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2003 Blackout


The Brattle Group. "Estimating the Economically Optimal Reserve Margin in ERCOT." Prepared for the Public Utility Commission of Texas. January 31, 2014.

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PJM Interconnection. "Technical Analysis of Operational Events and Market Impacts During the September 2013 Heat Wave." December 23, 2013.

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Jaczko, Greg. "Nature's Effects on Electricity Infrastructure: a Nuclear Regulator's Perspective." Harvard Electricity Policy Group 69th Plenary Session, Washington, D.C., December 7, 2012. 18 pages.

Naumann, Steve. "How Much Electricity Infrastructure and Reliability Should We Be Investing In?" Harvard Electricity Policy Group 69th Plenary Session, Washington, D.C., December 7, 2012. 7 pages.

Tai, Humayun. "Increasing resilience to natural hazards: framework for utility and societal impacts." Harvard Electricity Policy Group 69th Plenary Session, Washington, D.C., December 7, 2012. 16 pages.

Pfeifenberger, Johannes, Samuel Newell, Kathleen Spees, Attila Hajos, and Kamen Madjarov. "Second Performance Assessment of PJM’s Reliability Pricing Model: Market Results 2007/08 through 2014/15." The Brattle Group, August 26, 2011.

The National Academies News. Electric Power Grid "Inherently Vulnerable" to Terrorist Attacks: Report Delayed in Classification Review, Will Be Updated. November 14, 2012.

Report on Transmission Facility Outages during Northeast Snowstorm of October 29-30, 2011: Causes and Recommendations. Prepared by the staff of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation.

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McNamara, Ron. "Economics, Technology, Competition and Reliability." Presentation to the Harvard Electricity Policy Group Sixty-Fifth Plenary Session, Dallas, TX, December 1, 2011. 7 pages.

Pfeifenberger, Johannes. "Reliability and Economics: Separate Realities or Part of the Same Continuum?" Presentation to the Harvard Electricity Policy Group Sixty-Fifth Plenary Session, Dallas, TX, December 1, 2011. 19 pages.

Wilson, James F. "Reliability and Economics: Separate Realities?" Presentation to the Harvard Electricity Policy Group Sixty-Fifth Plenary Session, Dallas, TX, December 1, 2011. 20 pages.

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Centolella, Paul. Estimates of the Value of Uninterrupted Service for The Mid-West Independent System Operator. August, 2010. 49 pages.

NERC Special Report: Accommodating High Levels of Variable Generation to Ensure the Reliability of the Bulk Power System. April 2009, 104 pages.

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Holland, Wendell. Going Long: Capacity Markets in Action. Presentation to the HEPG Forty-Eighth Plenary Session. October, 2007. 4 pages.

LaPlante, David. New England’s Forward Capacity Market. Presentation to the HEPG Forty-Eighth Plenary Session. October, 2007. 22 pages.

Ott, Andrew. Reliability Pricing Model (RPM) Results for 2007/2008 and 2008/2009 Auctions. Presentation to the HEPG Forty-Eighth Plenary Session. October, 2007. 7 pages.

Lynch, Mary. Going Long – Capacity Markets in Action. Presentation to the HEPG Forty-Eighth Plenary Session. October, 2007. 16 pages.

Paulson, Erik. Capacity Markets in Action: Challenges from the Purchaser’s Point of View. Presentation to the HEPG Forty-Eighth Plenary Session. October, 2007. 16 pages.

Glachant, Jean-Michel. Brown Out or Black Out in Europe in November 2006: to entertain ... with EU Colours Out? 16 January 2007. Presentation, 14 pages.


Sotkiewicz, Paul and Mario Vignolo. The Value of Intermittent Wind DG under Nodal Prices and Amp-mile Tariffs. December 2006. Working Paper, 7 pages.

Dobson, Ian, with Ben Carreras and David Newman. Risk of Large Cascading Blackouts. October 2006. Presentation,
40 pages.

Sotkiewicz, Paul and Mario Vignolo. Towards a Cost Causation Based Tariff for Distribution Networks with DG. April 2006. Working Paper, 10 pages.

Hogan, William. Reliability and Scarcity Pricing: Operating Reserve Demand Curves. 2 March 2006. Presentation,
31 pages.


Chandley, John. ICAP Reform Proposals In New England and PJM. 6 October 2005. Paper, 79 pages.

Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions. Link.

Competition and Reliability in North American Energy Markets. September 2005. Conference White Papers.

Bushnell, James. Electricity Resource Adequacy: Matching Policies and Goals. August 2005. CSEM Working Paper,
18 pages.

Tezak, Christine. Resource Adequacy - Alphabet Soup! Stanford Washington Research Group Electricity Policy Bulletin, 19 pages.

Smith, Bruce. Revenue Sales Adjustments. 3 March 2005. Presentation, 6 pages.

Cavanagh, Ralph. Use of Automatic Rate True-Ups to Remove Disincentives to Utility Investments in Energy Efficiency: A Case Study. 3 March 2005. Presentation, 5 pages. See also Recommendation Letter from Ralph Cavanagh of NRDC and David Owens of Edison Electric Institute to NARUC Commissioners regarding utilities' future role in "electric resource portfolio management." 18 November 2003. 3 pages.

Showalter, Marilyn. Revenue Caps, Price Caps, and Decoupling: Incentives for What? 3 March 2005. Presentation, 8 pages.

Brubaker, Maurice. Distribution Pricing: Do Revenue Caps Set Appropriate Incentives? Are they Fair to Consumers and Investors? 3 March 2005. Presentation, 17 pages.


Robb, Alan. Reactive Power Delivery Incentives. 2 December 2004. Presentation, 24 pages.

O'Neill, Richard. Reactive Power: Is It Real? Is It in the Ether? 2 December 2004. Presentation, 20 pages.

LaCommare, Kristina Hamachi and Joseph Eto. Understanding the Cost of Power Interruptions to U.S. Electricity Consumers. September 2004. Paper, 70 pages.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (for the US DOE). Measurement Practices for Reliability and Power Quality: A Toolkit of Reliability Measurement Practices. June 2004. ORNL/TM-2004/91. 54 pages.

United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. On Petition for Review of Orders of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. 10 December 2004. No. 03-1182. Decision, 20 pages.

Moss, Diana. Electric Reliability - Implications for Regulation and Antitrust. 3 June 2004. Presentation, 12 pages.

Naumann, Steven. Commercial Incentives and Reliability Rules. 3 June 2004. Presentation, 9 pages.

Nevius, David. Grid Reliability: NERC Actions to Address the August 14, 2003 Blackout. 3 June 2004. Presentation, 21 pages.

O'Neill, Richard. Property Rights and the Federal Power Act. 3 June 2004. Presentation, 26 pages.

Reimers, Mike (Weaver's Cove Energy, LLC). Recent Changes in the Natural Gas Market and the Need for More LNG in New England. 21 April 2004. Talk, 6 pages.

Costello, Ken (NRRI). Increased Dependence on Natural Gas for Electric Generation: Meeting the Challenge. April 2004. Report, 39 pages.

Joskow, Paul and Jean Tirole. Reliability and Competitive Electricity Markets. 21 April 2004. Paper, 51 pages.

Hirst, Eric and Jeffrey Hild. Integrating Large Amounts of Wind Energy with a Small Electric-Power System. April 2004. Paper, 47 pages.

The Governor's Task Force on Electric Reliability and Outage Preparedness. Status of the Electric Grid in Massachusetts. March 2004. Report. 94 pages.

Walter, Ron. Natural Gas and Electricity. 2 March 2004. Presentation, 11 pages.

Abdoo, Richard. Remarks [Fuel Diversity]. 2 March 2004. 5 pages.

Glotfelty, Jimmy (USDOE). Electric Reliability: A National Priority. 1 March 2004. Presentation, 24 pages.

US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. Reliability of the Nation's Electricity Grid. 24 February 2004. Hearing.

Miller III, W. Scott. Reliability and Markets: Two Sides of the Same Coin. January 2004. Op ed, 3 pages.


Vázquez, Carlos, Carlos Batlle, Michel Rivier and Ignacio Pérez-Arriaga. "Security of supply in the Dutch electricity market: the role of reliability options." Report IIT-03-084IC. 15 December 2003. Paper, 72 pages.

Burns, Robert. The Impact of Price Caps and Rate Freezes on the Service Quality. 11 December 2003. Presentation,
18 pages.

Hemphill, Ross. Incentive Regulation and Customer Service Quality. 11 December 2003. Presentation, 15 pages.

Norsworthy, John. Incentives Regulation and Service Quality. 11 December 2003. Presentation. 15 pages.

Sotkiewicz, Paul. Comments on Price Caps and Service Quality. 11 December 2003. Presentation, 15 pages.

ERCOT. Report on Existing and Potential Electric System Constraints and Needs Within the ERCOT Region. 1 October 2003. Report, 71 pages.

Fielder, Frank. Incorporating Resource Dynamics to Determine Generation Adequacy Levels in Restructured Bulk Power Systems. 24 September 2003. Paper, 14 pages.

Cadwalader, Mike and John Chandley. How Will Ontario's Electricity Market Ensure Resource Adequacy? 27 June 2003. Paper, 13 pages.

Niggli, Michael. Too Little Money. 21 May 2003. Presentation, 9 pages.

Klein, Abram. Too Little Money: Designing Markets to Ensure Adequate Capacity. Policy, Economics and Market Performance. 21 May 2003. Presentation, 62 pages.

Naumann, Steven. Too Little Money. 21 May 2003. Presentation, 14 pages.

Woodley, John. ICAP, UCAP, Bad CAP, Good CAP? 21 May 2003. Presentation. 6 pages. Volatility, Capacity, and Reliability 21 May 2003. Paper, 7 pages.

Bowring, Joseph. Too Much Money? Too Little Money? Energy Market Cycles and Market Intervention. 21 May 2003. Presentation, 17 pages.

Bekman, Kenneth. Reliability and Standard Market Design (Wholesale Power Market Platform): A Square Plug and a Round Socket. 14 May 2003. Presentation, 30 pages.


North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC). Reliability Assessment 2002-2011. October 2002. Paper, 74 pages.

Joskow, Paul. Investment in New Generating Capacity. 30 May 2002. Presentation, 18 pages.

Huntoon, Steve. Will Re-Regulation End Merchant Generation? 30 May 2002. Presentation, 11 pages.

Smutney-Jones, Jan. Let There Be Light. 30 May 2002. Presentation, 19 pages.

Whitaker, Kathy. The Changing Climate for Investment: NY's Power Supply Situation. 30 May 2002. Presentation,
8 pages.

Hirst, Eric. Price Responsive Demand as Reliability Resources. April 2002. Paper, 23 pages.


Klein, Abram. Do We Need ICAP? Ensuring Adequate Capacity in a Competitive Electricity Market. 5 November 2001. Presentation, 42 pages.

Perez-Arriaga, Ignacio. Reliability Contracts: A Market Approach to Long-Term Security of Generation Supply. June 2001. Presentation.

Kirsch, Laurence. Replacing Markets With Capacity Requirements. June 2001. Presentation.

Bowring, Joseph. Nature and Role of PJM Capacity Markets. Presentation to the Harvard Electricity Policy Group, June 2001.

Shanker, Roy. Basic Considerations in the Design of Capacity Adequacy Markets: Generation View. June 2001. Presentation.

Perez-Arriaga, Ignacio, Michel Rivier and Carlos Vasquez. A Market Approach to Long Term Security of Supply. IIT Working Paper IIT-00-0078A. March 2001.


Cowart, Richard. Efficient Reliability: Demand-Side Resources and New Electricity Markets. 21 September 2000. Presentation, 7 pages.

Shapiro, Richard. Are We Facing a Generation "Capacity Crunch?" 20 January 2000. Presentation.

Keese, William. Electricity Supply in the West. 20 January 2000. Presentation.


Fluckiger, Kellan. Reliability Through Markets: The California ISO Vision. 16 November 1999. Presentation.


Cadwalader, Michael, Scott Harvey, Susan Pope and William Hogan. Reliability, Scheduling Markets, and Electricity Pricing. May 1998.

Secretary of Energy Advisory Board. Maintaining Reliability in a Competitive US Electricity Industry. 29 September 1998.

Task Force on Electric System Reliability (US DOE). Maintaining Reliability in a Competitive US Electricity Industry.
29 September 1998.

Hogan, William. Looking Ahead to National Legislation: Ensuring Reliability in a Competitive Market. 21 May 1998. Presentation.

Museler, William. Reliability and Inter-Regional Transfers. 21 May 1998. Presentation.

Delgado, Jose. Reliability and Inter-Regional Transfers. 21 May 1998. Presentation.

Wright, Gillian. Restructuring Reliability: Adapting Electric System Reliability Policies to A Commercial Environment. April 1998. Paper, 54 pages.


Bush, Tim. How DO You Spell Reliability? 25 September 1997. Presentation.

Chao, Hung-po and Stephen Peck. Reliability Management in Competitive Electricity Markets. 4 May 1997.


Arnold, Robert. Remarks on Reliability, Capacity Requirements and the Obligation to Serve in a More Competitive Market. Draft. 27 September 1995. Presentation.

Hogan, William. Maintaining Reliability in a Competitive Electricity Market. Draft. 26-27 October 1995. Presentation.

Binz, Ronald. Buying and Selling Reliability: How and How Much. Draft. Presentation to the Harvard Electricity Policy Group, 27 September 1995.

Cole, Robert. Electricity Reliability in Regulated and Competitive Markets: An Industrial Perspective. Draft.
27 September 1995.

Howe, John. Competition, Reliability, and Planning: An Independent Power Perspective on Key Restructuring Issues. Draft. 27 September 1995.

Sabatino, Frank. Revisiting Reliability Requirements in a More Competitive Electricity Market. Draft. 27 September 1995.

Schnitzer, Michael. Approaches to Assuring Reliability. Draft. 27 September 1995. Presentation.

NERC. Reliability Assessment 1995-2004: Executive Summary. Draft. 10 August 1995.

Hanger, John. Electric Reliability: How PJM Tripped on Gas-Fired Plants. Public Utilities Fortnightly. 1 May 1995.


Capacity Markets

Climate Change


Competitive Market Models and Transitions to Competition

Electric Storage

Demand Response

Demand Side Management/Conservation

Distributed Generation

EPAct and Predictions for the Future

FERC Rulings and Reports

Financial Markets

Financial Transmission Rights

Investment Incentives/Risk Allocation

Lessons from Abroad

Lessons from Other US Industries


Market Liquidity

Market "Manipulation"

Merchant Transmission

Mergers, Market Power and Anti-Trust

National Energy Policy

Natural Gas

Nuclear Power

PEV (Plug-in Electric Vehicles)

Public Power

Regional Transmission Organizations

Regulation, Governance and Judicial Review


Renewable Energy

Research and Development

Resource Adequacy

Retail Pricing

Scarcity Pricing


Smart Grid

Standard Market Design and Demand-Side Activities

State and Regional Activities


Stranded Benefits (Including Public Policy, Environment, DSM, IRP)

Stranded Investments, Assets, Costs (Including the Nuclear Question)

Transmission Cost Allocation

Technology Incentives

Transmission Investment

Transmission Planning

Wholesale and Retail Competition

Miscellaneous (Including Electricity Futures, Economic Principles, Financial Reform)