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Director, Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation
Winthrop Laflin McCormack Professor of Citizenship and Self-Government


Book Abstract: Politicians, professors, pundits, and programmers come together to provide a multi-faceted and nonpartisan account of the history and future of government as it becomes more transparent, collaborative, and participatory. A portion of the royalties will go to two non-profit organizations. The Obama presidential campaign was historic for many reasons, including it's unprecedented use of the Internet and Web 2.0 technologies. Transparency and open government are two primary issues of this administration and we see technology playing an integral part in it, especially with the appointment of the country's first-very CIO and CTO. Topics include: government as a platform, the argument for open source software, transparency, citizen journalism, visualizing political controversies, security and transparency, digital divide, history of the online gov't, and campaigning.


Fung, Archon. "Open Government, Open Society." Open Government: Collaboration, Transparency, and Participation in Practice. Ed. Archon Fung and David Weil. O'Reilly Media, 2010, 105-114.