Other organizations/people with whom Jeff Frankel is/has been associated:
Former colleaguesmentorsstudents.   MIT contemporaries.   Other.


Bureau of Economic Analysis, Commerce Dept.

Council of Economic Advisers

Council on Foreign Relations   

Federal Res. Bk. of New York 

Federal Reserve Board    

International Monetary Fund    

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Ec.Dept.

Monetary Policy CommitteeMauritius Flash Header

National Bureau of Economic Research 

Peterson Inst. for International Econ. 

Swarthmore College

Univ. of Calif. at Berkeley-Econ.Dept

Links to some former colleagues:

Andrew Rose

Kathryn Dominguez

Barry Eichengreen   (with JF in 1955)

Nouriel Roubini
Roubini Global Economics Monitor

Jeff Sachs

Andres Velasco

Links to some former mentors:  

Jagdish Bhagwati

Martin Feldstein (ex-NBER President)

Stan Fischer (ex-DMD, IMF)

Joe Stiglitz

In Memoriam:

Rudiger Dornbusch

Charles Kindleberger

Franco Modigliani

Bernie Saffran

Paul Samuelson

Links to some MIT contemporaries:

Paul Krugman
Maurice Obstfeld

Ken Rogoff
Lars Svensson & his links to international economics institutions & people.

Pedro Aspe
Ben Bernanke: Princeton, appt. to Fed
Bud Collier & Wizard of Oz cast, incl.Krugman
Franceso Giavazzi

Links to some former students:       

Emanuela Cardia

Eduardo Cavallo

Janet Ceglowski

Menzie Chinn & his Econbrowser blog

Chinn-Engel website on current account sustainability in G-7 countries

Teresa Cyrus

Charles Engel

Ken Froot

Alejandra Mizala

Helen Popper

Sergio Schmukler & his  website on Financial Crisis Contagion

Marilyn Skiles

Ernesto Stein

Shang-Jin Wei

Robin Wells

Etienne Yehoue

Some current policy-makers:

Emilio Lozoya Austin, head of PEMEX, Mexico

Felipe Calderon, former President, Mexico

Mauricio Cárdenas, Fin.Min., Colombia; ex-Min.Mines

Božidar Đelić, Deputy PM, Serbia

Dimitri Gvindadze, Finance Min., Georgia
Current policy-makers, continued:

Gikas Hardouvelis, Finance Minister, Greece

Vuk Jeremic, Foreign Minister, Serbia

Felipe Kast, Planning Min., Chile

Tharman Shanmugaratnam , Deputy PM, Singapore (IMFC Chair)

Gita Wirjawan, Trade Minister, Indonesia.

Hu  Xiaolian, Vice-Gov., P.Bank of China

Other affiliated institutions:  

Centers at Harvard:   BCSIA;  CID;   MRCBG WCFIA.
In US:   Business & Economics Advisers Group, Atlantic Council.

In Europe:  CREI, U.Pompeu Fabra, Spain.   Kiel Institute of World Economics, Germany.  VoxEU, CEPR, UK.
In Asia/Pacific:   CAMA, ANU, Australia.   Center for Economic Research of Korea, SKKU, Korea.

Family literary corner:                Eminent Economists II

Jeff Frankel -- Biographical essay, condensed as "Become an Economist, See the World," in Eminent Economists II, Lall Ramrattan & Michael Szenberg, eds. (Cambridge University Press, 2014).

                     --   2 poems: "Ode" & "Picnicking in Peru".

Evan Frankel  -- 2009: "Adventures of Jack the Unlucky."  2010: "Movieman."  2012: "Jake the Unlucky." 2013: Longer story.  Poem: "Abraham Lincoln," Winner of 2013 Longfellow Prize.

Jack. Frankel  --  "An Encounter with Murrow."     

Katharine Moon -- "Grandfather."

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