Arthur Wrubel MCRP writes, “The Kennedy School did not exist in 1959. I remember taking courses at the Littauer School of Public Administration.”


Richard Nuttall MPA writes, “Fifty-two years after graduation, I find my experience at Harvard, combined with my medical training, valuable in my part-time work with our local Health Authority here on Vancouver Island. However, my part-time work is not diverting me from enjoying and appreciating the growth of the next generations of my family, and the beautiful British Columbia outdoors.”

Penelope Starr MCRP is still standing, “albeit with creaks and groans. I stopped practicing planning in 1999 when the company I was working for shut down and left about 35 of us out of work. Decided that was an opportunity to go back full-time to my glass work. Much of my 21st-century glass work is shown at lightandglass.us. This has been a very productive century for me, but I think I am nearing the end of my glass career. I find doing nothing quite pleasant.”

John Thomas MC/MPA, PhD 1969, writes, “Joined the Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID). Went to Bangladesh as advisor. Returned to Harvard in 1971. Headed World Bank study of rural employment creation. From 1977 spent three years in Kenya as HIID senior advisor on agricultural policy. Returned to Harvard, taught part-time at HKS, and co-authored a book on policy choices in developing countries, which won the Levine Prize for the best book on international political economy published in 1991. Mid-1990s spent at National University of Singapore helping start the Lee Kuan Yew School. Returned to HKS and taught, retiring in 2010.”


Stephen Trachtenberg MPA writes, “Alas, I was the only member of HKS ’66 that showed up for our 50th reunion. That was a lonely experience. Who is still around and chewing their own food? In DC? Willing to join me for lunch? Email is trachtenberg@gwu.edu. I can’t be the last ’66 standing!! Let’s make a date.”

1967 / 50th Reunion


Frank Popper MC/MPA writes, “I keep teaching land use planning at Rutgers and, with my wife, Deborah Popper, at Princeton. In January I became the co-editor of the Journal of Planning Education and Research. I remain chair of the board of Texas-based Great Plains Restoration Council, the only national group explicitly devoted to creating the Buffalo Commons, an ecological-restoration concept Deborah and I originated in 1987. In February we went as board members to the yearly meeting of the New Mexico–based National Center for Frontier Communities, the only U.S. group that researches and advocates on behalf of small, isolated, often poor frontier localities and regions.”


L. Michael Hager MC/MPA writes, “My HKS experience helped inspire and enable my co-founding of the International Development Law Organization in Rome in 1983 and my innovative work as founding president of Education For Employment, a nonprofit that helps create jobs for youth in the Middle East and North Africa, in 2004. In retirement on Cape Cod, I serve as a volunteer at-large member of the Eastham Community Preservation Committee.”

Jack Underhill MC/MPA is preparing a paper for presentation at the March 2017 conference of the American Society for Public Administration: “Comparative Achievements in Attaining Social Justice in the U.S. and Other Advanced Nations.” He is a member of the Mended Hearts team, which visits heart patients and has raised money for the American Heart Association annual heart walk. He is part of a church team to renovate housing in West Virginia through the Appalachian Service project.



Paul Abrams MPA writes, “After eight years in politics/government, I left to do spiritual/meditation practices, ending up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have been very fortunate in being able to do what I set out to do. I also helped run a small publishing company for four years, and have been a trial lawyer representing Davids against Goliaths for 33 years. I try to practice law as Karma Yoga, the yoga of action/work. I try to be fully involved in my actions and detached from the outcome of my efforts. I still believe in public service and try to practice what I believe.”

Geoff Dutton MCRP writes, “I continue to live a catapult throw from Cambridge with my lovelies, semi-retired from technical writing and editing but still pounding keys full time. Current projects include doubt-laden broadsides on political dysfunction and technology’s wonders, memoirs, short stories, and a bass-ackward thriller set in contemporary Greece and Turkey that tracks a group of international conspirators who lose their terrorist mojo but find it again — kind of an anarcho-socialist monkey-wrench gang that eventually manages to shoot straight. Publishers’ agents are welcome to call.”

1972 / 45th Reunion


Rollie Cole MPP writes, “Our third volume in our Wholesale Economic Development series is now out on Kindle. Volume four is (hopefully) coming out before Thanksgiving.”

Henry Ryan MC/MPA writes, “A play of mine, The Half-Smoke, has just had a staged reading at the University of Cambridge, where I spend summers, and at nearly the same time at the Page to Stage new play festival at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. I have put up four plays at Cambridge in the past five years and hope to continue the tradition. The Half- Smoke has also been taped for presentation on Fairfax (Virginia) public access TV. It consists of six short interconnected monologues that tell a story about love and its torments. My pen name is Duke Ryan.”



Chris Palmer MC/MPA is a professor, speaker, author, and film producer. He is president of the One World One Ocean Foundation, which produces and funds IMAX films, and he is Distinguished Film Producer in Residence at American University, where he founded and directs the Center for Environmental Filmmaking. His books include Shooting in the Wild (2010), Confessions of a Wildlife Filmmaker (2015), and Now What, Grad? (2016). He is married to Gail Shearer MPP 1974 and they have three grown daughters, Kimberly, Christina, and Jenny (an author, a doctor, and a lawyer, respectively).



Barbara Goldsmith MCRP writes, “Barbara J. Goldsmith & Company LLC, a consultancy focused on national and international environmental and energy policy issues, commemorates 30 years on December 31, 2016. Based in Washington and Brussels, we established a one-of-a-kind program, now in its 28th year, concerning the interface between natural resources and industrial, energy, and transportation activities. Am actively engaged in planning the program’s ‘next generation’ to ensure it goes on in perpetuity and also considering my own next generation of new challenges and opportunities. Would love to hear from classmates, too many of whom I have lost touch with: bjg@post.harvard.edu.”



Gary Van Valin MC/MPA writes, “When it was time to take the class of ’75 photo at the 40th reunion, I was the only one there. We’ve got to do better at the 45th and 50th reunions!  Call me, 505-463-6611, or email me if you’re ever in the Albuquerque area. Cheers.”



Roger Sperry MC/MPA writes, “After another 10 years at GAO, a brief tour with the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, and 12 years at the National Academy of Public Administration as management studies director, wife Carol and I retired to Punta Gorda, Florida, and Vail, Colorado, where we enjoy sailing, skiing, and other good stuff.”

1977 / 40th Reunion


Greg Conderacci MPP just published his first book, Getting up! Supercharging Your Energy. “Shares my personal energy management secrets that helped me pedal a bike coast to coast in just 18 days! Also, teaching at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.”

Lawrence DiCara MC/MPA writes, “While at the Kennedy School, I was serving on the Boston City Council. In recent years, I have been a partner at Nixon Peabody, where I practice real estate law, and remain very active in a number of civic organizations. I have written a book and continue to write articles concerning public policy. I still live in Boston. My three daughters are freshmen in college, two at Harvard; one has been known to visit the Institute of Politics from time to time.”

Panayote Dimitras MC/MPA, PhD 1979, is a human rights advocate and litigator as spokesperson of Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM), member of the executive board of the European Humanist Federation, and member of the General Assembly of the World Organization Against Torture. His upcoming book in Greek is on racial discrimination in Greece, examined at the UN (August 2016). Therein he highlights the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination’s major concerns, drawing on the GHM et al. report submitted and ensuing recommendations during Greece’s review, especially on “taboo issues” such as ethnic minorities and decriminalization of racist speech.



Armando Lopez-Fernandez MC/MPA writes, “This is not a note about my class. It is my renewed testimony of love, admiration, and respect for the great institution that HKS has become, and for the outstanding academic, administrative, and teaching members of this superb school I have had the fortune to meet and to learn from during the past 40 years of my life. My wife, Babi, is very proud of her three HKS degree holders: Her husband, MPA 1978, and her sons Armando Lopez-Cardenas HKSEE 2005, MC/MPA 2007 and Alexandro Lopez-Cardenas MC/MPA 2012.”

Jean Van den Eynde MC/MPA writes, “Brussels is full of challenges. The bombings kept many people inside this past winter, but we made it a point to go out for dinner as much as, if not more than, before. Brexit was a surprise, but we make it a point to go for dinner and drinks with our British friends as much as ever . . . . And professionally, my search practice had a couple of very good years — lots of assignments for boards. Challenging but great to be surrounded by family, friends, colleagues, and loyal clients.”



Carlos Goya-Escobedo MCRP has been appointed project leader for the Alameda-Reforma SAC (AR-SAC) in Mexico City. “That’s the city government’s newest effort to overcome its structural limitations in urban planning by promoting and conducting specific interventions in central and decayed areas. We should put together social, private, and public efforts and investments to obtain the renewal of the AR-SAC area, the reactivation of its real estate market, particularly its housing market, and the provision of needed infrastructure and services for its adequate functionality. The AR-SAC is almost 400 hectares and a big challenge. You are invited to participate.”



Ravi Jain MC/MPA is recently retired and now dean and professor emeritus of the School of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of the Pacific. “Have published 20 books, latest book on the environmental implications of mining and mineral processing.”

Sergio Levin MC/MPA recently retired from his full-time position as researcher and management professor at the University of the State of Morelos. “My wife, Vicky, and I enjoy living in the sunny city of Cuernavaca, very close to Mexico City. I am learning to paint with watercolors, and enjoy it very much.”

Ngure Mwaniki MC/MPA writes, “Upon return to my home country of Kenya I worked as senior assistant secretary in the Office of the vice president and minister for finance, the Hon. Mwai Kibaki, immediate former president of Kenya. Then seconded to the Office of the Economic Advisor to H.E. President Daniel arap Moi. Set up economics and financial consulting firm in Nairobi 30 years ago, at which now chairman and managing director. Was co-chairman of the Harvard-Yale Club of Kenya for six years, 1986 to 1992.”

Maryam Niamir-Fuller MCRP writes, “In 1980 I went to the Sudan to document the transhumance and territories of the Ngok Dinka. A PhD in range management from the University of Arizona followed, and then 20 years of working among pastoralists. I then joined the UN, and over 15 years rose to become the director of the GEF division of UNEP, where I managed a $1 billion portfolio of projects on climate change, pollution, biodiversity, international waters, and land degradation. I then coordinated UNEP’s contribution to the global Sustainable Development Goals, where I dusted off my MCRP training for issues such as sustainable cities and urban-rural linkages.”

Jerry Ostrov MC/MPA writes, “I am now completing the product of my retirement years, a two-volume novel set against World War II and the Holocaust, with the action taking place in England, Palestine, both coasts of the United States, the European theater of war, and Israel. Otherwise, I play house husband, dream about my granddaughter, walk my dog, swim daily, and prepare year round for the winter ski season. I was thrilled to see classmate Yosi Ben-Hanan MC/MPA, in Jerusalem last November.”

Alexandra Schweitzer MPP writes, “I’m working at an innovative, venture-backed health care start-up, Iora Health, whose mission is to transform health care via technology and relationship-based primary care. (Iora’s founder is a fellow alum, Rushika Fernandopulle MPP 1994.) It’s delightfully surprising to be so energized by an organization that is radically different from the places where I spent most of my career. Note to self: It’s good to stay curious. I’m on a couple of not-for-profit boards, where I’m fascinated by opportunities to leverage housing for better health for seniors. I live in Lexington with my husband, and enjoy annual silent meditation retreats.”

Roger Sharpe MC/MPA is pro bono leader and cohost of the police and multi-faith clergy breakfast in the refectory of Virginia Theological Seminary (Episcopal) in Alexandria, April 19. “A pro-active model for community building among law enforcement in a multicultural city of just under half a million. Assembly of rabbis, imams, priests, Protestant ministers (a third women), and police officers, welcomed by Mayor Allison Silberberg and Chief Earl Cook. Second biannual breakfast was planned for before Christmas with the Law Enforcement Center hosting.” Roger was one of the first of seven criminal justice students at HKS advised by Professor Mark Moore and Governor Mike Dukakis.

Richard Sumpter MC/MPA is regional planning coordinator for U.S. EPA, Region 7. Also an adjunct professor at Baker University School of Professional and Graduate Studies. He helped design a master’s degree program in organizational leadership and teach courses in corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

Jakob Tobing MC/MPA chaired the commission that conducted the first democratic election in Indonesia in 1999. International observers, including President Carter, came and met with him. In 1999–2002 he led the amendment of the Indonesian constitution. Now Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world, is the world’s third largest democracy, after India and the United States. In 2004–2008 he served as ambassador to the Republic of Korea. At present he is the president of Leimena Institute, a Christian think tank for policy advocacy, civic education, and interfaith cooperation. He was a member of parliament for 34 years, the longest-serving MP in Indonesia.

Ken Young MC/MPA left the regional planning/economic development organization he headed in June 2013 to rebalance his portfolio. “Realized that golf was not my game. Decided that I needed to work steadily but on a more relaxed schedule to stay sane and went back to consulting with one to two projects on the books at a time. Often counsel friends on retirement planning and am a certified Medicare counselor at the local senior center. All good fun. Wondering how to do more to return progress to politics and to get the nation onto a sustainable path. Clearly, change is not for the faint-hearted.”



Keith Bergman MCRP was elected president of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) at the council’s annual meeting in May 2016. MAPC is the regional planning agency serving the people who live and work in the 101 cities and towns of metropolitan Boston. He had served as MAPC’s vice president since 2014. Keith works as town administrator for Littleton, Massachusetts. His 35-year career as a municipal manager in Massachusetts includes earlier service in Provincetown, Scituate, North Andover, and Nantucket. Keith received program excellence awards from the International City/County Management Association in 1995 and 2015.

Emily Watts Card MC/MPA is retired and living in Santa Monica, California. “Hello to friends. Would love to connect via email!”

John DeVillars MC/MPA was selected as a senior fellow at the HKS Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government for the 2016–2017 academic year. He will be focusing on electric utility regulation with the guidance of his faculty sponsor, Professor William Hogan, research director of the Harvard Electricity Policy Group.

Judith Kaplan Karon MPA is a happily retired university administrator living in Palm Desert. “Any other Kennedy School folks out here?”

Peter Kiernan MC/MPA is of counsel to the national law firm Schiff Hardin. He chairs the NYS Law Revision Commission, is a visiting fellow at the Rockefeller Institute of Government, and was counsel to the governor from 2008 to 2010.

1982 / 35th Reunion


Hans Boehlk MC/MPA writes, “Schopenhauer’s dictum that life is the only enterprise whose costs do not cover its revenues seems irrefutable to me. Harvard, however, was on the revenue side. After 30 years of attorney work I relocated to the Swiss side of Lake Geneva (as attorney without change, the digitalized world makes it possible). Happily unmarried, but happily sharing life with a French lady. Publishing on Mideast, history, literary history, and economics. Sadly, trips to Puerto Rico have become rare, very rare.”

Sarah Carpenter MC/MPA is still in beautiful Burlington, Vermont. After HKS she served as executive director of Cathedral Square Corporation, a developer and operator of communities for seniors and persons with special needs. In 1998 Sarah was appointed executive director of the Vermont Housing Finance Agency, which provides financing and support for affordable homeownership and rental housing. Sarah served 10 years on the board of the National Council of State Housing Agencies, and on a number of Vermont nonprofit boards. “I just can’t believe it has been 35 years since the Kennedy School!”

Harry-Eric Elbot MPA writes, “The neuro-technology national security company we founded, The Veritas Scientific Corporation, had a year of negotiating new partnerships, such as explorations with the Ontario Institute of Technology. My focus groups in Indonesia are part of a predictive book in the works about Asian geo-strategic politics. And the months I spent as a Democratic presidential candidate in the New Hampshire primary built relationships, including The Donald, in this most fascinating of races. But my son, Noah, as a first Schwartzman Scholar in Beijing, daughter Morgan, working on her PhD in philosophy, and daughter Sage, pioneering disability work, warm my heart the most.”

Robert Griffiths MPP writes, “I have retired after 34 years with the Department of State and have relocated to Utah, where I now teach politics and Chinese studies part-time at the University of Utah.  My wife, Jeannie, and I are building a home to accommodate visiting family and friends. I look forward to doing all those things that simply were not possible with a full-time job, and we are committed to spending more of our life outdoors!

Martin Krongold MCRP writes, “Development officer for a nonprofit addressing homeless veterans (my job); trustee of a charter high school helping “last chance” kids, assisting an anti-drug advocate fight heroin abuse in New York City, three kids out of the house — one in finance, one in med school, one kinda lost but I love him so cuz he’s mini-me. A few fun adventures here and there. Best to everyone.”

Odella Welch MC/MPA writes, “Completed my second retirement, first as director of human services for the City of Columbus, Ohio, and recently from the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas as a conflict resolution mediator. Embarked upon a third career as an interior decorator completing projects in Ohio, Illinois, and Maine; continued exploration of my creative side with art accepted for exhibit in Pittsburgh, Columbus and Dayton, Ohio, and one for permanent exhibition at the Greater Columbus, Ohio, Convention Center in 2017. Enjoying a busy retirement; road trips with four daughters; fun times with grandchildren; member of the Greater Columbus Council of Elders.”



Fred Gaines MPP has been elected to a second term on the Calabasas (California) City Council. Fred served as mayor in 2013–2014.

Karen Handmaker MPP is very excited to be working on the strategy team at IBM Watson Health, which is based in Cambridge, on enhancing population health in the United States and globally. “Would be very happy to hear from alums who are also working in this growing field to compare notes and possibly collaborate. I recently attended an event for David Johnson MPP 1983 to mark the release of his new book, Market vs. Medicine — a book I highly recommend to understand more about why U.S. health care is at this crossroads and what we are doing and need to do to change course.”

Nelson Ortiz MC/MPA writes, “I just spent two wonderful days at the Kennedy School with our classmate Teresa Doggett MPA. She just joined the Dean’s Council of the Kennedy School, where I have been a member for approximately 12 years.”

Muhammad Siddiqi MC/MPA is teaching at the School of Management Sciences, Q A University, Islamabad. “It is interesting as well as challenging to share my knowledge and experience with MBA students. They are excited about my association with Harvard University. I have been around the world on official business. I inspire them with my global perspective. I am trying to build a segment of people who are equipped with knowledge and values to contribute to the glory and development of this country.”



Kevin Howley MPP writes, “Returned to metro Detroit, my hometown, about nine years ago, after having been gone for 25 years. Am enjoying watching the city going through a rebirth. Great things happening and lots of young people moving in. Have been running my own turnaround management practice for the past 12 years, both nonprofit and for-profit. My partner, Jason, works at Lear. Our son is a high school senior and our daughter is in 5th grade. I try to stay active with local politics and various nonprofits. Continue to play competitive volleyball. All in all — can’t complain. We welcome visitors.”

John King MC/MPA joined the Department of Health and Human Services in May as a director with Federal Occupational Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

Arthur Namu MC/MPA writes, “Thanking God for many children, grandchildren, and a wonderful wife, besides good health. Since my last update I have ascended to the position of chairperson of the Kenya Community Development Foundation (kcdf.co.ke). This is a public foundation fighting poverty in Kenya by promoting education, food security, and environmental protection strategies. I’ve also joined the governing council of Kenya Alliance Residents Associations. These are volunteer positions.”

Joseph Olchefske MCRP celebrated 30 years of marriage with his wife and HKS classmate Judy Bunnell MPP. Judy and Joseph also celebrated their daughter India’s graduation from the University of Chicago and the launch of her career as a professional ballerina. They are still in touch with many HKS classmates, including Mark Sullivan MPP, Anne (Rudolph) O’Donnell MPP/MTS 1985, Dana Rowan MPP, Jody (Litvak) Feerst MPP, Fred Cooper MPP, and Carol Landsman MPP, among many others.

Jim Varn MC/MPA writes, “I’m retiring in June from my position as assistant provost at the University of New Hampshire, where I have been working since HKS. Will continue to consult and possibly teach. Looking forward to hearing from HKS friends and colleagues.”

Juan Young MC/MPA writes, “My book, Mindfulness-based Strategic Awareness Training: A Complete Program for Leaders and Individuals, was just published by Wiley Blackwell. The book presents a full eight-week program to help participants gain strategic awareness, a quality that allows leaders and individuals to make wise and constructive decisions that benefit not only themselves but other stakeholders as well. I am also the academic director of a unique master’s program, the Executive Masters in Positive Leadership and Strategy (EXMPLS), now in its fourth year at IE Business School in Madrid. I live in Zurich doing consulting work and private investments.”



Kenneth Davies MC/MPA writes, “After 26 years with the UN World Food Programme in six countries, I retired in June 2015. My wife, Margrethe, and I have retired to Jinja, Uganda, where we are building a country home along the Nile River. Margrethe is working as a doctor at Hospice Jinja. I have been building and working with local NGOs. Would love to hear from classmates and please let me know if you are ever coming to Uganda!”

Nancy Farrell MC/MPA writes, “I am finishing my third year as chair of the board of directors of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, a national nonprofit that raises awareness, funds scientific research, and provides resources and aid to those affected by suicide. In 2016, I will continue to serve as a national board member chairing our advocacy program. I remain CEO of Regina Villa Associates, a Boston public policy consulting firm.”

Ejeviome Otobo MC/MPA published a book, Consolidating Peace in Africa: The Role of the United Nations Peacebuilding Commission in Africa, in June 2015. He was appointed a member of the external advisory board of INFOCORE Project (on peacebuilding and the media), supported by the European Union.

Jim Pearson MPP writes, “Easing into an eight-hour-a-day job in DC with less travel has opened up opportunities to write, participate in local theater, and sleep. Seeing more of our classmates as we progress into our ‘next careers.’ Stay in touch!!”

Wayne Schatz MPP retired from the U.S. Air Force in September after serving more than 33 years in uniform, the last five as a major general. Wayne continues to serve in government, beginning in October as a senior executive servant at Air Force headquarters in the Pentagon. He and his wife, Kim, are relocating to Alexandria, Virginia. They are looking forward to seeing more HKS classmates in the Washington, DC, area!

Bill Seymour MC/MPA was named chief of staff at the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles. He continues to help lead process improvement projects, the agency’s communications outreach efforts, its public internet offerings, and special projects involving policy and legislative issues. He also teaches at the University of Hartford and Manchester Community College. He’s beginning to think about retirement and the next steps in using his career work as well as the Kennedy School experience to help communities and nonprofit organizations.



Katarina Engberg MC/MPA writes, “In my current position, working on strategic foresight in the Office for Strategic Development and Future Issues in the Swedish PM’s office, I find myself, 30 years after graduation, drawing on my Harvard experience; the education, the network, and the continued access to Harvard’s rich intellectual resources.”

Paul Jargowsky MPP writes, “I have a sabbatical for academic year 2016–17 and will be a fellow at the Center for Advanced Social and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford. Marie Chevrier MPP 1986 and I are still married; she is also on sabbatical and will be a visiting scholar at Stanford. Visit us in Palo Alto — there until June 2017. Sorry to miss the 30th reunion because of a family wedding.”

Shigeharu Kato MPP writes, “Ever since I left HKS, the values I developed through the MPP course there have guided me in difficult moments of decision making in my career as a government official. I attach great importance to the global exchange of young generations. That’s the essential ingredient for peace, mutual understanding, and the creation of new value. Now I think it is the obligation of this generation to make the planet Earth and our society, economy, and culture sustainable. Let’s think about this and act on it, whatever you are working on.”

Marcus Peacock MPP was named a distinguished research professor at the Regulatory Studies Center at George Washington University.

Joaquin Perez MC/MPA writes, “As a political consultant, I have been working with the Democratic Party in the United States and for PAN in Mexico. I was in charge of the only political poll done in Cuba for the past 56 years.”

Ross Petty MC/MPA writes, “I have been teaching law at Babson College for more than 25 years and just published a book titled Branding Law: A Guide to the Legal Issues in Brand Management with West Academic.

Hatanto Reksodipoetro MC/MPA writes, “Since graduation I became director general at the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia, Indonesian ambassador to Norway, and then secretary general of the Ministry of Trade. In 2008, I requested an early retirement for personal reasons. In April 2016, after six years of retirement, I was appointed chairman of the Batam Indonesia Free Trade Zone Authority (BIFZA), which is in dire need of reform. It has an airport with the longest runway in ASEAN, a container port, and other infrastructure, including vast tracts of land awaiting potential investors.”

Alasdair Roberts MPP, PhD 1994, writes, “My book, Four Crises of American Democracy, was published by Oxford University Press in December. I moved to the Truman School of Public Affairs at the University of Missouri in 2015.”

Javier Rubinstein MPP joined Kirkland & Ellis LLP’s Chicago and New York offices as a partner in October to help build the firm’s International Arbitration Practice Group. Javier is well known in the legal community, both in the United States and abroad, from his service as vice chairman and global general counsel at PricewaterhouseCoopers International during the past 10 years, and his earlier role as the global leader of the International Arbitration Practice at Mayer Brown LLP.

1987 / 30th Reunion


Vicki Arroyo MPA writes, “In my eighth year as executive director of the Georgetown Climate Center at Georgetown Law, where I’m also an assistant dean and professor of practice. I was fortunate to join Henry Lee and other HKS faculty members in Beijing to present at a low-carbon summit in June, and it was great to reconnect. My son is at Tulane, and most of my family is back in New Orleans, so we get there often, but my husband, John, and I live in northern Virginia. Hope everyone is well and happy and that I see my friends from ’87 soon!”

Tom Bennett MC/MPA, HKSEE 1996, is chairman and co-CEO of First Oklahoma Bank and also chairman of Orphan’s Tree International, working with teenage and young adult orphans in Russia.

Janice Hearty Day MC/MPA writes, “I am retired now. I serve on the board of the Keewaydin Foundation, which operates three wilderness camps in Canada and Vermont. Live with my husband, Jim Day MC/MPA 1987, in Washington, DC. Have two adult children, one working, one in graduate school at Johns Hopkins/SAIS in Bologna, Italy, and a 15-year- old at boarding school at Thacher School in Ojai, California.

Nadine Hack MC/MPA, CEO of beCause Global Consulting (beCause.net), has been named a Top 100 Thought Leader in Trust often enough to earn a Lifetime Achievement Trust Award. Nadine is a key interviewee of Gunther Kainz for his upcoming book on trust, an expansion of his 2013 dissertation, “A Matter of Trust: Keeping Promises in Negotiations.”

Martha Lester Harris MC/MPA writes, “I’m an entrepreneur who created a company, Fizika Group, LLC, to help educators apply the latest brain science by incorporating physical and health literacy, project-based learning, and critical thinking in their teaching methods (fizikagroup.com). We live in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania — a very desirable place that’s been called the new Brooklyn. My husband, Randy, daughter, Kathryn, and I enjoyed a reunion with Howard and Sandra Webber both MC/MPA 1987, when we visited London in July. We look forward to seeing our classmates at our 30th reunion in Cambridge in May 2017!”

Joyce Murphy MC/MPA, executive vice chancellor of UMass Medical School’s Commonwealth Medicine division, has been elected clerk of the Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare board of directors. Joyce was appointed to the board in October and previously had served on its leadership council. She serves on numerous boards and commissions, including the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission Advisory Council and Massachusetts State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg’s Advisory Committee on Wage Equality. Joyce is vice chair of the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care board of directors and a member of the boards of Curry College and UHealthSolutions.

Josef Reum MC/MPA writes, “After a decade of public service, and 22 years in higher education administration, I’ve committed to full-time consulting with not-for-profit organizations making change possible at every level of our society. Countless founders are retiring, foundations are changing metrics, and NGOs are merging to change the world . . . in a changing world. There is no better place or time to support transformative and adaptive leadership than right here and right now. Every single day my KSG learned skills are applied and refined, and I am forever grateful for the gift of differing perspectives brought by my classmates and teachers.”

Torsten Thiele MPA writes, “Having returned to Harvard as a 2014 Advanced Leadership Fellow, I am busy putting into practice the lessons learned in order to help improve global ocean governance. The ocean-climate platform brought the ocean into the Paris Agreement and a UN marine biodiversity agreement is the next goal.”

Mike Thomas MPP writes, “About six years ago, through a management buy-out that was not exactly voluntarily timed, I cofounded The Lantau Group, a boutique economic consulting firm in Asia focused on the energy sector. If you are interested in energy issues in Asia, have a look at what we do.”

Howard Webber MC/MPA writes, “Having managed to extricate myself early from full- time work, I spend my time on a mixture of board appointments (including as chair of a provider of social housing in inner-city London); volunteer work of various sorts; massive indulgence of my love of music, theatre, and literature; travel with Sandra Webber MC/MPA 1987; and study — I’m nearing the end (I hope) of a PhD looking at the origins of government funding of the arts in the UK.”



John Chick Donohue MC/MPA is retired and living in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Bob Ebersole MC/MPA currently serves as CFO for Lowell Community Health Center in Lowell, Massachusetts, and recently completed the successful financial closing on a $27 million expansion of the health center to add dental and vision services and expansion of medical and support services. He also serves as vice chair of the Lunenburg Board of Selectmen, having been elected to a second three-year term. He lives in Lunenburg with his husband, Troy Daniels.

Brad Fluegel MPP is living in Chicago and loving it. “Go Cubs!”

Christina Klotz Kales MC/MPA recently joined the board of the Sustainable Learning Foundation/Global STEM Alliance and will travel to Cameroon in November for the dedication of the Good Shepherd Academy, a residential school for grades 6–12. Global STEM Alliance’s Imagining Tomorrow has become my retirement career. It’s an exciting cross-cultural partnership in a developing nation. For more information go to ImaginingTomorrow.org.”

Anne Nelson MC/MPA writes, “In 2014 I retired after 25 years with a Wall Street firm here in Tucson, Arizona, where I still reside. I am still involved with the community and in my 23rd year as a member of the board of the Marshall Foundation. We own the majority of the commercial real estate outside the Main Gate of the University of Arizona and currently give away about $1.4 million a year to the university and other community organizations. I am spending time off and on in Chicago, so it would be great to catch up in either city.”

Yasser Sherif MPA writes, “This was not the plan, but upon my return to Egypt in 1988, I was drawn to a career shift from architecture to environmental management and policy. Up to 1992 in a private consultancy firm, and to 1999 in the Egyptian Environmental Agency. From then on, over 17 years, I have managed my own environmental consultancy firm, which is small-scale by any account, but still one of the largest in Egypt. Meanwhile, I was blessed with a wonderful wife — an architect — and two beautiful daughters, one just graduated with highest honors in psychology, and the other majoring in biology.”

Valerie Veira MC/MPA writes, “It seems like just yesterday that we were in Boston. At that time we might not have been conscious of the enriching journey we were commencing. These experiences were an invaluable contributor to a purpose-driven life. I continue my role as CEO at Jamaica Business Development Corporation, an organization I played a lead role in establishing. The organization focuses on the development of the small-business sector. Life keeps unfolding as new opportunities arise, which guides me to grow. My sincere thanks for your generous friendship and support we shared, and I look forward to your visit to Jamaica.”



Ole Gunnar Austvik MC/MPA was a Harvard Kennedy School M-RCBG senior fellow from January 2015–August 2016, exploring the fields of international political economy, energy economics, and European integration. “Having my own study groups, teaching and publishing — and a lot of interesting events and people. It was great to be back!”

Bob Bailey MC/MPA writes, “Wow, 27 years! Married 25 years to my wife, Sarah; our son, Connor, a 2016 Grinnell College graduate; and me in my second career since KSG. Started with police review position and organizational development work in Berkeley, California. Then HR/OD work for a fiscal sponsor (Tides Center) serving progressive organizations around the country — and now in my 10th year as director of HR and administration for the Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund in San Francisco. Plus, volunteer board work for community mediation and environmental communications organizations — and full circle to the California Partnership for Safe Communities (violence prevention/police reform).”

James Brett MC/MPA was recently appointed by the U.S. Congress to the National Council on Disability board. He was formerly chairman and is a present member of the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities. James is also chairman of the Massachusetts Governor’s Commission for People with Intellectual Disabilities and chairman of the Disabled Persons Protection Commission.

Susan Froetschel MC/MPA writes, “I’m now managing editor of YaleGlobal Online, a public service magazine that covers globalization defined as the interconnectedness of our world. I can’t imagine doing the job without my studies at HKS. I also write mysteries that explore globalization issues and public policies at the local level.”

Russell Hawkins MC/MPA writes, “During my latest visit to Korea, I toured the DMZ. I thought of my father, who served in the Korean War, and thousands of others who fought for democracy. The experience greatly heightened my appreciation of democracy and my belief that peace will find a way.”

Lin Liu MPP writes, “I finally left the Office of Management and Budget, after 21 years, and am now at the U.S. Agency for International Development. I work on a rare bipartisan program to provide prevention, care, and treatment services to people living with HIV/AIDS around the world. In the past few years, we have attended the weddings of Herman Jenich MPP 1989 in 2014 and Pam Hill MPP 1989 in 2016. These reunions have been joyous occasions to share wonderful memories of our days at the Kennedy School.”

Momodou Sallah MC/MPA writes, “After leaving HKS, I returned home and worked as financial controller, and later as managing director/CEO, of The Gambia Commercial Bank; managing director of the Assets Management Recovery Corporation; secretary of state for Trade, Employment and Industries; secretary of state for Tourism and Culture; and also worked for Labat Anderson International (Virginia) as trust administrator for the Non-Performing Assets Recovery Trust in Uganda. Retired 12 years ago, spending my time 
learning new professions, and now hold LLB, BL, MCSE/MCITP (Ent.). Working on LLM program.”

Veena Siddharth MPP writes, “Became a UK citizen early in 2016, along with my two children, in the hopes that they would be part of a greater Europe. Brexit now means that my vision of an accepting and open Britain was tragically mistaken. Just finished my MSc in quantitative research methods and evaluation and will teach a short course at LSE later this year on human rights and advocacy. Hoping to do more work on evaluation, human rights, and advocacy.”

Paul Ulrich MPA writes, “Since 1996, apart from several years in the New York area, my wife, Jing (Harvard College 1990), and I have been in Hong Kong, where she is a banker. I’ve largely been doing project-based consulting, often in the development field, with a focus on China. If any classmates are in, or passing through, Hong Kong, feel free to contact us.”

Marcel Van Opstal MC/MPA writes, “In August 2014, after 40 years of career for and within the European Union institutions, and having completed my last posting as ambassador/head of delegation in the Republic of Congo, I went into retirement. I am now settled in Bogotá, Colombia, where I teach European studies at the Del Rosario University’s School of Political Science, International Relations and Government. I have joined the local MIT-Harvard Club, and make use of Harvard case studies in my courses. So, 26 years after my graduation from KSG, the influence of the teaching I received then still is very much alive.”

Joyce Walther MC/MPA has been awarded the globally preferred Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) credential by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). Joyce successfully met the ACFE’s stringent criteria regarding character, experience, and education, and passed a rigorous exam administered by the ACFE to reflect knowledge in four areas critical to the fight against fraud: fraudulent financial transactions, fraud prevention and deterrence, legal elements of fraud, and fraud investigation. Joyce is president of Tempe, Arizona–based Walther Consulting, which provides professional services for the senior marketplace.

Joseph Wilson MC/MPA writes, “Retired for seven years from my checkered career as football coach, lawyer, elected/appointed public official, and high school principal. Retirement has been much fun. Was part of the activist army that brought about the statewide fracking ban in New York and continue to devote much time to fighting expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure and for a low-carbon future. P.S. Harvard, divest from fossil fuels!”



Debbie Phillips MC/MPA was invited to interview women’s movement leader Gloria Steinem onstage before several thousand guests for Planned Parenthood’s 80th anniversary gala in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.



Deanna Bennett MC/MPA, in August, published Anna: American Dream, the third novel in her historical trilogy about 15-year-old Anna, who immigrates to America in 1914. Because of the research that went into the books, Deanna gives talks on the great wave of European immigration. Her books are available on Amazon.com.

Robert Byrnes MPP, after practicing at Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan and representing plaintiffs in class actions, is heading Lawyers For Workplace Fairness, a firm dedicated exclusively to representing workers in employment disputes.

Barbara Grob MC/MPA is currently on sabbatical from political work while writing a forthcoming book about jazz and R&B icon Etta James and her longtime manager Lupe DeLeon. Lupe’s life is as amazing as Etta’s. Two resurrection stories with a boatload of music history wrapped around them. Wonderful change of scenery in these strange times.

Marianne Lee MC/MPA is living in Antigua, Guatemala. “We helped with the birth four years ago of the Antigua International School, which now has 220 students and a new campus. Summers in Maine enjoying retirement. Life is good.”

Matt Lorin MPA writes, “Been years since I shouted out. Just transitioning from a beautiful life with family on Oahu, where I ran a private charity funding and promoting civic engagement in public education. Today, I’ve taken up the inaugural presidency of the XQ Institute and its 25 incredible young staffers to do what we can to reinvent American public high school. The brainchild of Laurene Powell Jobs and Russlynn Ali, XQ put out the largest open call to transform public high school in our country’s history. It is an honor and an unprecedented opportunity, for me anyway, to put Heifetz to work.”

Moises Ramirez MC/MPA writes, “I always remember Harvard. It was a privilege to attend KSG and the Yard, and meet so many extraordinary people. In recent years I have been teaching a workshop in social design and innovation here in Caracas, Venezuela. I also keep working as a consultant in ICT projects, in which public policies are a key component. The situation in Venezuela has been getting worse politically, economically, and socially. Heifetz courses I took are my survival kit now, and I hope I will be able to contribute with some of the changes we urgently need. Warm regards, my friends!”

Michael Scott MC/MPA writes, “Thank you to Mike Brown MC/MPA 1991 and his family for opening their home for a great 25th year reunion. Fantastic time seeing classmates. Daughter, Tiffany, a 2015 Harvard grad and mother of Taylor and Caleb, is seeking a nursing degree. With the support of husband Chad, she will graduate with a degree in nursing from the University of Alaska, Anchorage in December 2017. Son, Walter, who graduated from High Point University, works for Screaming Flea Productions in Seattle. He’s a storyline writer and field producer for the show Hoarders. Also, he has released original songs available on iTunes under ‘Wally Wells.’”

Richard Shaw MC/MPA writes, “Sorry to have missed the 25th reunion. Just returned from adventurous five-country tour of Africa. Active with several businesses, including Mexico Project, started with partner Ken Moscow. Active with Arizona Historical Society, and writing a book on history of livestock branding.”

Robert Simon MC/MPA writes, “I have been working on social and health issues for 40 years. I retired two years ago. I am now involved in different NGOs: Human Rights League, Solidarité Internationale LGBTQI, school association. I am also working on social responsibility of multinational companies. I am trying also to be part of the French political debate, but it is not easy. Spring 2017 will be important for the political life of my country: presidential elections, election of national representatives. More important: I became a grandfather in June, but I am in Paris and my granddaughter is living in Singapore.”

David Witzel MPP writes, “It isn’t enough for our future to be ‘sustainable.’ We want it to be phenomenal! Inspired by that thought, I’m helping convene the Regenerative Agriculture Sector Accelerator (rasa.ag), a global cooperative for high-impact social change. Interested? Join in!”

Chris Wolz MPP is CEO of Forum One, an innovative digital agency serving clients such as the Peace Corps, Gates Foundation, EPA, and CSIS. The team includes Jim Cashel MPP 1991 and several other HKS grads. Chris and his wife, Eugenie, live in Alexandria, Virginia, with the youngest of their three children, and bicycle often (Chris has completed two cross-country bike rides in the past three years).

1992 / 25th Reunion


Joyce Anagnos MPP was selected as an Ohio State Bar Foundation Fellow for 2016–2017. Joyce was appointed to a three-year term on the Toledo Bar Association board of directors and chair of the membership committee. She was elected district governor for 2016–2017 of the Daughters of Penelope District #11 (covering Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky), which is an international philanthropic and service organization. She is serving her fourth three-year term on the parish council of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Toledo, Ohio, which celebrated its centennial in 2015. “Hope everyone is healthy and doing well.”

Michael McSweeney MC/MPA writes, “Hard to believe 25 years have gone by since graduation. In that time I got married, moved to the United States, back to Canada, had two kids and five different jobs. For the past 10 years I have been at the Cement Association of Canada, the past eight years as its president, primarily focused on clean air and climate change issues. Focus now is on our two kids and their education. One is at George Washington University, in Washington, DC, and our second son is heading off to study business in Toronto or London, Ontario, in 2017.



Peter Andersen MC/MPA joined Fiduciary Trust Company, a Boston-based private wealth advisor and investment management firm for high-net-worth families, individuals, and nonprofits, as chief investment officer. In this role, Peter is responsible for leading Fiduciary’s investment process, which includes directing the development and refinement of the firm’s investment strategies, asset allocation, third-party manager selection, and client portfolio construction. Peter joined FTC from Congress Wealth Management, where he had served as CIO since 2003. He was also a portfolio manager with Congress Asset Management, an affiliated firm. Prior to Congress, he held senior roles at Delaware Investments/Conseco Capital Management and Colonial Management.

Reuven Carlyle MPA writes, “Following seven years in the Washington State House of Representatives, I have joined the state Senate, where I focus on budget, tax, education, transportation, social services, and other issues. Business development consulting is exciting as I enjoy the nuanced interplay, tension, and dynamics between public and private sectors. My wife, Wendy, and I recently had a wonderful journey to Africa. Four awesome kids — ages 19, 17, 15, and 9 — are thriving in Seattle. Best regards to all!”

Lori Peaterson Dando MC/MPA just moved to Nairobi, Kenya, to become the permanent representative from the U.S. to the United Nations headquarters in Nairobi, which includes UNEP and UN-Habitat.

Susan Hammel MPP writes, “Living my dream this year as the Minnesota Council on Foundations executive in residence for impact investing, thanks to the Archibald and Edyth Bush Foundation, which sends many Minnesotans to HKS as Bush Fellows.”

Ahmar Iqbal MPP writes, “Confession: I read all the 1993 class notes, but this is my first submittal. Currently, I am residing in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with my wife and two kids while consulting on brownfield development projects, mostly in Detroit. This is after spending 14 years in Africa and Asia working on infrastructure and energy projects, and then some college teaching in Lahore, Pakistan. Please connect via LinkedIn and call me when you are in Michigan (iqbal.ahmar@me.com). Look forward.”

Mia MacDonald MPP writes, “I’m doing a lot of work at the global level on food and climate change with a focus on animal agriculture in collaboration with some great colleagues, including in China, through the non-profit I run, Brighter Green (brightergreen.org). I recently taught (fall semester of 2016) a five-week class on food and sustainability for professional students at Columbia University’s Earth Institute. And had a terrific, long overdue, summer 2016 reunion with fellow 1993 MPPs Lynn HellerJenny CraigTrish ThomsonDaria CaliguireJustin Latus, and Laurel MacLaren, recently back in DC from Indonesia.



Joanne Adams MC/MPA just completed three years as a USAID contractor in Kosovo, assisting in the integration of northern Serbian municipalities into the Kosovo government’s legal and financial systems as part of the Brussels agreement on normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo.

Jean Banker MPP writes, “Since HKS graduation, I have been implementing transportation policy in New York and California and advocating for goods and people movement to be used in the same sentence. I now work as a senior manager at the Port of Oakland along with two other HKS Grads: Sara Lee MPP 1993 and Amy Tharpe MPP 1995. It is unusual to have three women from the same grad school in leadership positions at a port! I just connected with Diana Yin MPP 1994 and Loren Blackford MPP 1994. Diana moved back to the United States from Shanghai last year and is great at connecting everyone!”

Clifford Garstang MC/MPA is the editor of Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction From a Small Planet, Vol. 2 (Press 53, September 2016), an anthology of stories by 20 writers set in 20 countries. Clifford says, “As editor, I sifted through hundreds of submissions to select the best stories that dug beneath the surface of the cultures they portray. Whereas the theme of Volume I was ‘It’s a dangerous world,’ readers of the new volume will discover that ‘it’s a mysterious world,’ as well.” Clifford is also the author of the prizewinning novel in stories, What the Zhang Boys Know.

John Hlinko MPP is living in Washington, DC, where he runs Left Action, an online community of 2 million activists. He lives with his wife, Leigh, an architect and author, and their daughters, Kate and Ali. And as of a few weeks ago, a new puppy, Pebbles.

Dale Johnson MPP writes, “I was honored to receive the inaugural Sally M. Johnstone Award from WCET for exceptional contributions to technology-enhanced teaching and learning. The award acknowledges leadership and excellence in practice.”

Jose Alfredo Levy MC/MPA, CEO of ITTI, was recognized by the American Telemedicine Association for his efforts to implement a nationwide telemedicine program in Bolivia to improve population health. Thirty-four percent of the population lives in rural areas. The telemedicine program can improve the life of more than 3 million Bolivians. The main constraints on the timely implementation of the project and its sustainability have to do with specialized human resources, costs of satellite connectivity, and public education on the availability of telemedicine in an environment where traditional medicine (curanderismo) is the preferred choice.

Patricia Hirl Longstaff MC/MPA is the David Levidow Professor of Communications Law and Policy in the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. Her research has centered on how to manage and/or regulate systems with high uncertainty (such as the communications industry). This has taken her in many new directions and given her international recognition in the study of resilience and organizational adaptation. She studied these issues at Oxford University as a visiting senior scholar. She credits HKS for the intellectual foundations of her work and a network of people who have supported it, especially Professor Anthony Oettinger, who encouraged multidisciplinary thinking.

Diane McPartlin Mulcahy MPP is excited to announce that her most recent book, The Gig Economy: The Complete Guide to Getting Better Work, Taking More Time Off and Financing the Life You Want, came out in November! The book is based on an MBA class that Diane created and has been teaching for the past five years at Babson College. The class was named one of the Top Ten Most Innovative Business School Classes in the country by Forbes. Get in touch with Diane (who still lives in Boston) at dianemulcahy.com.

Richard Searle MC/MPA, HKSEE 2004 recently published a book called Leadership On Top: How Managers and Others Become Leaders. This was influenced by his time at HKS and the 20 years he has spent as a management educator, primarily with Melbourne Business School Executive Education. You can check out all his news at searleburke.com.



Karole Dill Barkley MC/MPA writes, “I have spent more than half of my time since HKS caring for my parents and my children, but was excited to accept an offer to re-enter the formal sector. I am joining the risk management business of JP Morgan Chase’s consumer and commercial banking division.”

Claudia Garcia MPA sends a save-the-date for a mini reunion for the MC/MPA class of 1995 in Cartagena, Colombia, March 24–26, 2017. “Planning to attend? Send an email to mcmpa95@gmail.com and also share with us what you would like to do during that wonderful weekend!”

Sapna Gupta MPP writes, “I’m applying what I learned at HKS in my position as senior policy analyst at the Morrison Institute for Public Policy, a think tank at Arizona State University. My focus is education, trade, and economic development. My family and I are spending a sabbatical year in Australia through June 2017, after which we’ll return to our home in Tempe, Arizona.”

Gabriela Ramos MPP has worked as OECD chief of staff and sherpa to the G7/G20 since 2008. She was appointed special counselor to the secretary-general and oversees work on education and social affairs (gender, employment, migration). She coordinates the New Approaches to Economic Challenges initiative and heads the OECD’s Greece Task Force. She helped achieve the G20’s target to reduce the gender gap in labor market participation by 25 percent by 2025, and worked with G20 presidencies, including recently China, to build a more inclusive, innovative global economy. She passionately leads the OECD’s inclusive growth agenda and promotes it at the global level.

Geralyn Sheehan MC/MPA is currently serving as country director for the Peace Corps in Colombia. “Such an honor to be serving at this historic moment in time in Colombia. The Peace Accord has been signed, ending a half century of war. Join our 1995 MPA classmates for a mini reunion in Cartagena, Colombia, March 24–26, 2017. Come reconnect and enjoy this beautiful country!”



Nancy Brune MPP was appointed by President Obama in April to the President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics. This appointment leverages Nancy’s work on behalf of the local community college where she teaches. Nancy has celebrated almost three years as the executive director of the Kenny Guinn Center for Policy Priorities, a bipartisan policy analysis center in Nevada that focuses on education, tax policy, economic development, health, and natural resource security issues affecting Nevada and the intermountain West.

Rohan Fernando MPP, leader of the business consulting group at the global sales and marketing firm ZS, was named one of the Top 25 Consultants of 2016 by Consulting magazine. Recognized by the magazine for excellence in leadership, Rohan has led major client accounts across North America, Europe, and Asia and launched multiple ZS offices. He also is an expert in health care commercialization strategy, mergers, and product launch.

Natalie Keng MPP writes, “Ni Hao, Y’all! After cleaning up from Hurricane Matthew’s wrath in the fall, we’re excited to welcome holiday cheer. For me and my small business, Chinese Southern Belle, that means writing about food and diversity, hosting hot pot parties, Asian market tours, a Lunar New Year banquet, and tastings with Farm to School and Farm to Table partners. Try our award-winning gourmet cooking sauce blends (order online) and underwrite the revolution ‘opening minds, one mouth at a time!’”

Stephanie Mickle MPP joined Caldwell Strategic Consulting, the bipartisan government affairs and public relations firm, where she will assume the role of partner. Stephanie has years of Hill experience with advocacy on the legislative and policy fronts, advising Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Florida) and serving as his general counsel, and a successful career in private practice. Her work across partisan lines has increased her ability to achieve legislative goals and priorities in changing political environments.

1997 / 20th Reunion


Christian Duve MPA turned what he learned about negotiation and dispute resolution at Harvard into private practice as a partner of the international law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer in Frankfurt and into teaching as an honorary professor at the University of Heidelberg. He applies what he learned about nonprofit management on the board of various nonprofits pertaining to arts, culture, and the legal profession. Going forward, Christian will increasingly promote financial literacy, personal development, social businesses, and improved governance structures.

Leith Greenslade MPA writes, “In 2016 I launched JustActions, a global campaign to engage the world’s best and brightest talent to advance action toward 10 development goals. The evidence shows that these 10 goals, ranging from increasing women’s incomes to reversing inequality, are most likely to trigger development gains rapidly, sustainably, and irreversibly.”

Anne Rader MC/MPA was profiled in Women of Influence for her work in American health care empowering women with disabilities to live healthy, productive, and active lives. She speaks about her own life as a successful woman with a disability and how she is impacting health care for all women with and without disabilities.

Alex Rodriguez MPP was recognized by the U.S. Department of Commerce for his support for export growth with the U.S. Commercial Service and the Arizona District Export Council in his role as vice president of the Arizona Technology Council.

Ken White MC/MPA is now the CEO of Junior State of America (jsa.org), a 82-year-old student-led and student-run nonprofit that strengthens American democracy by educating and preparing high school students for life-long involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic society. Ken and his wife, Brooke Deterline, live in Richmond, California. Ken welcomes opportunities to connect with classmates visiting the Bay Area, or in DC, where he will visit regularly.



Mark Bayer MPP writes, “After nearly 20 years working on Capitol Hill for Rep. and then Sen. Ed Markey, I recently left to start my own strategic consulting firm in DC. I’m helping a range of organizations move their priorities forward and enjoying opportunities to explore new topics while building a business from the ground up.”

John Kenagy MC/MPA writes, “HKS still influences my work developing adaptive, innovative health care organizations, plus new work in helping create adaptive curricula in higher education. New website coming at Kenagyassociates.com. Jonell and I are back on the West Coast in Longview, Washington. We wish all the best to our HKS classmates.”

Fumihiro Komamiya MC/MPA writes, “In addition to teaching and research at Niigata University, I have been teaching an intensive course on tax treaties for tax officials of developing countries at the National Tax College of Japan for 18 years. These years, more African countries are joining the course, while Asian countries are reduced to Myanmar, Cambodia, and Indonesia.”

Jenny Korn MPP continues to volunteer as an organizer of HKS alumni locally in Chicago. “We hosted the director of admissions during his visit to Chicago, and we held a celebratory reception for admitted students to encourage them to select HKS (everyone who attended that reception did indeed choose to go to our beloved alma mater). We have a watch party coming up for the first presidential debate, and we will continue to gather for socials, too. If you are in the Chicagoland area, please join us by contacting Jenny Korn!”

Jodie Smith MPP practices law at Moscone Emblidge & Otis LLP in San Francisco. She focuses on resolving public law disputes. She heads the civic and judicial appointments work of the local women’s bar association, Queen’s Bench, and volunteers representing kids in school discipline matters. She’s active in Bay Area alumni activities, so give her a shout if you’re in the area or visiting and want an HKS connection.

Susan Thornton MC/MPA recently moved to the DC area from Dayton, Ohio, to take another position with the Air Force. “My new position is director of information dominance in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Acquisition). I have responsibility for a $4 billion-per-year portfolio of programs in C2, ISR, IT, and Cyber. I love living in the DC area for the first time and experiencing all that this area has to offer.”



Takao Aiba MPP, after a two-year secondment to the cabinet office of the government of Japan, has gone back to Toyota as a project general manager of the environmental affairs division (Tokyo), where he leads policy and direction of global Toyota’s zero/low carbon activities.

Jairo Clopatofsky MC/MPA writes, “What are you doing? As you remember, I’m a former Colombian senator. I’ve been living in Vancouver for the past five years representing my country as a diplomat. You are very welcome to visit me any time.”

Edgar Feinberg MC/MPA voted “Yea” for the first woman candidate for president in Philadelphia in July! “Hoped to help make the world a better place for my first granddaughter, who arrived in November.”

Julie Kliger MC/MPA writes, “Over the past few years, I’ve published a peer-reviewed paper on reducing unnecessary death from a major health problem called sepsis. I also sit on a national nonprofit board raising awareness of sepsis. And I was selected by LinkedIn as one of their Top 10 Voices in Healthcare, which is a big honor! Additionally I speak on these topics and other major health concerns, including the need to improve our mental health system. So I continue to consult in health care in order to Save Lives and Stamp Out Disease. Please email and say ‘Hi!’”

Pedro Miguel Lorenti MC/MPA just passed the Kaplan QLTS exams to qualify as a solicitor in England and Wales. “This will add to my current qualification as a lawyer in Argentina. I plan to continue working in international arbitration and as a legal consultant in African and other developing countries.”

Joe Mulligan MC/MPA is currently serving as a Transformative Development Initiative (TDI) Fellow with MassDevelopment, a quasi-public state finance agency that is seeking innovative ways to maximize the Commonwealth’s investment in gateway or post-industrial cities. TDI is a new start-up that partners with public, private, and nonprofit sectors in downtown districts. The TDI Fellows provide robust technical support, including consulting, expertise, technology, and exposure to the latest trends in planning, real estate, and placemaking strategies to provide additional capacity and advance the city’s goals.

Terkel Petersen MC/MPA has been living in Brussels since 2007, after previously living in Geneva. “Still working for the EU (the External Action Service), now as senior advisor on Arctic matters, after some years in western Balkans affairs and a stint in Asian affairs. Try to go above 66 degrees north at least once (e.g. Barrow in Alaska, Kirkenes in Norway, Kiruna in Sweden, Inari in Finland, or Kanarkussuaq in Greenland). Aurora borealis and very dramatic climatic change. Beautiful and scary at the same time. Daughter, Clara Margrethe, will soon be 10 years old; super visit with CM to Veronica Loewe Muñoz MC/MPA 1999 in Chile earlier in 2016. Hope you are all well, wherever you are. Looking forward to our 20-year class reunion in 2019.”

Ben Richardson MPP, after 15 years at McKinsey and Company, joined Carnall Farrar as a managing director. The company is dedicated to improving health care and public services more broadly. It is based in London, England, where Ben has lived since 2003.

Masaki Takayanagi MPA, having spent 15 years post HKS, in London, Sydney, and Singapore, returned to Tokyo last year with his wife, Louise. They also celebrated the arrival of beautiful Emma in December 2015 in Tokyo.



Eduardo Marques Almeida MC/MPA writes, “After graduation, I worked in Brazil, the United States (for LAC), Haiti (before, during, and after the 2010 earthquake), and Paraguay. I am glad to have used my studies and professional experience to solve issues related to sustainable development and poverty reduction.”

Thais Corral MC/MPA writes, “Since my graduation my passion has been leadership development and transformation. Ten years ago, I created a place where people who are willing to make a difference in the world can be nurtured, meet peers, and acquire the inner competences so critical to navigating the complexities of the world today. Sinal do Vale (sinaldovale.org) is a 400-acre agroforestry farm near Rio de Janeiro, located in a very lush environment surrounded by mountains and water streams. Sinal is also a school of agents of transformation — young people who want to learn how to embrace challenges with grace and resilience.”

Julie Kashen MPP, based in Brooklyn, New York, is loving her work as policy director of the Make It Work Campaign (makeitworkcampaign.org), promoting better work-family, child care, and equal pay policies, and also her role as mom to an amazing 2.5-year-old son.



Moshe Arenstein MC/MPA writes, “After spending three years in Israel as the news editor for The Jerusalem Post, I moved back to New York, and back to work at NBC News, just in time for the election season. Living in Israel was a fantastic experience for my wife and kids. We enjoyed the food, the mild weather, and the beautiful scenery. And although it was challenging at times, we made the most of it. Hope you vote(d) for the right person!”

Nathaniel Beers MPA is the new executive vice president at the Hospital for Sick Children Health System in Washington, DC. He joins HSC after seven years at DC Public Schools. He will oversee the hospital and outpatient services, home care, Medicaid managed care for kids with disabilities, and foundation. He will be working to improve the quality of life for kids with disabilities in the DC area.

Angela Calman MC/MPA has been vice president of communications for 23andMe, a Silicon Valley–based consumer genetics company with both a research and therapeutics mission, since May 2014. Prior to this, she was head of corporate communications for Intuitive Surgical ($ISRG). She has a 7-year-old (going on 17) daughter named Cassandra.

Mark Fedor MC/MPA assumed command of the Coast Guard cutter James in Charleston, South Carolina, in May 2016. “At 418 feet, with a sophisticated sensor and command-and-control suite, James is our newest national security cutter. Its primary missions are national defense, counter narcotics, and search and rescue. My wife, Amy, and four kids arrived in Charleston in June after finishing the previous school year in Miami. We’re all enjoying the Low Country lifestyle.”

Rick Minor MC/MPA started in August in his new role as the CEO of Second Harvest of the Big Bend, a regional food bank that works with 130 agency partners to provide 5.2 million meals to needy families each year. In addition, Rick serves as president/founder of Tallahassee Music Week, which will be hosting its third annual weeklong series of musical events in April 2017.

Morgan Muchnick MPP writes, “I currently reside inside the Washington Beltway with my two amazing kids and dog, Kirby. I recently launched an innovative government affairs consulting firm called The M2 Group (theM2Group.net). We specialize in small/midsize companies and organizations doing interesting work, usually (although not exclusively) within the security sector. I would love to hear from folks within the Harvard community!”

Patrick Nip MC/MPA continues to work in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. “Having been the director of information services for more than two years, I took up the post of permanent secretary for food and health in July 2016, responsible for health and medical care policy.”

Dania Palanker MPP recently joined the faculty of the Center on Health Insurance Reforms at the Georgetown University Public Health Institute. She will be researching and writing about access to health care through private insurance.

Stephen Payton MC/MPA, after taking time out to join his wife on assignment in the Netherlands, and before that working three years as head of the New Zealand Commerce and Industry Office in Taipei, has been appointed New Zealand Ambassador to Japan. It will be a busy assignment, with, among other things, planning already under way to maximize opportunities for New Zealand around the Rugby World Cup in 2019 and the Olympics/Paralympics in 2020.

Paul Porteous MC/MPA is adjunct associate professor and director of leadership development and international programs for the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis in Australia and a fellow at the Australia–New Zealand School of Government. He teaches senior executive leadership programs internationally and across Australia/New Zealand, including in the community sector. Paul is also director of the Centre for Social Leadership in Australia, program director of the Social Leadership Singapore Program (where he teaches with Dean Williams), and director of the Centre for Post-crisis Leadership and Development in conjunction with the University of York, UK.

Sean Van Liempt MC/MPA and his partner, Chadrick, are proud to be part of Capital Rainbow Refuge, a group of community volunteers who are sponsoring sexual minority refugees fleeing persecution and violence to come to a safe new home in Canada. “The Canadian model, unique in the world, permits private groups to make application for acceptance by Canada as a refugee. The private group is responsible for financial and other support to the newcomer for the first year. Capital Rainbow sponsored our fifth newcomer, arriving this February, and we are helping to provide mentorship and other support to similar community groups.”

Nicholas Wilson MPA/ID has been appointed as fellow to The White Social and Behavioral Sciences Team (aka the “Nudge Team”). He will apply insights from his own research and the behavioral sciences in randomized, controlled experiments designed to increase take-up of U.S. federal programs among intended beneficiaries. Alumni working in federal agencies, including USAID, are encouraged to contact him with questions about the SBST and potential collaborative opportunities.



Amy (Anderson) Boutwell MPP writes, “I am president of Collaborative Healthcare Strategies, a firm I founded in 2011 to support implementation of the health care delivery transformation policy vision of the Affordable Care Act. I work nationally to design and lead large-scale efforts to improve care and reduce costs — specifically on ways to reduce emergency room and hospital use. I practice medicine part-time, have three kids, and live in Lexington.”

Oscar Schiappa-Pietra MC/MPA, after several years working for the World Bank’s energy and mining practice, has joined the ranks of Centrum Catolica Graduate Business School, in Peru. He is also CEO of AgroAndino SRL, a social venture specializing in the production and export of dried organic goldenberry, which provides steady fair-trade income to hundreds of highland microfarmers. And, on a pro bono basis, he is the representative in Peru of The Vine Trust, a Scottish charity operating two medical ships in the Amazon basin.



Andy Grotto MPA joined the NSC staff in December 2015 as the senior director for cybersecurity policy. “In June, my wife, Anne, and I had our second child, Vera, who has a loving big brother, Axel.”

James Morgan MPA is married to Jeongah “Amy” Kim MPA 2002. “I’m practicing tax law with the federal government. Please contact me if you are in Washington, DC.”



José Antonio Ardavin MPP, besides celebrating his 10th anniversary at the OECD, “had the opportunity to see the launch of the OECD Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Programme, for which I have been working the past three years. This is a major milestone in the OECD that will increase the interaction with this region and support their reforms to increase productivity, social inclusion, and governance.”

Ken Biberaj MPP and Valerie Biberaj welcomed their second child in July, a healthy baby boy named Grant. Ken continues to relish his role as the chairman of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and recently hosted White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett for a discussion about the president’s nomination to the Supreme Court and the importance of criminal justice reform.

Sean Bielat MPP is now CEO of Endeavor Robotics (formerly iRobot Corp’s defense and security business unit). He, Hope Lozano-Bielat MPP 2004, and their children recently relocated to Carlisle, Massachusetts. Hope is currently an instructor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania.

Raj Chinai MC/MPA writes, “Early 2015 marked a significant change. I completed eight years in Bangalore, where I was in the venture capital industry, to relocate to Dubai to pursue a more entrepreneurial role. I joined PNC Menon, the chairman and founder of Sobha Group, to help expand and diversify his real estate business in the GCC, with a particular focus on the UAE. I’d love to re-connect with HKS classmates, so please do get in touch if you have plans to travel through Dubai. My email is: rchinai@post.harvard.edu.”

Akunna Enwereuzor Cook MPP, after almost 10 years at the U.S. Department of State as a foreign service officer, went back to school to get a law degree. This past May, Akunna graduated from Yale Law School and recently joined Covington & Burling in Washington, DC.

Kira Marchenese MC/MPA writes, “I’ve been working at the Environmental Defense Fund for 12 years, and am now the associate vice president for digital products and strategy. In my free time, I serve on the board of Project Create, which provides arts education to at-risk youth in DC, and of On-Ramps to Careers, which connects DC high school students with technology internships. You’ll also find me riding the fabulous DC bike trails on a tandem bicycle with my partner, Eric Shutt. We did a round-trip ride between DC and Pittsburgh this past fall, a 725-mile adventure!”

Ravi Naidoo MC/MPA writes, “After Harvard, I convened South Africa’s Health Roadmap in 2008–2009 (which as government policy turned around the country’s life expectancy from 49 years in 2008 to 62 years in 2015). When South Africa hosted the COP17 Climate Change conference in 2010 I got my opportunity to establish the National Green Fund. From early 2017, and drawing on my past 10 years of development finance experience, I will be launching an African network of business innovation hubs, supplying the rapidly growing market of 1 billion consumers in Africa. I hope to get Harvard alumni actively engaged in this initiative.”

Louisa-Jayne O’Neill MC/MPA continues as vice chairman of the Information Assurance Advisory Council (IAAC), a not-for-profit that brings together government, businesses, and academia to develop thought leadership on cyber security. IAAC has since established links with similar bodies in the United States, Belgium, Germany, the EU, and the Commonwealth, and welcomes opportunities to engage with all those with a professional interest in cyber security. In December 2015, L-J was appointed non-executive director of ORIC International, a consortium enabling the sharing of operational risk data and risk intelligence across the global (re)insurance and asset management sectors.

Eloise Pasachoff MC/MPA received tenure at the Georgetown University Law Center earlier this year. She teaches and writes about administrative law and education law. Before joining the Georgetown faculty in 2011, she was a law clerk to three federal judges, including Justice Sotomayor during the justice’s first term on the Supreme Court. She also practiced law in New York City and was a Climenko Fellow at Harvard Law School. She lives on Capitol Hill with her husband and two children.

Ken Robbins MPA is president/CEO of MILLIE (www.gomillie.com), which helps military families with the stressful moving process. “Additionally, doing some adjunct fellow work at the American Security Project, a nonpartisan think tank in DC focused on advancing commonsense policies.”

Tim Sultan MC/MPA ran for Congress immediately following HKS graduation but came in second. After eight years as a negotiation trainer and consultant, Tim now works at Elon Musk’s SolarCity in Arizona. Passionate about saving humanity from existential threats such as climate change, nukes, and AI. Tim’s current focus is on creating the public policy framework that people will need to survive the emerging automated world: a world where robots do the work.



Candace Bertotti MPA is now teaching negotiation at Georgetown Law School. She continues her consulting and keynote speaking business in partnership with Vitalsmarts and recently published in Harvard Business Review, “How to Talk Politics at Work Without Alienating People.”

Sylvia Clute MC/MPA wrote a chapter for a book to be released soon called Transforming Justice, Lawyers and the Practice of Law (Carolina Academic Press). “In my chapter, called ‘Creating a Parallel Model of Justice: Unitive, Not Punitive,’ I argue that our traditional model of justice is broken and inconsistent with our growing understanding of how interconnected we all are. I advocate for unitive justice, a new model for a new era, grounded in loving-kindness, equality, and shared responsibility. The unitive model of justice goes beyond addressing incidents to healing root causes — unitive justice promises to achieve system change.”

Samira Khan MPP moved to DC with her husband, Faraz Ali, and three daughters — Maira, Liyana, and Inaya — after stints in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and India. She is focused on social impact, social entrepreneurship, and social sector consulting at Dalberg & AT Kearney. Currently, she is working on a domestic labor market platform: Opportunity@Work, supported by the Obama administration and LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman. Faraz (HBS 2001) works in biotech. Samira is still ever-passionate about women’s issues in South Asia, especially neonatal and maternal health in Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and Nepal. Holding on to her creative writing hopes as well. “Get in touch — always seeking a good chat!”

Mark Rosenow MPP, major in the U.S. Air Force, finished his fourth year as a traveling senior prosecutor this summer when he was selected to become a military judge. He and his wife, Meghan, will be living in Sacramento, California, for the next few years and look forward to connecting with anyone passing through.

Francis Spangenberg MC/MPA, who is still working as a lieutenant in the NYPD, received a doctorate in Criminal Justice from the City University of New York in June.

Giles Whiting MPP has moved from San Francisco to London, where he is continuing with Medallia, now running their EMEA business. On another note, in September, Giles was named to the board of directors for Single Stop USA.

Warren Wilhide Jr. HKSEE, a graduate of the Harvard Executive Education program “Leadership for the 21st Century,” successfully climbed Denali (Mt. McKinley) in Alaska on June 27, 2016. Denali is the “Top of North America,” at 20,310 feet, and one of the noted Seven Summits. Warren resides in West New York, NJ.



Marjorie Decker MC/MPA, after graduating, completed 14 years as an elected member of the Cambridge City Council (including service as vice mayor) and is now serving her second term as an elected member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives (representing the district where HKS is located). She is married with two young children.

Erin O’Donnell Dotzler MPP has been named the executive director of the American Academy of Periodontology, the professional membership organization representing more than 8,000 periodontists worldwide. In her new position, Erin will report to the AAP board of trustees while overseeing the academy’s operations and guiding a staff of more than 40 full-time employees.

Owen Ray MC/MPA is now an Army War College Fellow at the University of Washington following battalion command and a tour in Afghanistan. Owen previously served as the military aide to President Barack Obama from 2011 to 2013.

Dylan Voorhees MPP writes, “Still living in Maine with wife and three lovely daughters, ages 10, 7, and 1.5, who are the core of my life. Still working uphill to craft and pass strong clean energy and climate policies in Maine. Finding politics in little Augusta, Maine, still not as bad as DC, but lurching there every day, which is dispiriting. I’m pleased to work with many excellent colleagues, for a great organization, and with a talented team (including Pete Didisheim MC/MPA 2005.)”

Chris Ward MPP won a seat on the San Diego City Council in June with 60 percent of the vote, avoiding a November runoff. His four-year term representing the center city district began in December. He credits his urban planning and policy studies at HKS with preparing him for the job, where current issues include affordable housing, homelessness, economic development, and public safety. He spent the summer enjoying his time with his two-year-old daughter, Betty, and partner, Thom.

2007 / 20th Reunion


Manuel Lopez de Miguel MC/MPA was recently reelected president of UNICEF’s Madrid Committee in Spain. Manuel is also a board member at UNICEF’s Spanish Committee.

Grace Hong Duffin MPA writes, “Will be attending the reunion in May! Started a new position in March/April 2016. I am serving as the new COO at a community mental health and senior service organization, called Kenneth Young Center, which serves the most vulnerable in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. I didn’t make it to my HKS graduation because I had my first child in 2007 (Finn) and could not make my five-year reunion to give birth to my twins (Mikayla and William). I look forward to seeing everyone at the 10-year reunion!”

Colleen Gross Ebinger MPP and husband Fritz welcomed daughter Vivienne Celeste into the world September 2015. Big siblings Ben (six), Cora (four), and Alexandra (two) are brimming with pride. Meanwhile, Colleen and Fritz are exhausted.

Idrissa Kanu MPA/ID, having worked as head of revenue and tax policy in the Sierra Leone Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, decided to pursue another master’s degree focusing on international taxation policy. He is currently at the Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University, Durham and enjoys the North Carolina weather. During his time at Duke he hopes to research issues relating to taxation of multi- or transnationals; he is particularly interested in tax implications of corporate structure, restructuring, and transfer pricing issues.

Funmi Olorunnipa MPA writes, “After a stint at the White House Counsel’s Office, where I had the opportunity to work with tons of HKS alums, I am now at the Department of Justice, working on policy, legislative, and regulatory issues that affect Americans. The HKS alumni reach in DC is strong, and I am always happy to see fellow alums throughout the city.”

Martha Parker MC/MPA writes, “I finished my PhD in educational policy and leadership at the University of New Hampshire (continuing work from Harvard). Currently serve as educational consultant to the New Hampshire Governor’s Task Force on K-12 STEM education, which was formed to lead modernization efforts in teaching STEM. Also provide policy consulting for eLumen, a technology company in Minnesota leading efforts on competency-based student learning outcomes tracking and analytics for higher education but especially community colleges. System includes soup-to-nuts coverage of program/majors review, curriculum development, budgeting, and leadership/administrative management with dashboard analytics. Integrates with enrollment databases and most learning management systems.”

Norris Prevost MC/MPA writes, “It’s a real nice feeling to be an ordinary citizen once more, after 25 years of being a Member of Parliament in the Commonwealth Island of Dominica. I can just imagine how President Obama and Michelle will feel come January 2017. I retired from Parliament prior to the last general election in December 2014. It’s just that when I travel abroad, people keep coming up to me exclaiming, “Oh my God, aren’t you Morgan Freeman?” Even when I say I am not, they don’t believe it, and insist on a picture with me and even an autograph.”



John Crowley MC/MPA became the manager of knowledge and learning at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in Geneva, Switzerland, the world’s largest humanitarian network. “If you are passing through Geneva, let’s catch up over fondue.”

Cody Keenan MPP, chief speechwriter at the White House, married Kristen Bartoloni on July 3, in Washington, DC. After the ceremony, they took photos with President Obama in the Rose Garden and then threw a reception at a local brewery with several HKS alums in attendance.

Yasmin Padamsee MC/MPA writes, “I am back in Cambridge, working for a social change organization that works on building leadership through creative arts in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. For the past eight years I was working in Myanmar at the intersection of change occurring across the country. The changes were phenomenal and unprecedented as the country changed from military dictatorship to a democracy and from a forgotten country to the last major frontier market. I plan to go back someday to once again partake in the change.”

Theresa Grano Reno-Weber MPP writes, “After five years as a deputy mayor in Louisville, Kentucky, where I launched and ran the city’s Office of Performance and Innovation, stood up the LouieStat program, and oversaw HR and IT, I am leaving to take on an exciting new challenge as president and CEO of Metro United Way. Metro United Way serves seven counties across Kentucky and Indiana and is focused on improving outcomes for kids, families and individuals through education, health and financial stability.”

Janna King Rezaee MPP and Arman Rezaee MPP 2009 welcomed their son, Malcolm Remy Rezaee, on May 7. Janna received her PhD in political science at UC Berkeley in 2016 and is now on the faculty at the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy. Arman received his PhD in economics at UC San Diego in 2016 and is now on the faculty at UC Davis.

Jose Luis Romo MPP writes, “I was appointed secretary for economic development of the State of Hidalgo (Mexico). This is a great opportunity to put into practice my PAE, that I worked on with Ricardo Hausmann, which was intended to establish a strategy for economic growth in my home state.”

Jamie Snashall MC/MPA writes, “I have been deputy director of government relations for Telstra Corp since 2009. Most of my work focuses on supporting the company’s new business priorities, including Asian expansion and digital health. My wife, Narelle, and I live in Canberra with our boys, Darcy and Ned. In my spare time, I am convenor of the ACT chapter of the Harvard Club of Australia and occasionally work on my comedy writing.”

Edward Sullivan MC/MPA moved to New York City this May to deepen his executive coaching and leadership training practice, serving clients in New York, Silicon Valley, the Middle East, and Asia. He coaches CEOs and other executives at Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and NGOs on authentic leadership, communications, and conflict resolution. He also graduated in May from The Wharton School’s Executive MBA program.

Tai Sunnanon MPP has been elected to the national board of the U.S. Peace Corps Association, where he will work on developing a comprehensive resource tool kit for returned Peace Corps volunteers. For more info, contact tai@si3group.org.



Eunice Ajambo MPP writes, “While releasing the ‘Panama Papers,’ my team was launching a report on how the international dimension of corruption facilitates the illicit flow of an estimated $60 billion annually from Africa, an amount approximately double what is received in ODA. As a panelist in the socioeconomic working group on ‘Sustainable Growth and Social Cohesion: Advancing Access and Inclusiveness in Democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa,’ at the Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Roundtable on Next Generation Democracy in Dakar, I persuaded H.E. Chissano, former president of Mozambique and chair of the Forum of Former African Heads of State, to endorse and align with the report.”

Osei Bonsu Dickson HKSEE writes, “In March, I delivered the inaugural address of the 2016 Annual Rule of Law Lectures at the faculty of law of the University of Wisconsin. I spoke on the conduct of the security and intelligence services as an important barometer of governance, and also on how the performance of these institutions can shape the social health of nations. I am currently head of legal at Sanford World Clinics–Ghana and adjunct lecturer in business and public law at Wisconsin International University College. I am also working on a major new publication: Dickson on Principles of Security Law.

Thomas Eads MC/MPA writes, “This year is my fifth anniversary as a senior chemist with the Food and Drug Administration, using product regulation to help cut the 500,000 unnecessary annual deaths caused by tobacco consumption in the United States. Integrating harms reduction from molecules to millions — my summer detail was health policy analysis — puts our work at the leading edge of tobacco control in particular, and of science and public policy in general. The Washington, DC, area is the backdrop for this challenging work, and for a life made more vibrant by HKS friends.

Bruce Haupt MPP is currently the team lead for the Program Management Office for Oman’s National Development Plan Implementation Program (Tanfeedh). Tanfeedh is focused on economic diversification and government structural transformation, and Bruce is currently working alongside three other HKS grads. He also recently began studying for a PhD in educational leadership. “Life is still good in married life with Emily.” They now have one dog and one cat.

Jamshed Kazi MC/MPA is currently based in Islamabad, as the Pakistan country representative of UN Women (United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment). “Focusing mainly on enhancing women’s increased participation in the labor force, prevention of violence against women and girls, and strengthening women’s leadership in disasters and humanitarian response. Definitely the most challenging, but professionally most rewarding, experience of my international development career over the past two decades.”

Kimberlyn Leary MPA completed his service as a Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Fellow at the White House Council on Women and Girls and the Office of Management and Budget in July. “Joined the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health as enabling change program director within the school’s DRPH program. I also began a new role at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School as executive director of policy outreach. Miss Washington but enjoying my return to Cambridge!”

Ben Reno-Weber MPA/MBA writes, “I recently stepped down as the CEO of the Kentucky YMCA to become chief storyteller (CEO) of a tech company called MobileServe, which helps organizations track and communicate social good. We use an app/tablet to track volunteer engagement, and then build infographics and communications tools that let organizations connect with people making a difference. Because we were built from the ground up to be mobile and social, we can give users (organizations and volunteers) a transformative experience for a stupidly low price. It’s been really fun to be part of creating disruptive technology for schools and non-profits as a business.”

Andrew Sullivan MPP launched with two partners Hudson Pacific (hudsonpacific.co), a data-driven public affairs consultancy, in September. The firm gathers data through opinion research and behavioral analysis to develop recommendations on strategic communications, reputation management, and campaign strategy.

Hassan Tetteh MC/MPA is now command surgeon at the National Defense University in Washington, DC. In his new role, Hassan develops, resources, and executes health policies, programs, and activities to benefit the entire university community. The position also coordinates and facilitates medical care for more than 1,800 NDU students, faculty members, and staffers, including more than 100 international students representing more than 70 countries.



Armando Barrera Barrios HKSEE received tenure as a full-time marketing professor at the University of the Valley of Mexico in Mexico City. He is currently finishing a book that will be published in 2017.

Nizar Farsakh MC/MPA writes, “Started my new business in January 2016, Farsakh Training & Consulting LLC, focusing on leadership, negotiations, and advocacy. Led a fascinating training in Ireland with a group of Palestinian, Israeli, and international young professionals. Did research on interfaith dialogue in Palestine that was very illuminating. Participated in a few non-violence initiatives in the United States and Palestine. Ran for the HKS DC Alumni Council but didn’t make it. In other news, we are very grateful our 11-year-old got accepted into an amazing middle school that provides just the right dose of challenge and nurture. We’re loving seeing her blossom!”

Jose Hinojosa HKSEE is currently working on his doctorate in education. He recently wrote a literature review focused on the cultural obstacles between American and Afghan mentoring and professional development programs. “A lack of cultural understanding creates a dichotomy between Western and Islamic cultures. Therefore, the lack of understanding of cultural beliefs of the target audience creates obstacles when training and education focus on ‘Western’ concepts that are contrary to their beliefs. The need for better understanding of the Afghan and Middle Eastern culture needs further research to ensure that the education and training programs are successful.”

Boris Jamet-Fournier MPP, the open government advisor within the office of the French prime minister, was looking forward to the fourth Global Summit of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), which France hosted in December. Thousands of participants, including heads of state and leaders in the nonprofit sector, were in Paris for three days to work toward governments that are transparent, inclusive of citizen participation, and open to collaboration with civil society. OGP is a unique venture joining key public-sector and civil society stakeholders. It has already announced more than 3,000 open government commitments in 70 countries.

Marco Sordo HKSEE has completed the post-graduate program in economics at The London School of Economics and Political Science with excellence of execution.



Amadi Anene MPP serves as a political appointee in the Obama administration and is the senior advisor to the administrator at the U.S. Small Business Administration. Amadi’s main focus is to generate programs and policies aimed at growing businesses on main streets across America. Amadi manages a portfolio of place-based initiatives for the redevelopment of America’s small business economy in places such as Baltimore, Maryland, and Flint, Michigan. Amadi also works to increase lending and access to capital among historically underserved groups.

Sebastian Burduja MPP writes, “On January 5, 2016, I landed in Romania with my wife and our one-year-old daughter. We moved back home after we had spent close to 12 years in the States, and we pursued what one may call ‘an impossible dream’: building a new political movement in Romania, a country hungry for change and leadership. On a personal level, life here is wonderful, though we dearly miss our American family and friends. The party we founded, PACT, ran successfully in the local elections. A few days ago I announced my candidacy for Parliament in my home district of Neamt. We keep fighting!”

Sharon “Moni” Davies MPP has completed two tours with the Department of State since graduating. First, she served as the general services officer in Lomé, Togo. She recently completed her second tour as consular officer in Kingston, Jamaica. Her next post will be in Warsaw, Poland, where she will supervise the embassy’s management operations.

Jesse Lava MPP is the director of policy at the Chicago Department of Public Health, creating new laws and initiatives to promote health on issues ranging from tobacco to obesity to heroin to lead poisoning.

Matthew Raifman MPP writes, “I lead open data and performance analytics technical assistance projects with cities as a senior advisor at the Johns Hopkins Center for Government Excellence (GovEx), a partner in the Bloomberg Philanthropies What Works Cities initiative. Much of my work has focused on mayoral priorities around affordable housing, homelessness, and smart cities initiatives. My wife and I live in Baltimore, Maryland, in our first home. I’m grateful that my professional travels have enabled me to stay in touch with many of my friends from HKS, from Washington, DC, to Seattle.”

Toby Shepherd MPP recently left his role as strategic initiative officer at the Rhode Island Foundation to become the executive director of the Nowell Leadership Academy, a public charter high school designed to serve pregnant and parenting teenagers at two campuses in Rhode Island. Toby’s interested in connecting with other alums working with teenage parents and over-age, under-credited youth.

2012 / 5th Reunion


Kendall Fitch Bailey MPP recently launched her own business, Kidzy. Kidzy is modernizing parenting education by building a professionalized library of short-form videos that are all pediatrician-approved. The video library will also be used to train and certify informal childcare providers. Informal child care is a large market that goes virtually unaddressed today in terms of education programs. Check out the videos at kidzy.co!

Jeffrey Baron HKSEE was appointed to serve as national security minister for the Bermuda government in May. Jeffrey, who attended Senior Executives in National Security and Leadership in Crises executive sessions, served as junior minister of this portfolio since 2012 and as special advisor to the premier until he was appointed to the cabinet.

Joan Byron MC/MPA writes, “I organized and am now leading the Neighborhoods First Fund for Community Based Planning, a philanthropic collaborative that supports low-income communities seeking to engage in the planning processes that are shaping NYC’s future. See more about this work at NeighborhoodsFirstFund.nyc.”

Kassi Manlan MC/MPA writes, “Over the past three years, I worked in Addis Ababa, Johannesburg, and now Accra with Ecobank Foundation. I have the opportunity to contribute to the socioeconomic transformation of the African continent through health, education, and financial inclusion. On a personal level, we are now a family of four and we are all looking forward to sharing moments and ideas when we meet in a few months in Cambridge. The best is yet to come as an HKS graduate, as I have not yet delivered on my promise to serve the world. I just began.”

Ian Palmquist MC/MPA was recently promoted to serve as senior director of programs at Equality Federation, the national strategic partner to a robust network of organizations working for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer equality in the states. He continues to work from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Ray Rivera MC/MPA writes, “After leaving HKS, where I cofounded Democracy.com with classmates, I’ve transitioned to the education space by leading a national program to inspire and elect former teachers to serve in public office. I’m doing this from Denver, where I’ve also cofounded a government entrepreneur accelerator program that partnered with the City of Denver to find innovative solutions and talent for public problems. Also doing my best to raise two toddlers while my wife is an associate partner at McKinsey & Company. We are both doing our best to spend our free time enjoying Colorado’s great outdoors. Come visit!”

Ruma Samdani MC/MPA writes, “Post graduation, I joined AARP and got the opportunity to establish AARP’s innovation framework. Almost three years later, I am excited to be teaching and coaching design thinking in ways that will help us find breakthrough solutions that solve societal challenges facing seniors and their families in America.”

William Towns HKSEE is the inaugural executive director of Benefit Chicago, which is a new collaboration that aims to mobilize $100 million for impact investments in nonprofits and social enterprises working throughout the Chicago region. wtowns@benefitchi.org @williamwtowns



Salman Alzayani HKSEE writes, “It’s my pleasure to share with you the news of being appointed assistant professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, College of Medicine and Medical Sciences, at the Arabian Gulf University, in the Kingdom of Bahrain. I’ve also been elected a member of the college council for the current academic year.”

Cristina Garmendia MPP writes, “In October 2016, I was named the first senior fellow at the Center on Law, Inequality, and Metropolitan Equity at Rutgers Law in Newark. I am thrilled to be able to devote myself to study and advocacy against place-based inequality. This research will encompass topics such as fair housing law, eviction practices, and public finance.”

Emilia González MPA writes, “In December I completed three years working as the head of project development at the Center for Education Innovation at Fundacion Chile, a public-private nonprofit devoted to the advancement of innovation in Chile and Latin America. The development of new alliances with organizations in the United States, UK, South Africa, and Paraguay has involved lots of travel lately, with the enjoyable side-effect of visiting fellow HKSers around the globe.”

Troy Holt HKSEE is now the director of city commerce and communications for the City of Rocklin, California. He is responsible for a wide range of municipal issues and city commerce to include economic initiatives, marketing, property management, business development, legislative advocacy, communications, engagement, and transparency. He develops and implements programs to ensure positive growth and economic sustainability of the city, and he is responsible for event tourism and the start-up of a research and manufacturing innovation district.

Mariya Krasteva MPA/MBA writes, “As a dual MPA/MBA student, I was and continue to be fascinated with the nexus of business and nonprofit. After graduation, I moved to dc and saw a need for providing professional development services to communities. I founded the Bulgarian Professionals Club — a nonprofit that works to equip the Bulgarian community with the skills required to be successful in a very competitive job market. Our successes thus far make me optimistic about the future — we have reached 300 members, executed 30 events, obtained nonprofit status, and are poised for expansion beyond dc to the biggest U.S. cities!”

Litcy Kurisinkal MPP writes, “I work as a research consultant to the UN Special Rapporteur, Maud Buquicchio, against the sale of children, child prostitution, and child pornography. I believe it is inexcusable to allow a world environment where our children are undergoing such heinous suffering. We have no right to believe that we lead a meaningful life in this world until that last child is rescued and given his/her rightful world of childhood. Break your silence against all crimes against children. I live with my soulmate, Rex Mathew, and two adorable daughters, Mia, who is seven, and Rhea, who just turned one.”

Matthew La Rocque MPP writes, “I recently started working at the S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation in San Francisco — my first foray into philanthropy. An associate with the foundation’s organizational effectiveness team, I support initiatives related to grantee sustainability, philanthropy field building, and special projects. In my spare time, I enjoy organizing and participating in adaptive leadership workgroups in partnership with my fellow Bay Area alumni of HKS.”

Sushma Raman MC/MPA completed one year in her role as executive director of the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard Kennedy School. She looks forward to meeting and collaborating with HKS students and graduates.

Shaloo Savla MPP writes, “I am still working in investment management at Fidelity Investments in the Boston area, where I have been since graduating from HKS. I have been thoroughly enjoying my work so far. This year, I was fortunate to be selected by The Bond Buyer magazine as a Rising Star, which is a program that recognizes young professionals working in public finance. Please do let me know if you’re ever in the Boston area, as I’d love to catch up and reconnect with classmates in person!”

Athol Williams MC/MPA writes, “I have published my autobiography, Pushing Boulders (pushingboulders.org), which tells of my struggle through apartheid in South Africa to ultimate academic and business career success, followed by a change in direction toward public service, which led me to HKS. It is sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but mostly inspirational (I hope).”



Jieun Baek MPP is currently a PhD student in public policy at Oxford University. Her book, North Korea’s Hidden Revolution: How the Information Underground Is Transforming a Closed Society, was published by Yale University Press in November. She will donate proceeds from book sales to organizations that send information into North Korea. Check out her blog at JieunBaek.com. Send her a note if you are anywhere near the UK!

Shradha Balakrishnan MPA and her husband, Ramesh Balakrishnan, welcomed a baby girl, Mira, on June 2, in San Francisco.

Stephanie Cappa MPP and her husband, Daniel Cox, welcomed the birth of their first child, Rowan Cappa Cox, in August. All are happy and healthy.

Jonathan Chang MC/MPA writes, “I continue my commitment to serving the HKS community as a member of the HKS alumni board of directors and the HKS alumni ambassador to Singapore. As the only candidate from Southeast Asia, I am committed to strengthening and expanding academic programs, research, and the HKS alumni network in the region. In addition, I am working to empower the social innovation and social entrepreneurship sectors. Financial inclusion and innovation in the public sector are also my areas of focus. I would very much welcome opportunities to collaborate with other alumni on related projects.”

Gouranga Das HKSEE writes, “I am professor of economics at Hanyang University, South Korea. My learning at the HKS Executive Education program with Professor Calestous Juma and other faculty members was valuable. I continue working on innovation and absorption. Human capital–induced skill and globalization-led technology causing firm heterogeneity is my area of research. Knowledge gained from Professor Ricardo Hausmann, with his atlas model of complexity, enhanced my learning and thinking about economic development from a new angle. The education and the interaction with colleagues is memorable. In 2016, I was awarded Hanyang University’s ‘Best Researcher Award’ in my discipline for my research publications. HKSEE is truly unparalleled.”

Pierre Deshommes HKSEE writes, “Very soon you will receive my story and my plans about a practical new sustainable means to eradicate extreme poverty by the year 2030 throughout our developing countries.”

Nate Mackinnon MC/MPA, on September 24, married the love of his life, Kaitlyn Vollucci! Kaitlyn was an honorary member of the HKS MC/MPA class of 2014, always joining Nate at both school and social gatherings. The couple had a beautiful wedding at the Botanical Center in Roger Williams Park in Providence, Rhode Island. They still reside in Boston and couldn’t be happier!

Ashwin Moheeput HKSEE has published a book — Modeling Financial Crises in Emerging Market Economies.

Adam Ranson MPA, after almost two years with the Boston Consulting Group, returned to public service as a management analyst in the office of the chief financial officer of the National Park Service. During his short tenure with the Park Service he has already had the opportunity to work with a number of great parks, including Cape Cod, The National Mall, and Fossil Butte.

Albert Solé MC/MPA, a native of Barcelona, was appointed senior private sector development specialist at the World Bank’s office in New Delhi, where he will support trade and competitiveness engagements with both central and state governments.

Paul Taylor MC/MPA writes, “In 2016, I published my second and third books: On Obama (Routledge) and Black Is Beautiful: A Philosophy of Black Aesthetics (Wiley-Blackwell), and secured a contract for a fourth — Uneasy Sanctuary: Rethinking Race-Thinking (Oxford). I also completed my first year as associate dean for undergraduate studies at Penn State’s College of the Liberal Arts, where my team supported 5,500 undergraduate majors.”

Ursula Wellen MC/MPA writes, “Family moved from London to New York City this February, for me to start a new position as the ethics advisor to UNICEF, reporting directly to the executive director. Arrival on the coldest Valentine’s Day in living memory was rough. But great to reconnect with UN family and HKS alumni friends. Job is exactly what I told people I wanted to do when I came to HKS: work on internal good governance in an international organization where I feel passionate about the mandate. Family adjusting pretty well so far, given three international moves in less than three years.”



Neil Dandavati MPP writes, “After exploring health care at HKS and doing my PAE with a Harvard hospital, I find myself just south of San Francisco working on health care policy with Acumen LLC. Founded by Stanford economist Tom MaCurdy and drawing people from a variety of backgrounds, Acumen actually advises a range of government agencies on policy goals, including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Outside of work, my wife, Reva, and I are enjoying being back in the Bay Area and raising our little munchkin, baby Nina, though we miss our HKS family, and would love to catch up whenever possible!”

William Denn MPP was awarded the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College’s General George C. Marshall Award, in June. The award is named in honor of George C. Marshall, who graduated first in his class in 1908. The award goes to the distinguished U.S. military graduate in recognition of scholarship and leadership. William, a major, was also recognized as the valedictorian of the graduating class. The U.S. Army Command and General Staff College is located in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. The class of 2016 included 1,300 officers from the U.S. Army, sister services, interagency and 109 international officers.

Daniel Dobrygowski MPA has spent the year since HKS as a Global Leadership Fellow at the World Economic Forum in New York. He leads the forum’s work on international, multi-stakeholder cooperation in cybersecurity/resilience and internet of things policy and strategy. Daniel and his family live in New Jersey.

Edward Dong MC/MPA, soon after his first endowment fund in 2015, made his second gift to HKS in honor of David T. Ellwood, in appreciation of his distinguished tenure as dean of Harvard Kennedy School and in recognition of his recent appointment as director of the school’s Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy. While a student, Edward served as KSSG member and Harvard Graduate Student Council member. He is currently an HKS alumni ambassador. As funding chair of the U.S.–China Committee’s International Leadership Foundation (ilfnational.org), Edward received the President’s Volunteer Service Award 2016 at gold level for national and community service.

Lisa Fitzpatrick MC/MPA accepted a job as medical director for the Washington, DC, Medicaid program, housed in the DC Department of Health Care Finance.

Meghan Grady HKSEE was recognized by Providence Business News with a 40 Under Forty Award in July.

Phuc Huynh MPP writes, “Graduating from HKS in 2015, feeling enlightened, inspired, and compassionate, I really want to contribute my energy for a better Vietnam, via education. Even more than that, I have a dream to channel talents from all backgrounds to orient their hands, heart, and head toward education. I heard about Teach For America from an HKS friend, and I got to know the movement. So I approached Teach For All, the network of 40 partners in the world to bring equal opportunity to education for all children via leadership development model, to establish Teach For Vietnam. Challenges accepted!”

Nicolas Miailhe MC/MPA writes, “I am honored to announce that The Future Society was incorporated as a nonprofit in 2016. A spin-off from a student club I cofounded in September 2014 with Simon Mueller MPA and a few others from the 2015 class, it is now extending the conversation on the governance of emerging technologies far beyond HKS. With the rise of AI and genetic engineering globally, these questions have become truly crucial! We will of course keep on nurturing The Future Society at HKS, which continues to grow and attract more and more people every year (thefuturesociety.org and www.ai-initiative.org).

Jacob Shelly MPP married Monica Kurtz in Miami. He is now clerking for a federal judge in DC.

Pushpi Weerakoon MC/MPA writes, after going home to Sri Lanka after graduation, Pushpi was the head of projects at the American Chamber of Commerce and is currently the country’s first Open Government Partnership (OGP) civil society coordinator (CSO), representing the CSOs islandwide. On the invitation of David Cameron, then British prime minister, she attended the London Anti Corruption Summit and also represented her country at the OECD-conducted pre-summit forum in Paris. While awaiting cabinet approval for the OGP national action plan, Pushpi is continuing her peacebuilding and service to the society as the chairperson of the Rotary Satellite club of Colombo Mid Town.

Ashley Zlatinov MPP and her husband, Metodi, are thrilled to announce the birth of their daughter, Penna Zlatinov, on July 13. They are overjoyed with this little bundle of love. In addition to adjusting to her new role as a mom, Ashley works for Harvard Kennedy School’s Government Performance Lab (based in San Francisco), where she helps counties across California engage in Pay for Success/Social Impact Bond projects and innovative government social sector programs.



Axelle Bagot MC/MPA writes, “After I spent an exciting summer at Chelsea City Hall (Massachusetts) as an Innovation Field Lab fellow with the Ash Center for Innovation and Democratic Governance, I’ve been hired as innovation and strategy advisor to the city manager. Aside from my job at Chelsea City Hall, to my delight, I joined Professor Heifetz’s teaching team at HKS for the fall semester (MLD 201a Exercising Leadership – The Politics of Change). I keep coaching speakers and I’m getting prepared for the 2016 TedXBeaconStreet event. I also joined the organizing team of the Adaptive Leadership October 2016 conference.”

Orga Cadet MPP writes, “Keep on asking what you can do!”

Pitichoke Chulapamornsri MPP writes, “I have relocated to San Francisco to work as the director of business development for Neighborly, a FinTech start-up with a mission to modernize public finance. Neighborly works with state and local governments to streamline their bonds issuance process, thus reducing the cost of issuance. Additionally, Neighborly will democratize access to municipal bonds, making it easy for community members to invest in the places they love and civic projects they care about, such as parks, schools, and public transportation.”

Gary Kaplan MC/MPA writes, “Having left big law and eschewed cross-border taxation, I am now serving as president of Kazimir Partners Inc., a London-based private investment firm focused on emerging markets. At Kazimir, I co-manage the firm’s largest portfolio company, Rendeavour, Africa’s largest urban land developer. Based in San Francisco, I have already amassed serious airline miles meeting my new colleagues and visiting our real estate projects in Lagos, Abuja, Accra, and Nairobi.”

Priscilla Lee MC/MPA writes, “Since August I have been a swing state field organizer for the Clinton campaign (National Democratic Coordinated Campaign) in southern New Hanover County, North Carolina. Another great educational opportunity facilitated by the HKS network. Sure do miss HKS and the Ash Center. Classmates, when you return to Cambridge, our home is yours.”

Prabhat Mishra MPA/ID writes, “I belong to the Indian Administrative Service. Since graduating, I have started functioning as the project director for the World Bank–assisted project for minor irrigation sector in West Bengal in India. We are working on the creation of water infrastructure that can help small and marginal farmers. Of late we are working intensively on solar irrigation pumps in close coordination with water user associations which, is proving to be very promising and is gaining lots of acceptance among farmers!”

Charbel Moarbes MC/MPA writes, “I will spend the next two years between Beirut (where I am based) and Washington, DC, to develop the international arbitration and litigation practice of my law firm.”

Theodora Skeadas MPP is working in the Boston office of Booz Allen Hamilton, the defense and technology consulting company. At Booz Allen, she is working on issues of cyber-security and counter-terrorism. This summer, she married Wael Khobalatte, learned mountaineering, and climbed two mountains, Seattle’s Mount Rainier and France’s Mont Blanc!

Kevin Vuong HKSEE was appointed a Public Fellow as a leading Canadian thinker under 35 for the Spur Festival, a national festival for politics, arts, and ideas; a Junior Fellow at the Canadian Centre for Responsibility to Protect at the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto; and to the board of directors for the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto, Toronto’s oldest Indigenous community organization and one of the original Friendship Centres in Canada.

Hla Hla Win MPA is now on a mission to democratize quality education and promote 21st-century learning skills. She is building a not-for-profit EdTech venture leveraging virtual reality (VR) for teachers’ professional development. As a pilot program, Teachers’ Learning Lab has already teleported, via VR, Myanmar schoolteachers from 128 private schools to California Synapse School. Starting with Myanmar, Hla Hla and cofounders (Laurent Boinot and Perttu Pölönen) plan to revamp teachers’ education with a VR curriculum and a content-sharing platform, enabling teachers to transition from teacher-centered to student-centered pedagogy and fully leverage the democratization of online resources.

In Memoriam

John Maher MPA 1970