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Harvard Kennedy School faculty disseminate their research in working papers and publications that contribute to public knowledge and fuel policy innovation. This list features recent faculty publications, including journal articles, books, edited volumes, research papers, and public testimony.

Faculty Papers and Publications

Kelman, Steven. "Like a Fish in Water: An Essay on the Benefits of Government That Nobody Notices." August 2017.
Kelman, Steven, Ronald Sanders, and Gayatri Pandit. "“Tell It Like It Is”: Decision Making, Groupthink, and Decisiveness among U.S. Federal Subcabinet Executives." Governance 29.3 (July 2016).
Kelman, Steven, Ronald Sanders, and Gayatri Pandit. "“I Won't Back Down?” Complexity and Courage in Government Executive Decision Making." Public Administration Review 76.3 (May/June 2016): 465-471.
Kelman, Steven, and Sounman Hong. "“Hard,” “Soft,” or “Tough Love” Management: What Promotes Successful Performance in a Cross-Organizational Collaboration?" International Public Management Journal 19.2 (2016): 141-170.
Kelman, Steven, Ronald Sanders, Gayatri Pandit, and Sarah Taylor. "“Tell It Like It Is": Groupthink, Decisiveness, and Decision-Making Among U.S. Federal Subcabinet Executives." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP14-039, August 2014.
Kelman, Steven, Ronald Sanders, Gayatri Pandit, and Sarah Taylor. "“I Won’t Back Down?”: Complexity and Courage in U.S. Federal Executive Decision-Making." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP14-040, August 2014.
Kelman, Steven, Ronald Sanders, Gayatri Pandit, and Sarah Taylor. "“I Won’t Back Down?” Complexity and Courage in Federal Decision-Making." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP13-044, October 2013.
Kelman, Steven, and Souman Hong. "This Could Be the Start of Something Big: Linking Early Managerial Choices with Subsequent Organizational Performance." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP13-042, October 2013.
Kelman, Steven. "Productivity and the Placebo Effect." Federal Computer Week, October 10, 2012.
Kelman, Steven. "Innovation: Are Feds Afraid of Their Own Shadows?" Federal Computer Week, April 18, 2012.
Kelman, Steven. "Tapping into Feds' Desire to Serve." Federal Computer Week, April 5, 2012.
Kelman, Steven. "US Budget Breakthrough After Nov.?" Business Times, March 16, 2012.
Kelman, Steven, and Sounman Hong. "“Hard,” “Soft,” or “Tough Love”: What Kinds of Organizational Culture Promote Successful Performance in Cross-Organizational Collaborations?" HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP12-005, February 2012.
Kelman, Steven. "Why Contests Are A Smart Procurement Tool." Federal Computer Week, February 9, 2012.
Kelman, Steven. "The Best Approach to Management: Tough love." Federal Computer Week, January 15, 2012.
Kelman, Steven, and Jeff Meyers. "Successfully Achieving Ambitious Goals in Government: An Empirical Analysis." American Review of Public Administration 41.3 (March 2011): 235-262.
Kelman, Steven, Sounman Hong, and Irwin Turbitt. "Are There Managerial Practices Associated with Service Delivery Collaboration Success?: Evidence from British Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP11-011, February 2011.
Kelman, Steven, and Jeff Myers. "Successfully Executing Ambitious Strategies in Government: An Empirical Analysis." HKS Faculty Research Working Papers RWP09-009, April 2009.
Kelman, Steven. "Achieving Contracting Goals and Recognizing Public Law Concerns: A Contracting Management Perspective." Government by Contract : Outsourcing and American Democracy. Ed. Jody Freeman and Martha Minow. Harvard University Press, 2009, 153-191.
Kelman, Steven. "Biases and Decision-Making." Federal Computer Week. December 15, 2008.
Kelman, Steven. "The 'Kennedy School School' of Research on Innovation in Government." Innovations in Government: Research, Recognition, and Replication. Ed. Sandford Borins. Brookings Press and Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation, 2008, 28-52.
Kelman, Steven. "The Impact of Pay Disparities." Review of The Warping of Government Work, by John Donahue Federal Computer Week, July 28, 2008.
Kelman, Steven. "Procurement Issues in South Africa that Affect Growth and Development." Center for International Development Working Paper 171, June 2008.
Kelman, Steven. "Beating Retail Prices." Federal Computer Week. April 28, 2008.
Kelman, Steven. "The Not-So-Obvious Lesson." Federal Computer Week. April 14, 2008.
Kelman, Steven. "Keeping an Eye on the Prize." Federal Computer Week. March 3, 2008.
Kelman, Steven. "Learning from the Brits." Federal Computer Week (January 21, 2008).
Kelman, Steven. "Three Secrets to Productivity." Federal Computer Week. January 7, 2008.
Kelman, Steven. "Inconvenient Truths." Federal Computer Week. October 29, 2007.
Kelman, Steven. "The Art of Negotiation." Federal Computer Week. October 15, 2007.
Kelman, Steven. "The Hiring Season Is Here." Federal Computer Week. October 8, 2007.
Kelman, Steven. "Washington's Fear Industry." Federal Computer Week. September 17, 2007.
Kelman, Steven, and John N. Friedman. "Performance Improvement and Performance Dysfunction: An Empirical Examination of Impacts of the Emergency Room Wait-Time Target in the English National Health Service." KSG Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP07-034, August 2007.
Kelman, Steven. "Shocking the Culture." Federal Computer Week. August 13, 2007.
Kelman, Steven. "History Matters: Revitalizing Past Performance Could Create a Better-Functioning Procurement System." Federal Computer Week. July 30, 2007.
Kelman, Steven. "Creating Value and Trust." Federal Computer Week. July 16, 2007.
Kelman, Steven. "Let the Data Talk." Federal Computer Week. July 9, 2007.
Kelman, Steven. "Buying Commercial." Federal Computer Week. June 11, 2007.
Kelman, Steven. "It's All in the Requirements." Federal Computer Week. May 28, 2007.
Friedman, John N., and Steven Kelman. "Effort as Investment: Analyzing the Response to Incentives." KSG Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP07-024, May 2007.
Kelman, Steven. "A Public Service Incentive." Federal Computer Week. May 21, 2007.
Kelman, Steven. "Focus on the Mission." Federal Computer Week. April 30, 2007.
Kelman, Steven. "The IG Ideology." Washington Post, April 4, 2007.
Kelman, Steven. "The Return of the Protest." Federal Computer Week. April 2, 2007.
Kelman, Steven. "The Need for a New Way." Federal Computer Week. March 12, 2007.
Kelman, Steven. "Can We Keep the Kids?" Federal Computer Week. February 26, 2007.
Kelman, Steven. "A Novel Idea: Read." Federal Computer Week. February 12, 2007.
Kelman, Steven. "A Missed Opportunity." Federal Computer Week. January 22, 2007.
Burman, Allan, and Steven Kelman. "Better Oversight of Contractors." Boston Globe, January 16, 2007.
Kelman, Steven. "Smart Negotiating." Review of Negotiation Genius: How to Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Brilliant Results at the Bargaining Table and Beyond, by Deepak Malhotra and Max Bazerman. Federal Computer Week, December 3, 2007.