Corporate Social Responsibility: Creating and Communicating a High Impact Strategy in a Challenging Economy

June 27, 2009

Many of our most successful corporate leaders have achieved success beyond the bottom line - creating a legacy of corporate social responsibility in their companies. But have they been successful in communicating the intent and impact of their strategy to shareholders, consumers and the media? Will the new economic reality redefine corporate philanthropy and what it means to be perceived as authentic?
Ann Fudge, Former Chairman & CEO, Young & Rubicam Brands
Robert Glassman, Chairman of Wainwright Bank
Ellen Remmer, President & CEO, The Philanthropic Initiative
Helene Solomon, CEO, Solomon McCown & Company
Renee Loth, Editorial Page Editor, The Boston Globe
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The Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston
Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government Center for Public Leadership
The Commonwealth Institute
Massachusetts Business Roundtable
The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship