WITH A GENEROUS SPIRIT, the Kennedy School came together to enhance HKS’s impact in the world and to solve public problems. The support of many alumni and friends is enabling the School to make big bets on new and expanded initiatives, all to help people in the United States and around the world live safer, freer, and more prosperous lives. The Kennedy School has raised:



in new funding to advance the School’s mission (far surpassing the goal of $500M).


in financial aid, including 40 new fellowship programs to bring outstanding students to the Kennedy School and help students address a range of important policy issues.


in unrestricted gifts to the HKS Fund, which provides crucial support to address emerging opportunities and challenges and to maintain core student programs.


in funding for a transformed campus, creating a physical structure that matches the Kennedy School’s intellectual distinction and brings us new spaces that leverage our teaching and convening power.


in professorships and other faculty support to expand our expertise in democracy, public leadership, technology, and other areas.


for many expanded and new initiatives across the School, of which a few examples are:

The Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative, which equips mayors and their senior leaders with the tools and techniques needed to solve urban problems and improve the lives of their cities’ residents;

The Cyber Security Project, which investigates how cybersecurity shapes international conflicts;

The Fund for Sustainable Development, which has addressed sustainability in China’s energy sector and explored the long-term outlook for the Amazon’s water cycle and hydropower given global climate change; and

The Social Innovation and Change Initiative, which is developing knowledge about how to implement sustainable social change and teaching that knowledge to our students.


Our work is not done.

Our Harvard Kennedy School community continues to focus on:

Making democracy count and improving public services.

Expanding economic opportunity and empowering people who feel left behind.

Enhancing global security and human rights.

Strengthening public leadership.


WITH THE CONTINUED SUPPORT of our community, Harvard Kennedy School faculty, students, and alumni will carry on the hard work of helping people across the globe live freer, more prosperous, and more secure lives.