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This background paper includes annexes of case studies written by WIEGO Team members and partners (and are also briefly featured in the WDR 2013): Annex I: Constitutional Court Judgments for Waste Pickers in Bogotá, Colombia (Lucia Fernandez and Federico Parra, pp. 23-30) Annex II: Campaign for an International Convention on Decent Work for Domestic Workers (Chris Bonner and Karin Pape, pp. 31-38) Annex III: Self-Employed Women’s Association of India, including its role in helping to build and strengthen organizations of informal workers around the world (Marty Chen, pp. 39-49) Annex IV: Legal Cases for Street and Market Vendors in Durban, South Africa (Mahendra Chetty and Caroline Skinner, pp. 49-55) Annex V: National Policy and Law for Street Vendors in India (Arbind Singh, pp. 56-63)


Chen, Martha, Chris Bonner, Mahendra Chetty, Lucia Fernandez, Karin Pape, Federico Parra, Arbind Singh, and Caroline Skinner. "Urban Informal Workers: Representative Voice & Economic Rights." Background Paper for World Development Report 2012, World Bank, 2012.