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Ricardo Hausmann

Rafik Hariri Professor of the Practice of International Political Economy

This course will integrate the analyses of short- and long-run dimensions of development in the design of an overall development strategy. The course will review various determinants of economic growth, macroeconomic volatility, and income distribution, such as factor accumulation, demography, geography, economic complexity, and institutions. It will develop the tools necessary for diagnosing growth constraints, macroeconomic imbalances, fiscal policy, trade, the performance of financial and labor markets, and the sources of inequality and volatility, with an eye toward relevant policy issues. Students will learn to employ all available information to generate a diagnostic of the development challenges and opportunities that countries face and will be required to design an overall development strategy for a country of their choice.This course is intended for second-year MPA/ID students, but others with similar previous coursework may be admitted with faculty consent.