in strategic advising to family offices, and advises companies in identifying and structuring international strategic partnerships and joint ventures. She has more than 17 years of international capital market experience in the successful arrangement and development of special situations and cross-border opportunities. She has worked with investment banking firms and leading banking institutions in the United States, Switzerland, and Monaco. Elena is a member of the WEF Alumni Young Global Leaders.

Jamal Donaldson Briggs HKSEE was recently named an assistant vice president at Bank of America’s Center of Operational Excellence based in Plano, Texas. An expert in change management and process improvement, he was previously an evaluation consultant at the U.S. Department of Education.

Rade Glomazic HKSEE was recently appointed as project director at Human Dynamics, following EU-financed projects, including planning for climate change in Malawi, and supporting employment policy for promoting job creation in Mongolia. Human Dynamics is a specialized provider of consulting services for public sector clients, with a focus on transition and developing countries.

Carrie Johnson-Clark HKSEE graduated from the SESCD program. “In 2015, I graduated from the U.S. Army War College. Recently appointed to a senior executive service position with the VHA, Department of Veterans Affairs.”

Erwann Michel-Kerjan HKSEE, after 14 years at Wharton, has moved to McKinsey in New York as a new partner of the firm. He covers risk, insurance, and resilience issues for public sector and business clients. “Feel free to reach out!”

Olutoyin Oloniteru HKSEE trained in nonprofit studies and is now a member of the board of trustees of Ekiti WandA, Nigeria, and of the Taiwan Friendship Association Nigeria. In February, Olutoyin was honored at Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria, as a “Covenant University Ambassador.”

Kumiko Igushi MC/MPA started a new style of working three years ago. “After working as a partner in the business consulting area (IBM, Deloitte, Aon/Hewitt, etc.), I am now working as a board member (outside director) and a corporate advisor for Japan’s six leading companies in telecom and media (broadcasting), IT (IoT, big data, robotics, M/A, fintech, and AI services), and consumer goods industries. Few chances to travel outside Japan at this moment, but it’s my pleasure to welcome you to Tokyo!”

Joe Negron MC/MPA, Florida state senator, was elected to serve as senate president for the 2016–2018 term.

Antonio Nunez Martin MC/MPA writes, “I published my last book, El Leader Ante El Espejo, where I wrote 10 key leadership lessons for top executives after interviewing more than 70 influential CEOs.”

Kimberlyn Leary MPA returned to Cambridge after 18 months of service as a Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Fellow at the White House Council on Women and Girls. Now directing the Enabling Change program in the DRPH program at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Melissa Langsam Braunstein MPP is thrilled to announce the birth of her third daughter, Ruby Elizabeth, on December 30. “The best part of life as a family of five has definitely been watching big sisters Lila and Annabelle dote on baby Ruby, whom we all adore.”

Amoretta Morris MPP was recently promoted to director of National Community Strategies for The Annie E. Casey Foundation. She also proudly serves on the board of the HKS Black Alumni Association. Contact her to network with other alums and current students.



Armando Barrera HKSEE writes, “Currently a business professor at Monterrey Tech (Mexico City Campus), and just finished my first book.”

Cathryn Cluver MPA writes, “I’m thrilled to announce that I am joining HKS alumni and colleagues in the small ranks of Eisenhower Fellows. Thanks to the fellowship, I will travel to Colombia and Singapore to finish the research on my book on international urban networks.”

Rick Harrison HKSEE in January became the secretary of the Australian Government’s Education Council, which consists of ministers from the Commonwealth of Australia and each state and territory. The Education Council drives the national agenda for reform in school education and early childhood services and is primarily supported by the Australian Education Senior Officials Committee.

Ian Mills MPA writes, “Hello, all! Just to update that I’m now heading up the economic development work for the UK’s DFID in Kenya. Really enjoying it and always proud of my wife’s—Courtney Mills MPP 2010—work founding and leading Sinapis, an organization with a Christian ethos which does amazing work supporting start-up entrepreneurs. Do get in touch with us if you’re ever in Nairobi!”

Allison Shapira MC/MPA writes, “Things are great in Washington, DC. My company, Global Public Speaking, is entering its fifth year of business and is helping people around the world find their voice and their courage to speak. I also get to spend six weeks in the spring commuting to Cambridge to teach The Arts of Communication at the Kennedy School. On the side, I’m still writing music, touring, and performing Joan & Joni: A Tribute to Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell. Always happy to re-connect with classmates for business, music, or friendship.”



Sebastian Burduja MPP writes, “I returned to Romania a year ago following a dream: to help change my home country and enable young people to serve in the public arena. We founded a new political party called pact and continue to fight for democracy and prosperity for all. Go HKS!”

Inez Gonzalez MC/MPA writes, “I now work in higher education. In a few months I will defend my dissertation, ‘The Role of Institutional Agents in Latino Male College Persistence,’ and earn my doctoral degree in educational leadership. As the founding director of the Latino Communications Initiative at Cal State Fullerton, I’m working to turn the initiative into an institute, making sure this work continues after I’m long gone. We are helping first-generation college students find career-related internships and become more competitive in the workforce. We’ve had a lot of success; now I want to share the lessons I’ve learned on how to help students launch their career.”

Jennifer Haugh MC/MPA was hired in March as marketing manager for GreenerU, a mission-driven company that provides energy efficiency services and programming for colleges and universities.

Ellis Hopkins NSF, colonel, was confirmed for promotion eligibility to brigadier general by the U.S. Senate in December. Ellis currently commands the 56th Troop Command Brigade in the Rhode Island Army National Guard.

Suat Seyitoglu HKSEE was born in 1972 in Turkey. He graduated from Ankara University’s faculty of political sciences with a master’s, completed postgraduate studies at the University of Sheffield, and is studying for his PhD in sociology at Hacettepe University.

Jennifer Stoff Sood MPP and Sumit Sood MPP welcomed their daughter, Maya, into the world in June 2016, nearly five years to the day from HKS graduation.


2012 / 5th Reunion

Erica Elizabeth Harrison Arnold MPP continues her fifth year of practicing law in Atlanta. She maintains a construction-government contracts practice and pro bono service, continuing her fierce advocacy of K-12 public education systems (as she did while at HKS). This past year, she focused on supporting the school leadership of KIPP Atlanta Collegiate High School in her role as cochair of its advisory board. In March, she and her husband completed their first Asia trip by enjoying the Republic of China. In April, Erica was accepted into the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys’ Judicial and Public Office Academy, and she’s “Ask[ing] What She Can Do.”

Jonathan Bailey MPP has recently become head of sustainable investing at the New York–based asset manager Neuberger Berman. He previously spun “Focusing Capital on the Long Term” out of McKinsey as a nonprofit think tank.

Jay Bhatt MPA was named to Crains Chicago Business 40 under 40. Jay took a new role as chief medical officer of the American Hospital Association and president/CEO of the Health Research Educational Trust.

Rodelio Dascil HKSEE, as director general of the Senate Tax Study and Research Office, has helped in the passage of various tax reforms in the Philippines. Rodelio has written four books, including The Customs Modernization and Tariff Act.

Michael Davis HKSEE was appointed president pro tem of the Los Angeles Board of Public Works and is a graduate student in the doctoral degree program in organizational leadership at the University of Southern California. He was recently elected into the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, USC’s oldest multi-discipline honor society.

Meghan Marie Fowler-Finn MPP is performance manager at the District Department of Transportation in Washington, DC. “If you have created any performance management tools to support the operational people in your agency, the simpler the better, let me know!”

John Anthony Kelly HKSEE was recently reappointed chairman of the U.S. Advisory Committee on Cemeteries and Memorials. This is his seventh consecutive term on the congressionally mandated committee, which advises on policies and sites for our national cemeteries and memorials.

Anne Kroijer MPA/ID writes, “Shortly after graduating in 2012, I moved to New York and threw myself into a chaotic and fun start-up world. I launched OnFrontiers (—rooted in my MPA/ID experience—an accelerated learning platform that connects businesses to locally plugged-in experts who can help them get smart on local markets. Experts include experienced industry professionals, opinion leaders, academics, and consultants who offer customers a unique firsthand perspective and real-time insights while building their own knowledge base and skills. I hope you will check it out and drop me a line if you want to learn more.”

Carla Laroche MPP writes, “I’m a two-year law fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center, focused on criminal justice reform. My work includes policy, advocacy, and litigation. I’m enjoying using lessons I learned at MPA/ID to try to make the justice system fairer.”

Suzette Lin MC/MPA lives in San Mateo, California. She welcomes any visitors in the area. She is the managing principal at Substantia Law Group—a law firm focusing on working with entrepreneurs in the artificial intelligence, health, and education sectors. She is a board member of Disability Rights California.

Kimberly Mantia HKSEE returned to her hometown of Pittsburgh, “where I am employed at Gateway Health Plan as a director of finance and chief of staff to the CFO. We offer Medicaid and Medicare products. I recently attended the Governor’s Winter Gala, hosted by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf. I am also in the process of trying to organize an HKS Western PA Alumni Club; if interested, please contact me at”

Audrey Philippot MPA joined Dimagi two years ago. Dimagi is a fast-growing social business that provides mobile technology to underserved populations in emerging markets, allowing, for instance, millions of beneficiaries to have access to more decent health care in remote villages. “After having worked for several years in the traditional business sector, I find it extremely rewarding to leverage my skills for social impact. I also love the challenge of leading the development of new business models to make our impact more sustainable. The trade-offs’ complexity, the inexistence of defined markets, are what makes it much more complex than traditional for-profit models.”

Pietro Rabassi MPA writes, “After graduating from Harvard, I moved back to Europe. I currently serve as the director for Central European markets at Nord Pool—the world’s first and largest international power market. I also got married to Marguerite, whom I met at Harvard.”

Sanjeev Ranjan HKSEE chief secretary of a northeastern state in India, is helping operationalize BBIN MV Agreement and MoU on use of Chittagong and Mongla ports to have a connected world with better opportunities for sustainable development.

Ruddy Wang MC/MPA writes, “In 2017 my plan for world domination continues apace. After leaving diplomacy, I joined Facebook, and subsequently took Uber. There are several ways to read that last sentence.”

Rockie Wilson MC/MPA was promoted to the rank of colonel in May and assumed command of the 628th Mission Support Group in June.



Nick Bayard MPA/ID lives with his lovely wife and two children in Tacoma, Washington, where he directs the reach Center, which provides education, career development, and housing to 2,000-plus young people each year. In 2016, Nick represented his agency at the White House.

Miguel Espinoza MPA recently joined the Department of Justice as an assistant U.S. attorney in Los Angeles, where he prosecutes a range of federal crimes. His wife, Gina Di Domenico MPA, works next door at City Hall, where she serves as a senior advisor on homelessness to the Los Angeles city attorney.

Sergio Guerra MPA/ID has been working as an economic advisor for the National Planning Office in Ecuador for almost two years. “Working in the public sector is an experience that helps me remember my days at HKS. The MPA/ID mantra is always present in my job: ‘Technically correct, administratively feasible, and politically supportable.’”

Brett House HKSEE has been appointed deputy chief economist at Scotiabank in Toronto. He can be contacted at

Jason Houser HKSEE recently took a position as the senior foreign engagement officer for U.S. Cyber Command. He also serves as a subject matter expert at Argonne National Laboratory and as a faculty associate at Arizona State University.

John Ikeda MPA/ID is now a senior financial specialist at the World Bank, where he is supporting private investment in the water sector.

Bruce Jackson MC/MPA, while speaking/training/coaching executives and students on flow and attentional leadership (recently at the U.S. Naval Academy and Goldman Sachs), is also working on an online leadership portal for high school and college students to provide a matrix of leadership competency modules/courses to support co-curricular training and credentialing. Seeking to promote “who-ness” on par with “what-ness” in the post-secondary space. Next major keynote in Ghana, September 2017.

Alejandro Lozano HKSEE finished his term as a congressman in 2015 with 28 bills approved. He is currently a Mexican diplomat responsible for the internal political affairs section to the Vatican City. He is about to finish his second master’s degree in poverty reduction at SOAS.

Rajesh Talwar HKSEE writes, “I continue to work for peace, now based in Kabul with the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan. Recently published a play titled Gandhi, Ambedkar and the Four-Legged Scorpion, on the evils of ‘untouchability.’”

Dylan Taylor HKSEE, as featured on the Discovery Channel online, became the first private citizen to ever manufacture an item in space when the gravity meter he commissioned and co-designed was printed on the International Space Station.

Guido van Garderen MC/MPA moved in February from Johannesburg, South Africa, to Cologne, Germany. He joined the global brand consultancy Interbrand as the head of strategy for CEE and is the global practice lead for nation branding.

Alfredo Zamudio MC/MPA, after departing from the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center in Geneva, is now director at the Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue, in Lillehammer, Norway, leading a team of experts on dialogue facilitation and trainings.



Christel Adamou HKSEE wants to share with the community the launch of her new endeavor, AKOS Translations, a professional multilingual translation agency. “We service customers from all industries worldwide. For more information please visit us at”

Jonathan Chang MC/MPA is the executive director of Lien Centre for Social Innovation in Singapore. “We address a variety of issues such as income inequality, poverty, and food security. We work with vulnerable groups such as people with disabilities, the elderly, single parents, and migrant workers. In addition to running an annual social entrepreneurship forum, business plan competition, incubator, and accelerator, we have a social innovation magazine called Social Space ( I am currently the HKS alumni ambassador to Singapore and an elected member of the HKS Alumni Board of Directors. Connect with me at”



William Azebaze MPA/ID writes, “Upon graduating from HKS, I was to complete my PhD studies in economics when, by a stroke of destiny, Paul Che Elung MC/MPA 2012 was appointed minister of finance in Cameroon, my home country, and tapped me as advisor.”

Abdoul Qadri Ceesay HKSEE writes, “I have been promoted to senior risk management specialist. My new role requires thinking about development issues and options from risk perspectives and implementing safeguards. My HKS education and experience came in handy in this regard.”

Darren Levine HKSEE is manager of the Innovation and Research Unit in the Office of the Commissioner of Social Services for the regional municipality of Durham, Ontario.

Michele Lunati MPA lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife, Anna. This summer, Potluck Energy, the company founded by Michele at HKS, is launching Somerville’s first community solar project.

Brima Rogers HKSEE writes, “Great school and the executive education have promoted me to a different position at work; I will recommend a co-worker to take the same course shaping health care delivery policy.”

Monica Romellina Sijabat HKSEE writes, “HKS provides perspectives and new networking in similar fields or related fields, and to know the comparison with many countries directly. Make us different in terms of better.”

Dario Sotoabril MC/MPA was appointed CEO of Fairtrade International. “I moved from Washington, DC, to Bonn, Germany, to take this appointment. Here, I am applying all the lessons from HKS—particularly, adaptive leadership, negotiation, political economy of trade, persuasion, and effective implementation.”

Fatima Cody Stanford MC/MPA has been honored as the Harvard Medical School 2017 Harold Amos Diversity  Award recipient. Subsequently, she received the Massachusetts Medical Society Women’s Health Award.

Mark Vlasic HKSEE is a professor at Georgetown University, leads the international practice at Madison Law and Strategy Group, and is now a coexecutive producer with Propagate Content, working on social impact television.

Pushpi Weerakoon MC/MPA writes, “In 2016, I was the convener for the Open Government Partnership joint steering committee chaired by His Excellency, the President Maithripala Sirisena. Presently I’m at UN IOM in the Reparation and Reconciliation Unit as the national program officer.”



Yehuda Elram MC/MPA writes, “I returned to Israel to accelerate eggXYt at MassChallenge Jerusalem together with my cofounder, Professor Dani Offen. eggXYt is developing a novel technology for sexing chicken embryos on day one before incubation and saving over 3 billion chicks and hundreds of millions of dollars a year. eggXYt won the MassChallenge Diamond Award and a grant from EC Horizon 2020. I also consult to the Elijah Interfaith Institute, which I co-directed before leaving for Harvard.”

Masatoshi Hisatome HKSEE writes, “I have engaged in development of technology for fossil-fuel-fired power plants with carbon capture function, which is effective for substantial (up to 99 percent) reduction of emissions.”

Valerie James HKSEE writes, “My new book is Leadership Intelligence Beyond the Basics: Solutions for Maximizing Your Brilliance as a Leader. Ideal for leaders at all levels who are interested in learning how to widen their sphere of influence and improve personal/team outcomes.

Fabian Lewis HKSEE manages the Research and Analysis Unit at Jamaica’s Ministry of Finance and the Public Service. “Since completing HKS’s Emerging Leaders program in 2016, I have personally developed inter alia my leadership capabilities and applied formal negotiation strategies in practical, everyday situations. Moreover, my participation in the program has tremendously assisted me to better navigate the challenges associated with a dynamic public service environment. As one of the 25 2016 World Heart Federation’s Emerging Leaders, I continually aim to globally reduce (by 25 percent come 2025) the prevalence of cardiovascular disease.”

Arefeh Mansouri HKSEE, an award-winning wedding gown and costume designer, opened her couture bridal salon, Arefeh, in Miami. During the completion of her studies at the Kennedy School, Arefeh was busy with the design and build-out of her new bridal salon/HQ in Miami, all while simultaneously preparing the early stages of production for her new patented invention: flat plat.

Harold Robinson HKSEE writes, “Winning an election is a tremendous accomplishment and cures many ills. But is it still possible that President Trump may yet be charged with sexual assault for alleged past transgressions? Maybe it isn’t possible to lay a charge now. But if it is, and if it happens, what impact does that have on leadership in America?”

Remysell Salas HKSEE writes, “I’m just trying to do my part to make the world spin better.” Currently he is an adjunct professor at the City University of New York, chair of political affairs at the Avant Garde Network, and a project manager for New York City’s Housing Preservation and Development.

Maja Sostaric MPA has two main interests: impact investing and data analytics. Fortunately, in her job as business development analyst at the UN Office for Project Services (UNOPS) in Geneva, she gets to do both. Maja is helping to develop a new service line that UNOPS will provide to its clients—IT and data analytics. Moreover, she is on the lookout for bankable projects to take part in UNOPS’ new global Social Impact Investing Initiative. Maja is also working on her novel, which she started writing at Harvard, and diligently learning Mandarin. Her teacher claims she will be able to read books in Mandarin in three to four years.

Alyce Su HKSEE writes, “Harvard Kennedy School evolves with time. My family is proud to be part of it.”

Sarah Tesar MPP writes, “As a project leader at Advancy and a fellow for Harvard University’s Corporate Responsibility Initiative, I’m looking at the nexus of corporate strategy and sustainability, looking at ways to create shared value.”

Kevin Vuong HKSEE was named one of Her Majesty the Queen’s Young Leaders and Canada’s representative to meet Queen Elizabeth II in June, when she will personally hand-deliver the award and medal.



Winston Ma HKSEE saw his new book, China’s Mobile Economy: Opportunities in the Largest and Fastest Information Consumption Boom, published by Wiley in December 2016. “With China CNNIC CEO Xiaodong Lee’s introduction, this book covered ‘the most important inflection point’ in the history of ‘the Internet in China.’ As such, McKinsey’s Global CEO Dominic Barton wrote the foreword for the book and has it on his reading list. Going forward, the development of China’s mobile economy is one of the most important trends that will reshape the future of business, technology, and society both in China and the world.”


In Memoriam

Sharron Beals MC/MPA 1982
Bill Dodd MC/MPA 2004
Luke Gilroy MPP 2016
Madeline Jackson MC/MPA 1982
Peter Kwass MCRP 1982
Martha Ann Parker-Magagna MC/MPA 2007
Trevor Taylor MPP 1992