Steffan Bohni Headshot
Steffen Bohni, Director General at the National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NFA), Denmark. PhD. Photo Credit: Søren Svendsen 

Steffen Bohni has held positions in national and local government and in the management consulting industry before attaining his current position as Director General at Denmark’s National Research Centre for the Working Environment. 

Why did you choose the Senior Executive Fellows (SEF) program, and how will it help you in your new role? 
“The Senior Executive Fellows program focuses on helping top-level managers sharpen the skills needed for more effective leadership. My stated challenge going into SEF was how to negotiate an increased block grant to my organization at the pending negotiations for a new national occupational health and safety strategy in the Danish Parliament. A couple of weeks ago, the parliament came to an agreement and we were successful in receiving an increased block grant.  In my current role and with my current strategic challenges, I have particularly found the skills acquired at SEF useful in negotiation, and persuasion as part of my stakeholder management and organizational transformation.” 

You were recently named a Knight of the Order of Dannebrog. How will that honor affect your work?
“I consider the Order an unexpected, important honor of which I am proud, but the title will not affect my daily life or work life as such. The Order has been awarded as a result of the executive position in a national government institution more so than any other accomplishment in my career.”

How would you describe the value of the Senior Executive Fellows program to someone who is considering it?
“The Senior Executive Fellows experience was very inspiring in so far meeting, learning from, and forging a bond with cohort of accomplished professionals from many different public organizations. I found it was a rare opportunity to immerse myself completely in acquiring new knowledge and skills. Ultimately, to better be able to serve the purpose of my organization and the role I am entrusted.  

The SEF experience was one I’ll never forget. I put those skills to good use every day – for my country’s government, my fellow citizens, and the international business community.”