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Once you have completed all six courses and the capstone assessment, you will earn the Public Leadership Credential, a reflection of your hard work and understanding of key concepts and practices. Upon earning your credential, you will join a worldwide network of changemakers like you, who are actively applying their skills and knowledge to better their own communities. You will also become a member of the Harvard Kennedy School Professional and Lifelong Learning alumni network. As such, you will receive select alumni benefits. These benefits include alumni status recognition, invitations to HKS events, an impressive alumni network, access to exclusive forums, and more.

Dr. Carl Rosen, President of Ophthalmic Associates, explains how the Public Leadership Credential program helped him grow his practice, his business, and as a person.

Carl Rosen, PLC Alum 2022

"In my mind, I have always had this idea of studying public policy: looking at how society actually is and how to reform it to make it better. "

Alejandro Cacace, Member of Argentine Congress

Alejandro Cacace, PLC Alum, 2022

“Making the theoretical practical. That’s one of the things I loved most about the program.” 

Stephanie Shalkoski, Associate Director of Alumni Programs & Engagement at Harvard Business School

Stephanie Shalkoski, PLC Alumna 2022

“It was always my dream to participate in a program at Harvard. The online PLC program answered my prayers.”

Mercy Samuel, Associate Professor at CEPT University in India, explains how she is using the knowledge she gained in the Public Leadership Credential program to motivate people and create change at the grass-roots level.

Mercy Samuel, PLC Alumna 2021

Alumni Spotlight: Turning Knowledge into Know-How

"The PLC is a really special program. It takes all the elements that make the Kennedy School the Kennedy School -- which is the marrying of research with real-world public policy work -- and delivers this knowledge online to people across the globe."

Nora Delaney, Director of Communications at Harvard Kennedy School, explains why she decided to earn her Public Leadership Credential.

Nora Delaney, PLC Alumna 2021

Alumni Spotlight: Playing a Leading Role in Solving Public Problems

"I decided to complete the PLC program and use it as a bridge to a new chapter in life focused on an area I'm really passionate about."

Rob Simonds talks about his motivation for pursuing the Public Leadership Credential and how he hopes to apply his learnings going forward.

Rob Simonds, PLC Alumna 2020

Alumni Spotlight: Creating Small Changes To Make A Big Difference

"I went into the program to learn how to help address economic challenges, specifically in Black communities, but had no idea where to start. The PLC equipped me with those skills by teaching me how to identify and assess ALL of the causes contributing to a problem."

Jenae Keith shares her reasons for pursuing the Public Leadership Credential at HKS and how it has made her a more effective leader.

Jenae Keith, PLC Alumna 2020