WAPPP scholars investigate how to enhance individuals’ agency in negotiating more gender-equitable work arrangements, including paid and unpaid labor. 

Work and Family

The world of work includes paid and unpaid labor, and there is no path to gender equality in occupational advancement without addressing gender equity in caregiving labor. The resources below include the latest scholarship on how women negotiate novel, family-friendly work arrangements and an open-access edited volume on engaged fatherhood for gender equality.

Negotiate WELL – Work, Education, Life, & Leadership Opportunities

Spearheaded by WAPPP Co-Director Hannah Riley Bowles the Negotiate WELL (Work, Education, Life, & Leadership) is an online, multimedia resource with links to scholarship and educational materials on career-related negotiations. The collection is inclusive of life experiences from early career to executive leadership, the boundaries of work and family, and historically marginalized perspectives. See sample resources linked below: 

Capacity Building

Capacity building through leadership and negotiation training is a bottom-up approach that empowers a more diverse generation of leaders and changemakers. A WAPPP-supported study on the effectiveness of negotiation training for girls’ educational advancement in Zambia found that it is possible to empower girls to change their educational outcomes through interpersonal skills, even in highly constrained environments.

WAPPP Co-Director Hannah Riley Bowles engages in leadership development and research on the effectiveness of evidence-based negotiation training for women's career advancement and professionals from historically marginalized groups. See sample programs below: 

  • Leadership Academy — for college students in technology and engineering from historically marginalized groups, a collaboration with the Institute for Diversity Sciences at UMASS Amherst and the Leadership Academy for Women of Color in Tech.
  • *Led By Foundation — India’s First Leadership Incubator for Muslim Women
  • *Women’s Foundation of Boston negotiation training for Big Sisters
  • Women and Power — Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education program designed to help women advance to top positions of influence
*Indicated HKS student or alumna-led initiatives